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Get To Know The Latest Mobile App Development Trends

April 12, 2015   byLucas Bresciani0 COMMENTS   554 views

When it comes to shopping, hiring a cab, ordering your favorite food, managing your expenses or to stay fit and productive, your smartphone does it all. Our mobile phone has emerged as our best friend these days. Mobile technology is growing at a lightening speed and mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily routine. Hence, we decided to update you with the latest mobile app development trends in mobile app market.

Security and privacy in apps

Most of the app users have security concerns while using apps. As per a study by Gartner, more than 75% of mobile apps if put under a security test, won’t be able to qualify for even the basic tests. It can’t be denied that hackers exploit loopholes in the system and security is one of the biggest challenges for the app makers. Developers should take a note of security issues like leakage of data, broken data etc. and take appropriate measures.

Location Based and Beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) Services

Beacon technology has mitigated the bridge between online and offline experience. This technology has been implemented in iOS devices and is expected to hit Android devices very soon. Industries like education, hospitality, retail, healthcare and advertising is reaping the benefits of this technology. Skyscrapers often have beacons implemented in order to provide internal mapping and it is extremely helpful in the case of an emergency.

Speedy development process

Mobile apps are in huge demand and hence and therefore, businesses are competing to launch their products and services faster than anyone else. Mobile app developers are trying their level best to cut down the development cycle. Many companies are about to introduce solutions like Multiceore JIT and Swipepad in order to launch their apps faster than anyone else.these solutions being developed to get speedy app development.

Wearable Tech spreads its wings

Google Glass, Apple Watch, Fitbit are all examples of booming wearable tech industry. Latest entrant being Apple watch has stolen all the show. Apple watch is all app enabled and there are loads of activities that could be done with Apple Watch. In the year 2015, wearable tech. has opened the gates for textile and fashion industry as well. You can witness smart wearables like T-shirts, smart jewellary and many more. Hence, wearable tech is no more just limited to healthcare, it is unfolding new dimensions day by day.

Mobile Payments and M-Commerce

Youngsters swear by the m- commerce sites these days. Recent studies show that almost 20% of online sales come either from a smartphone or a tablet. As per the industry analysts, this figure would increase in near future as more and more people prefer to use their smartphones as compared to a desktop. Transferring money or purchasing goods using a mobile phone was never so smooth as it is these days. Developers still have a great chance of developing e-wallet apps as there is potential left in this space.

App Analytics

User experience is the most important factor in app development. It is quite tough to maintain a good UX when you have to consider in-app advertisements as well. In this place, data analytics play a very significant role to improve user experience. Mobile analytics are help app makers to get insights about their customer’s behavior and decision making process. Based on all these statistics, a developer works on user experience and other factors. Tools like Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Appsee are not just great tools, but are also cost-effective.

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