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Uncovering Additional Value of Your Business with Advanced IT Consulting Services

Reimagining your digital frameworks, we, as a leading IT consulting service provider decode the challenges you may face and chalk out the best possible strategy to address your pain points head-on. We do this by banking on years of experience combined with unmatched expertise of every kind under one roof.

Information Technology Consulting Services

We assist you by digitalizing core technology while ideating, conceptualizing, crafting the architecture, and implementing the solution. We also offer constant consulting support to maximize your ROI. The broad range of technologies we cover as part of our information technology consulting services includes ERP, CRM, AI and ML, BI, Data Science, and more.

Risk Assessment and Compliance

We offer integrated governance, risk, and compliance services that protect and enhance your data’s security and compliance, on-premise or on-cloud. We industrialize cybersecurity to be compliant, reliable, and trustworthy, helping your business transform error-free.

Process and Cost Optimization

Our dedicated IT consultants work with your team to define the right technology processes to optimize your business. We also give our clients critical insights into different industry budgets with our top-notch IT consulting experts.

Project Management Guidance

As an IT consulting firm, we foster a culture of collaboration and innovation by merging technology with humans which enhances program and project management capabilities. A long-term sustainable approach ensures the successful execution of projects for diverse industry demands.

Modernizing Core Technology

We bring transformative results to your business by pinpointing capabilities and enhancing productivity, thus reinventing your digital architecture. As an IT consulting firm, we integrate critical IT components, including ERP, mobile, and analytics, modernizing the core digital architecture of your company.

Architecture and Security

In today’s complex digital world, technology helps organizations become more agile while reducing security risks. As applications become increasingly connected, we, being an IT management consulting company, work with you closely to build an architecture for resiliency. Our team also proactively manages IT security across the extended business ecosystem as a part of our IT strategy services.

Years of IT Consulting Experience
Tech-Mavericks under One Roof
Clients Stay for More

Why Partner with Appinventiv?

Appinventiv being a top-tiered IT consulting service provider has a team of young, dynamic workforce delivering value to your business through innovation and ingenuity.

Seasoned Experts

With a dedicated team of IT consultants and project managers, we ensure you get the maximum value for your engagement with us, resulting in a long-lasting partnership we have developed with 95% of our clients.

Who Attend to Every Detail

Our engineers and project managers pay attention to every minor requirement and assemble a solution to tackle your pain points most effectively.

Keeping Transparency Paramount

Believing in the ethos of an open work culture, we work alongside our clients, keeping them updated about developments, ideas, and strategies.

We Apply Agile Methodology in our Information Technology Consulting Services

We, being globally recognized for our robust information technology consulting services know how to revolutionize your business processes by injecting them with the digital transformation they need. Being a highly curative team of 1,200+ agile developers, we have crafted a four-step process that allows us to deliver maximum benefit in the shortest time.

Analyzing the Present State of IT Resilience

We begin by studying your existing digital capabilities and identifying gaps and vulnerabilities to give you a holistic picture of the effort and budget required to modernize your IT infrastructure.

IT and Business Alignment

In the next step, we understand your business objectives and align technology to achieve those objectives. We document the findings and map everything in project management tools.

Development and Implementation

In this phase, we develop the necessary tools and software APIs, building a cohesive and seamless platform integrating your existing capabilities into your organization’s future.

Maintenance and Support

After implementing the solution(s), we keep on finding ways of boosting the core technology with continuous improvements to the framework, enhancing the effectiveness and agility of your business.

Advanced Technologies We Use

From metaverse to virtual reality, blockchain to dApps, we deliver multi-faceted digital products
using the latest tools, technology, and methodologies in the market.

Artificial Intelligence

If your business challenge requires or will benefit from artificial intelligence services, we will assess the use of AI, automating as much part of your business as needed. Using computer vision, we can automate assembly lines and malfunction-alarm systems.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a network of connected devices that communicate with each other over a network. Letting different machines communicate with each other, we create networks of connected devices, seamlessly optimizing your business with our top-notch IoT application development.


During our consultancy phase, we evaluate blockchain technology development and, if feasible, find ways to integrate your business into the most secure and robust network.


We assist our clients with migration strategies, develop architecture, and implant stringent security measures safeguarding the cloud data in transit and at rest with our cloud services. .


During our consultancy phase, we also explore the usage of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality assessing all possibilities for your business. We consider breakthrough AR VR app development as part of our consultancy.


We also work through a metaverse strategy; if found practical, we guide you through metaverse development services for your business.

We Value Our Clients

We have worked on projects with enterprises and Fortune 500 companies who lead the industry domain.

AI Consulting
for a Global Bank

A European bank automated its banking processes and built an AI-based software and chatbot system to optimize ATM services and improve customer service.

ERP Consulting for
a Leading Furniture Retailer

IKEA deployed a cloud-based ERP solution to simplify customer onboarding while simultaneously supporting its marketing and promotion efforts.

Analytics Consulting for a Leading Telecom Provider

A US-based telecom services provider leveraged the power of cloud, BI, AI, and data analytics to drive better customer experiences and reduce costs.

We Are an Award-Winning IT Consulting Company

Industry leaders have recognized us for various projects we have worked on till now.

Frequently Asked Questions

A reliable enterprise IT consulting service company like Appinventiv works with your team diligently to solve all your IT-specific pain points. From basic network analytics services to full-fledged managed IT solutions, we cover all your IT consulting requirements being a top rated IT consulting firm. Connect with our team of experts now.

IT consulting services make your business resilient to market fluctuations and shield you from rapid technological advancements that may be hard to track. That is where an IT consultancy company like Appinventiv comes into the picture. An IT consulting company strengthens your digital presence and amplifies your efforts to reach your goal. Appinventiv, an IT consulting company walks with you every step of the way, unlocking value for your business using technology.

We commence your IT consultancy project by analyzing the current state of your IT infrastructure and your pain points. Then we chalk out a plan and a roadmap bridging those gaps and strengthening your digital backbone. After mutual agreement, we implement those strategies and monitor the performance and results. Doing all this using agile methodologies.

Some primary examples of IT consulting services we offer include IT strategy consulting, IT budget consulting, risk assessment and compliance, project management guidance, architecture, and security policy guidance. We also guide you on emerging technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, Metaverse, Blockchain, etc., finding trapped revenue in the silos of your industry.

The hallmark of a reputable IT consulting firm is in the kind of projects they have done, the kind of feedback they receive, and the kind of clients they work with. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in their domain including, KFC, IKEA, and Adidas, harnessing the power of technology to boost their bottom line.

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