On-demand: The Industry Aiding Coronavirus Fight

Dileep Gupta August 28, 2020
impact of coronavirus on on-demand industry

Pandemics, especially ones which are human transmitted have a way of instilling the feeling that united we fall and alone we stand. 

The same emotion ran in the world when COVID-19 first knocked on our doors. With its origins still unknown, Coronavirus soon became the most talked about disease of our time. And it was only valid to give the virus its fair share of attention. 

At the time of writing this article, there are over 351,654 cases around the world, while 15,361 people have succumbed to death from this life-harming disease. Amidst this fear, emerging from lack of medication and rising number of affected tolls, almost everyone is treating others as a super-spreader and maintaining self-distancing practices. 

Here’s a map showing the number of coronavirus confirmed and recovered patients on the world map. As you can see, there is hardly any region left untouched with the entry of the virus in the borders. 

corona cases around the world

The repercussions of these rising cases has been an aura of constant stress and fear among the people, worrying that they or their loved ones will catch the virus. 

With enough negative aura floating around us, we won’t dig deeper into how Coronavirus is single-handedly shaking economies down but rather focus on how one industry is helping people fight the disease while keeping their sanity intact. 

Social Distancing – the impact of these lockdowns that you saw above in the map has led to people getting confined into their homes, with maintaining very less contact with the outside world. Even the world which is a part of their everyday life, like entertainment, grocery shopping, dining out, and even regular hospital visits. 

These in turn, have brought in a whole new kind of stress in the lives of people who were already anxious. 

But as were saying before, there is an industry that is out to fight the fight against coronavirus from the ground-level. Let us see how on-demand services are helping people during coronavirus.

While some categories of on-demand applications, commutation apps like Uber and Lyft, on-demand beauty applications, have faced a downturn in the coronavirus pandemic, people are adopting other On-Demand Apps for greater success – a success from constant stress and fear. 

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Before we go on to look into the somewhat positive impact of coronavirus on on-demand industry, let’s look into the reasons behind the success of on-demand apps in a pandemic situation like now. 

Why is On-Demand Industry Facing the Least Downfall in the Coronavirus Situation

1.  The user base of on-demand domain is people who prefer social distancing

When we talk about the on-demand apps opportunities during the coronavirus outbreak, it is difficult to reason with the fact that the very idea behind the industry’s inception was to help confine people in the comfort of their homes.  

The answer to why a business should adopt an on-demand delivery app for almost every on-demand service, from food delivery to grocery delivery and on-demand beauty services, fuel-delivery is aimed at making it easier for people to get the services without getting out of their homes. 

2.  The availability of choices without stepping out of homes

Lack of options is not a major challenge all on-demand food delivery businesses or their other on-demand counterparts face. No matter which service provider you pick, you will find them being partnered with several businesses or vendors. The validation of this can be seen in how the demand for on-demand food delivery business amid the coronavirus outbreak is still on a rise. 

3.  The expansive offering set, looking into all the different needs

The on-demand & delivery apps solutions sector has grown by manifold, ever since Uber became a massive success in the world. Now-a-days, no matter where you look, industries are taking a turn towards on-demand offering. In fact, it is one of the few sectors whose umbrella is constantly expanding. The presence of an offline mode in everything that a person needs in their everyday life is something that again validates the opportunity created by the coronavirus outbreak in the on-demand delivery market.

The essence of ideas for an on-demand business lies in delivering a solution that helps people practice not stepping out of their house even on normal days. It operates on giving them the ease to get everything they need within a few clicks in the comfort of their homes. 

Let us look into the different on-demand branches that are contributing into the fight against coronavirus. 

On-Demand Industry Facing the Least Downfall in the Coronavirus Situation

On-demand food delivery services

Irrespective of the time and state of the economy, the demand for on-demand food delivery apps is almost always on a rise. The same picture is being seen this time around too with coronavirus. Even when people have been confined to the homes, they are able to order the food of their choice simply with a few clicks. In fact, it’s an arguable stance that confinement is the reason why opting more for on-demand food delivery apps is what the people are doing across the globe.

On-demand grocery apps solutions

The next in list of on-demand apps that are aiding the fight against coronavirus is on-demand grocery apps. In the ode to prevent themselves from going out in public places, people are now resorting to using grocery applications to deliver their everyday needed objects to their doorsteps.

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On-demand laundry apps solutions

With the coronavirus outbreak has come the conscious responsibility of wasting less water. Acting on it, people have now resorted to using on-demand laundry apps. These applications are aimed at picking the dirty laundry from people’s doorstep and returning them cleaned clothes. 

Doctor on-demand services

Hospitals, around the world, are utilizing their resources in a way that maximum of them are working on coronavirus instances and not on other treatments. In a time like this, getting your routine checkup, asking a medical query, or getting in touch with a doctor at time of emergency has become very difficult. 

Hospitals and several doctors have now been using doctor on-demand applications to be connected with their patients. This way, no patient or prospective patient is going unheard in the on-demand era. 

Pharmacy on-demand services

Like in the case of groceries, people are now choosing to get medicines delivered at their doorstep. The fear that unwell people tend to visit pharmacists more, people are now staying away from their local pharmacies. Thus, a rise in the number of pharmacy on demand apps. 

Video on-demand solutions 

Video on-demand applications like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu etc. have become a ray of hope for people who are self quarantining at the moment. This is also one of the main reasons why the list of movies coming early on digital media is expanding every day. For a business looking to use coronavirus outbreak in the on-demand industry to build a strong initial user base, now is the best time to enter the video on demand domain or expand the content to keep the users hooked. 

How Should Businesses React To The New Changes Of The On-demand App Market Coming In The Near Future

There are two situations that we would touch upon here. 

Situation 1: You don’t have an on-demand app yet 

Situation 2: You wish to expand your on-demand service set 

In both the situations, before you head on to hire an on demand app development company, there are things you need to consider before seeking an answer to how to build an on-demand app during coronavirus outbreak

The foremost intent should be to help people who are self-isolating. The motive here should not be to take advantage of this grim situation and add monetization models that bring people’s morale down and make them go to your competitors.

Next, you have to note the fact that your users are not as busy as they generally are, meaning, they will have time to act on their instinct to uninstall your app because of any issue, which they were curbing earlier. 

Lastly, keep your other stakeholders – the delivery agents in consideration as well as you have a moral responsibility towards them too. 

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With the points now addressed, let us come to the solution for both the situations. 

The solution is the same in both cases. Having understood your moral obligations, now would be a good time to monetize the impact of coronavirus on on-demand industry. The problem that you would face however is getting in touch with an agency that will deliver the project in time – in this, an agency that would stick to the milestone to the t. 

This is where Appinventiv can help. We work as a distributed agency, meaning our teams are masters of working remotely, together. This translates into us getting the project delivered in time as promised, while being just a phone call away, no matter what time of the day it is. 

What we would advise is to move with empathy. Everything from your vision sharing with stakeholders to push notification messages to the customers, should have the touch of modesty. It should appear that you are concerned about their well-being. Because, ultimately at times like these, we have to show unity in our souls and minds. 

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We will leave you now with the hope that you remain safe and some frequently asked questions that you must be having on the impact of coronavirus on the on-demand sector. 

FAQs About the Impact of Coronavirus on the On-demand Apps

Q.  Types of on-demand apps will experience the highest demand during coronavirus?

Here are the types of applications that will be on a profitable side in this coronavirus outbreak – food delivery, grocery delivery, doctor on-demand, video on-demand, etc.

Q.  The future – how to sustain the on-demand food delivery app?

In the time of coronavirus, the only way you can sustain your on-demand food delivery app is by being empathetic. Knowing what is scaring people – growing prices, hygiene, etc. and answering them through discounts, empathetic push notifications, and ensuring that the delivery people are wearing a mask, can be some ways you can ensure that the people have their peace of mind intact. 

Q.  How much does it cost to build an on-demand food delivery app to deliver food amid the coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus has not shown to have any impact on the on-demand food delivery app development cost. Know how much you’ll have to pay to get your idea converted into a full fledged app, by talking to our team of experts.

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