How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Beauty Application?

Sudeep Srivastava September 26, 2022
How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Beauty Application

On-demand is that gold bond that gives guaranteed high returns to all entrepreneurs who plan on adding the technology to their business models – irrespective of what their idea is. 

No matter where you look – be it Uber or Grubhub – the success stories of some of the most renowned app businesses contain the formula of instantaneousness that on-demand offers. 

One such high on profit numbers on-demand domain, popularized by the Glamsquad application, is the on-demand beauty app. 

The simple fact that beauty and wellness is an ever-growing sector that is poised to always be in demand is what has been keeping the domain at a steady growth rate trajectory to date.

State of Beauty and wellness market

But when you inject the power of on-demand into the already flourishing domain, the growth spike that it gets on increases manifold. 

And seeing this very growth, a number of businesses have started making an entrance into the domain. 

While there are a number of success stories, the ones that have stood the test of time and have emerged as market leaders are limited to a few.

Industry Statistics of On-Demand Beauty Apps

Industry Statistics of On-Demand Beauty Apps

As per statistics, the global spa and beauty salon market is expected to reach a valuation of $190 billion by the end of the year 2024. Also, as per a recent survey, females spend around $3756 annually, which is an average expense over beauty services. 

With an increase in the trend of Uber for on-demand beauty services, there has been an upsurge in demand for on-demand beauty apps. The greatest role of the on-demand mobile apps is that it has allowed freelance stylists, independent contractors, cosmetologists, and hairdressers to do their own business. Such parties are enthusiastically getting involved with such on-demand app development services without looking at the beauty service app development cost.

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Why Should you Make an Investment in On-Demand Beauty App? 

No matter whether you own a franchise of a leading brand or a stand-alone beauty salon, having an app for a beauty salon can help you gain a competitive edge, as that would directly impact your business growth. All the major salon tasks, such as managing your staff and online appointments, handling multiple customers, processing advance bookings, tracking inventories, and an all-in-one app for beauty services, can just work like magic without giving any scope for human errors. 

Here are a few key benefits of developing an on-demand beauty service app for your business:

  • 68% of customers get to know about your brand online and visit your store by checking reviews on the search engine. Therefore, it is important to build an app so your customers can leave positive reviews that create a long-lasting relationship with your brand. 
  • An average smartphone user utilizes 90% of their mobile time on applications. Launching your mobile app for salons customized with your logo and name for various platforms can seamlessly grow your customer base.
  • If your beauty salon app is integrated with high-end features, then it can dramatically boost your sales as the customer would know more about the USPs of your business. 
  • An application with an excellent and appealing UX/UI design would keep the users glued to your app, pushing your business to new heights.

How Does a Beauty Salon App Works?

How Does a Beauty Salon App Works

The on-demand beauty services app development has given individual stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists a great opportunity to expand their business. It has now become a source of employment as there is a strong demand for this on-demand industry. If you are wondering how the beauty services app works, then it simply works like Uber but is only limited to offering beauty services. 

After a particular user downloads the app, they can easily book a local stylist from the options that are listed within the on-demand beauty app. Once the booking is confirmed, a stylist will visit at the chosen time and execute the services the users require. The mobile app for salons thus enables the users to get their beauty treatment done at  the comfort of their homes.

Types of Apps for Beauty Services you Must Look Upon 

In order to build an intuitive app for beauty salons, you must first be accustomed to the different types of salon apps. There are multiple on-demand beauty salon apps that you can look forward to exploring this year. Here is the list:

Types of Apps for Beauty Services you Must Look Upon

1. Salon and Spa App

This kind of beauty services app is meant to offer a wide range of beauty services, including hair spas, haircuts, body spas, pedicures, manicures, and others. These are best for those clients who just need the extra pampering. 

2. Booth Rental Hair Salon App

This kind of app is specifically meant for hairdressers or hairstylists who want to expand their hair salon services. Here the stylist rents out a particular space for offering salon services to their clients. This helps increase the customer base and gives a great opportunity to the individual stylists.

3. Specialty Salon Apps

These salons mainly operate in a few specific locations. If a user wants to have or utilize a particular service, he or she can find a stylist as per their salon needs. 

4. Commission-Based Salon App

In this type of application, the standard pay of the salon is mainly paid on a commission basis, which is decided on hourly services. The standard commission is often pushed by product selling.

5. In-House Salon

These are the home salons that are mainly set up inside the homes of the specialist having a cosmetologist license. 

6. Mobile Salon App 

The mobile salon apps offer individual stylists to offer their services to clients. The stylist visits the client’s home by carrying the salon station kit in their own vehicle and wearing their service apparel. 

7. Boutique Salon App 

The boutique salon app is not just limited to salon services related to hair, nail, and skincare. This type of app also offers retail items for sale like clothes, jewelry, handbags, and many more.

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Must-Have Features of On-Demand Beauty Services App Development (App Version Wise)

On demand beauty services leaders

When we talk about the top performers of the on-demand beauty application market, there is something that they all have in common – the must-have set of features set. 

Let us look into the features that have been there in the success story of all the top leaders of the on-demand beauty application market. 

But before that, it is important to note here that when you invest in an on-demand beauty service app development, you invest in three versions of an app – Users, Beauty Experts, and the Admin side. 

The app versions that you would be developing for all your individual stakeholders will stand some points different from each other in terms of feature set. The set that would go into deciding beauty service app development cost. 

User Side of the Application

User Side of the Application

For any kind of salon app development project, it is important to design an easy navigational and attractive user app. Only an interactive user panel ensures the success of your beauty salon app.

A number of common features operate around user onboarding facilities like easy login and sign-up screens, which are present in almost all the applications, irrespective of the category type. 

Now besides those, there are a number of other features that must be present on the user side of the on-demand beauty service application. Some of those features are listed below:

A. View and Schedule the Services

Irrespective of the types of beauty salon apps, the view and schedule service functionality should be presented to the users as one obvious must-have.

B. View Beauty Package

There should be a dedicated beauty package section within your application – a section where users can view the details of the services in a package format instead of an individual set. 

C. Book Appointment

Once users view the services inside the application, they should be directed to the screen where they book the appointment as per their chosen schedule and select address, choose payment module. 

D. Integrated In-App Payment

In-app payment should be a primal facility of your customized on-demand beauty salon mobile apps. You should give users the ease to pay for the appointment in advance. Also, users should be given the feature to make digital payments once they have availed the services. 

E. Rating and Review

The power of rating and reviews holds as true in the case of the beauty service app business as it does for other app categories. And the user should be given the facility to take benefit from the power. They should be allowed to give ratings and reviews on the service that they received, along with the option of viewing how others rated the experts. 

F. Booking History

Using this feature users must be given the feasibility to view the history of their booking – date, service availed, price, etc. They should also be given the option to repeat the booking and re-contact the same beauty expert. 

G. Contact the Stylists and/or App Team

Users should be given the feasibility to call and/or message the beauty service providers to inquire about their offerings and the app support team in case of discrepancy. 

To place your offering apart from the competitors, you can even give the users the option to place calls from inside the app – saving their call minutes. 

Being present for your users when they need you is one of the most workable factors of mobile app success

Beauty Experts’ Side of the Application

Beauty Expert side of on demand beauty app features

A service provider or beauty expert’s side of the application allows the salon owners to confirm and manage their bookings, receive payments, make promotions, launch offers, and much more.

Here are the features specific to beauty experts’ stakeholder’s side of the app:

A. View Bookings

The first must-have feature of the beauty expert side of the application is the one where they can view the bookings that they have received.

B. Manage Calendar

The feature gives beauty experts the chance to get more organized. It helps them schedule the appointment for any specific date and time before they hit the confirmation button. 

C. Accept or Reject User Request

Using the feature, beauty experts will be able to accept, re-schedule, or reject an appointment in real-time. 

D. List Service and Prices

This would be their profile screen. Here, they can list the services they are offering and the prices they are charging for the specific service.

E. Receive Payments

Just like making payments is a user-centric feature, the corresponding feature on the beauty experts’ app version would be one where they receive money and invoice. 

F. Service History

Under this feature, the beauty experts will be able to take note of the services that they have offered to date and the amount that they have earned against their services to date. 

Admin Side of the Application

Admin side of the on demand beauty app features

Any top-notch beauty app development company can build an admin panel with eye-ball-grabbing features, giving complete control of the application to the admin. With this side of the panel, the admin can work over the backend and manage user requests and salon profiles. 

Here are the features specific to the admin side of the application: 

A. Manage Users and Beauty Experts

This section of the feature surrounds the management of a number of beauty experts and users who are active on the application. It contains all information and communication that have happened between them and between them and the app support team. 

B. Approve or Decline Registration Request

The app admins will hold the right to approve or decline the registration request of the beauty experts on the basis of their own credibility check. 

C. Generate Reports

The app should come with algorithms that help admins generate reports related to their app booking, performance, and overall profit that the app is making. 

D. Manage Payments

In order to solve all the different payment-related issues that crop up, admins should be given the feature to get on top of all the payments being made inside the application.

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E. Marketing Collaterals Management

In the case of apps that are at the beginning of their lifecycle, it is recommended that the admins handle content that goes inside the app. 

The same should apply in the case of the on-demand beauty services app development. The admins should be given the provision to upload all the marketing collaterals on the application and edit them as and when needed. 

These elements are one of the absolute must-have features of an on-demand beauty service app. Ones that go into the finalization of the on-demand beauty app development cost. 

But on the business front, to make these features work in your favor, you will have to pay equal attention to the technology stack you employ to develop these features. 

Here is the technology stack that you can rely on to convert your idea into an on-demand beauty app that functions flawlessly. The tech stack goes into estimating your on-demand beauty app development cost. 

Additional Features that Influence the Beauty App Development Cost

Additional Features that Influence the Beauty App Development Cost

Every app needs to have a unique set of features for ensuring a great entrance into the market. Users will only engage with the app if it offers a quick response and quality services. Estimating the total number of basic features can actually be hard as it depends on the app on app owner’s requirements, but here are a few advanced features that you cannot ignore while going for beauty and salon app development services.

Implement Multi-Lingual Feature

Depending on your target audience, you can help your users easily understand and access your app with multilingual integration. While hiring a beauty application development company, you can easily implement the multilingual feature.

Discount Offers/ Promo Codes

Improve the utilization of your on-demand beauty app and boost your customer engagement by offering special access to various promotional codes for app users. Allow them to access the discount deals, promo codes, service bundles offers, and lots more.

Referral Programs

In the beauty and salon business, it’s common to share one’s experience with family and friends. Therefore, you can compensate your users upon positive registrations or signups through various referral programs where the users can refer their family and friends and earn bonus points.


With your mobile app for the salon, you can also implement the membership feature so that your customers can leverage additional benefits and packages on the beauty services.


Although your beauty services app will include customization features where you are users can just type the service they want. You can also include special service-based packages. Customers would love to purchase monthly packages customized as per the common user needs and avail the benefits. 

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Tech Stack That Answers How to Develop On-Demand Beauty Service Mobile App

Choosing a technology stack is considered one of the most difficult parts of the whole mobile app development process. After all, the choice is exactly what everything rides on – the end quality of the app, the scope of scalability, and simply the entire future of an app. 

Noting how crucial the choice of technology stack can be, we won’t send you down the rabbit hole. Let us give you insight into the technology stack we follow in the on-demand beauty services app development so that you have a strong starting point.

Technology stack for building on demand beauty apps

Now that we have attended to both market and technical aspects that carry an impact on answering what is the estimate of on-demand beauty app development cost, it is time to attach a numeric answer to the question.

What is the Cost of Making an On-Demand Beauty Service Mobile App?

Cost of Making an On-Demand Beauty Service Mobile App

Estimating the mobile app development cost is a process that takes into account a number of factors – a list that goes beyond feature set and tech stack. 

But having developed several on-demand beauty apps, we can help you with the estimation of your beauty app development cost, especially if you are planning to follow the feature and technology stack mentioned in the article to their exactness. 

If that is the case, then the estimate of developing beauty & salon apps development costs in India will come out to be in the range of $30,000 to $40,000. 

An important thing to note here is that the range would increase automatically if you get the app developed from an agency that is based out of the US or Australia. 

The cost of on-demand beauty app development that you just estimated with our theoretical mobile app cost calculator is poised to be very low compared to how much you can earn from the same app in the long run. 

Only if you know the right ways to earn money on your app

Let us help you get insights into some monetization ways that you can implement in your on-demand beauty app development. 

How Can you Earn Money on your On-Demand Beauty App?

There are quite a few approaches that you can look into in order to increase the revenue that you earn on your on-demand beauty application. 

But there are a few that would fit in like a glove with the specificity of your business model. Here they are – 

1. Commission

The monetization model used by brands like GlamSquad works around taking a percent of the income that the beauty expert earns through your application. 

You can follow the process as well to get a steady income flowing in your business.

2. Sponsorship

You can even earn money by showing one or a few of your associated partners as the top service providers or advertising them separately inside the application under your sponsorship program in return for a payment. 

3. Advertising

The last time-tested monetization approach that you can follow to get revenue for your application is showing an in-app advertisement and then charging the advertised app an amount in return for a click.

Wrapping it up

With this, you now know not just the amount of money you would have to pay to get your dream of owning an on-demand beauty app developed but also how you can earn the invested amount back in the least possible time. 

With little dedication and effort, you can boost your salon business. Giving it an online platform will directly expose you to a larger audience that will automatically give your revenue steps the much-needed boost. To give a head start, getting into a detailed discussion with a beauty on-demand app development company is crucial.

Partnering with a beauty application development company is the only step left. Our experts are skilled enough, and with their years of experience, they can help turn your idea into a working on-demand beauty service application. 

Fill out the contact us form below and get in touch with our team of on-demand app development experts. 


Q. Is it possible to create a customized salon app according to my business requirements?

A. Yes, our salon app developers can assist you with a robust on-demand beauty app. We offer you a customized business solution that would need the requirement of your salon business at the right moment with a unique set of features.

Q. How long will it take to create an on-demand beauty salon app?

A. It mainly depends on the features and complexity you are planning to implement in your hair and beauty products selling mobile app development process. Creating an application that has more than 100 features can take any time, between 3 to 9 months. Each stage of the process takes a different set of times for completion.

Q. How much does it cost to make a beauty app?

A. The average cost of developing any type of app for beauty services could anywhere range from around $25,000 to $35,000 and can also increase to $50,000 + depending on the type of features and functionality, and complexity in the design of the beauty salon app. So, you can consider that the overall idea and cost of beauty and salon app development would actually depend upon your business budget and needs.

Q. What is an on-demand beauty app?

A. In today’s busy working schedule, people find it too hectic to visit beauty salons to get their touchups done. Also, the long waiting queues at the salons make it even harder. Thus, discerning customers now require an efficient and effective solution that would cater to their regimen of beauty services. 

And this is where the on-demand beauty app services come into existence. Such on-demand beauty apps enable customers to get their regular beauty services done at their own convenience. 

Realizing this need of the people, the professional beauty salon owners are now joining the bandwagon of the on-demand app development services that particularly cater to the beauty industry. With these apps, the customer gets their own convenience, and the business receives its heavy footfall.

Q. What are the types of salon apps? 

A. There are various types of salon apps that you can choose to develop by hiring a reputed software development company.

  • Hairdresser App
  • Hair and Beauty Salon App
  • Beauty And Wellness Application
  • Beauty Salon Mobile App
  • Complete Beauty Service Solution
  • Hair and Beauty Product Selling App
  • Salon Appointment Booking App
  • Beauty and Hair Salon Solution
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