Gamification – The New Age Sales Technique for Retail Apps

Saurabh Singh December 15, 2022
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Gamification in the retail app regime is something to look on when you are trying to get your users engaged in the application. We, the humans are living more into virtual world, all thanks to these visually extended applications today that are playing a major role in changing the gaming reality we are living today!

The number of such apps is as extended as the number of apps that have already been discovered and registered in the app store. However, a number of apps are still lacking the ways of gaining applause for their existence. However, gamification can help in getting success in all such measures.

As the number of retail apps is increasing every single day, your measure must be such that it could drive sales successfully towards the app. In app marketing technique, boosting the sales process matters the most. While there can be a number of such measures, here are some exceptional proven ways that will help you gain leads for the business.

Badges for the app/game

Let’s us quote an example to show the effectivity of badges for app. Snapchat trophies need no mention. They were a compelling reason to bring success to the already successful application. Badges were introduced as a simple reward to users that were given to them after accomplishing a certain work.

When using badges for the app, get creative and play with them in order to help your users know how to earn the same. As the users keep on earning these badges, create a window to showcase more badges. This will create a sense of urgency to the users, which will further compel users to explore the app.

Loyalty points

Similar to badges, loyalty points play a pivotal role in creating an urgency for the users. If loyalty points are functional, they are more like motivational pointers for the users. It is important that users feel rewarded for the efforts they are doing to earn the loyalty points. Work on the measures and introduce new ways to earn loyalty points.

For example- create a pattern that offers loyalty points to the users when they sign up to your application for at least three or four times a day. This action is sure to create an urgency to the users that will further persuade them to browse through your app in order to earn the loyalty point.

Social exposure

Nothing can bring more limelight to retail apps than providing them social exposure. Provide users a link to help them get connected to their social media accounts. All the giant companies have already doing this practice and gaining insightful experience from this approach.

Giving the access is one thing and then letting the users decide whether they are wishing to share the same is another. When users are given the right to decide, they have a feel that their decisions are being cared by the business. It is a way to gain the loyalty of the users.

Referral bonus

Referral reward programs is an important aspect for a number of ecommerce platforms today. There is no harm in using referrals to gain new users and making them a part of the business in an effortless manner. Loyalty points, badges and referral bonus go hand in hand in bringing visibility to the retail app.

Referral bonus can help extraordinarily in augmenting the user experience when utilized exceptionally well. This will also influence users in the positive manner in order to affect their future decision.


It is all about creating multiple opportunity for the users to establish the interaction with your application. The more the interaction the better the retail app advertising. Users are obviously going to love it to get extended opportunity to interact with the apps. All these gamification techniques can thus be utilized to bring more visibility to the application.

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Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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