How to Optimize Your on-demand App’s Performance?

Dileep Gupta December 11, 2023
How to Optimize Your on-demand App’s Performance

The on-demand apps have made life easier for users and profitable for companies. The need for optimization for these apps has increased due to both – increased competition in the sectors and changing user overcrowding and now the users are looking for more features.

Not only users, but the startup companies are also pitching for best on demand app ideas to earn profit through their business.

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The on-demand economy has attracted startups, enterprises, and many investors as well. This shows how big the demand for such applications are. In this blog, you will learn all about how to optimize your on-demand applications to enhance its performance.

A glimpse into the on-demand app economy

On-demand applications are basically those that mediate customers with different service providers.

If you look into the on-demand economy statistics in depth, you will find a trend that has been on a rise ever since the inception of Uber and has, till date, never backed down. While the future of the sector has a similar story to share.

This growing demand for the on-demand apps has not just brought an increase in competition (risk of failing) but also in the number of list of the sound on-demand app development company.

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Since the domain is crowded with applications that fulfill all kinds of needs of customers, if one wants to stand out, their on-demand app’s performance should stand out as well – An aim which can only be achieved by optimizing on demand app development services.

Why should you optimize your On-Demand App? 

Optimization of app brings many benefits with the process – the reason why a sound mobile app development company suggests you optimize the app from time to time. 

To understand the needs and demands of customers and fulfilling it will help in gaining a regular customer base. This also creates a positive image for the company since the services will always be changing with the changing market trends.

Following the On-demand app development process with optimization, makes revenue generation an effective and efficient process. The customers will be interested in the quality of services and word of mouth will quickly multiple audiences.

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Apps that have Perfected On-Demand App Optimization

Apps that have Perfected On-Demand App Optimization

By now it must be clear why you should optimize your apps so as to stay on the surface in the sea full of apps. Let’s look at some of the on-demand apps that have their optimization game, on point:


Uber took the needs of the market very seriously and decided to provide ground transportation to the customers. It wasn’t until Uber that many such services came into existence. Ever since competitors have entered the market, Uber increases the engagement with its customers to cater to their needs which will keep them ahead in the market.


With the Internet being the most significant source of entertainment and information, Netflix decided to present a platform for the users which they can access anytime, anywhere and watch anything with just an internet connection. Netflix gave flexibility to its users and is preferred more than television now.


Postmates is a food delivery app that is used by workers who are too busy to go out for lunch. The app, presently valued at $1 Billion, is used widely mainly by the millennials’ demographics. They analyzed the need of workplace eating habits and used an app to connect workers with more than 7000 restaurants.

Now that you have seen what sets these companies apart, it’s time to look into ways you can join the league:

How to Optimize Your on-Demand App?

How to Optimize Your on-Demand App Development Solutions

Increase engagement to keep up with the competition

Most companies fail to understand that engagement is crucial. If the companies fail to cater to the needs of the market, they will lose to the competitors.

Interaction and engagement is the best way to keep a track of the changing needs. It is advised to keep regular interactions with the target audience on to understand what they are expecting. This will also help the companies stay ahead in the game and improve overall image.

Apart from this, staying regularly connected with the existing customers is also important. This will increase trust and will help in improvements if any.

For example, while developing an on-demand tutor app, you can integrate unique features like single sign-in, personal dashboard, etc to increase overall engagement.

Maintain mobile app efficiency

By regularly improving and updating, an efficiency of the application increases. Bug fixes, re-designing and adding new feature can make the app more attractive. This will gather the interest of the users.

The user experience should be excellent and this can be done by fixing any issues users are complaining about, designing aesthetically and adding the latest features.

Constant monitoring and updating with simple and understandable features will be more beneficial than a complicated app. While designing and strategizing application the MVP should be kept in mind.

Simplify the value chain optimization

To ensure customer satisfaction, features and user-friendliness, amazing UI designs is necessary. The value chain must be well optimized to attract huge end users and retain them.

This concept entirely depends upon user convenience and the accuracy of application. The gap between the booking of service and delivering of service should be kept as less as possible after all the users chose the app for the same reason. The aim should be to make efforts to simplify the value chain to succeed in the end.

Keep pricing and marketing strategies flexible

Uber follows a pricing strategy that is highly flexible and depends on the demand for the service. This allows them to generate constant revenue when the market is blooming as well as when it’s not. The concept of flexibility in any business model should be added to keep up with the changing market.

The demand is always fluctuating so the marketing should be done accordingly. This will also help in dealing with competitors when it comes to the substitution of services.

Evolve the WAN delivery continuously

The WAN delivery should be constantly reinvented because the delivery of goods depends on it. There can always be a change in the demand so it becomes important to keep up with the requirements.

WAN is the traditional way of delivery and has been replaced by cloud computing models but there are still many app developers using WAN delivery today. This shows how easily technology changes and that is one of the reasons it is advised to change with the changes in the market.

Use few small servers instead of a single big one.

A load balancer can be used with small servers to improve the performance of the app. When one big server is used the data takes time to be processed which increases the response time. If several small servers are used with a load balancer, it makes data flow easy and the balancer distributes data faster to the right server.

The load balancer has the function of preventing overloading of data in a single server and evenly distributing. The load balancer helps in terminating SSL, caching static files and supporting HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2.

Cache your data

Caching data is a method of storing the data that has been used frequently so that when it is needed the next time it can be retrieved from the storage memory instead of generating a new data again.

Caching the data can reduce some load from the server and also help users access files that they haven’t stored in their browser cache. This prevents an unnecessary transfer of data across continents by saving the once accessed files in a nearby server.

Cache also reduces load time by bringing the data physically close to the users. This is done by evenly distributing data among proxy caches.

Use data compression

Data compression helps in storing data in fewer bits than the uncompressed version which in return improves the performance of an application.

Use of compression standards such as mpeg4, jpeg, png and mp3 is the first step one should take to prevent the slow performance of an application. These standards compress large data and make transfers easy and fast. Data compression reduces storage space which results in faster performance of an application.

You can also use compressors to reduce text contents like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Monitor your work

The work doesn’t finish after an application is developed. Proper and regular monitoring of application is very important to attend to necessary changes. As said before, the market keeps changing and so does the customer demands and needs.

The users expect the new changes to be added to the applications and hence monitoring becomes a routine job. Monitoring the work closely will also help in the immediate fixing of any glitches that may have caused due to servers or database.

Monitoring the data should be done in real time to observe the issues while fixing them. It also prevents slow server or weak server connection. The routine monitor of work will help foresee any issues that may occur.

SSL and TLS optimization

Google has placed SSL and TLS as a high ranking criterion. SSL and TLS are used to transfer data securely and privately between the web browser and web server. Its primary goal is security while transfer of data between two networks.

These protocols are likely to slow down and speed up the performance that is why optimization becomes important to enable functioning at high speed.

Some ways of optimization are OpenSSL, session caching, session tickets, running on standard commodity, IDS, etc.

These are not the only ways to optimize your on-demand app performance but these are some of the most important and basic ones.

The main aim should be to cater to as many customer needs as possible and to do that the above points can be used. A user judges an app and the business by the performance and responsiveness thus these two points should be kept in mind at all times.

Dileep Gupta
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