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Mobile App Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Know How To Spread The Word About Your App

March 7, 2015   byJas Singh Bhasin0 COMMENTS   600 views

Do you know your app is not all alone? Currently, there are more than 1 million apps available in the App Store, striving for users’ attention in every category.

Developing a bug-free and captivating app does not mean that your app will be the next Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Just a month ago, Apple introduced the “Best New Updates” section aiming to improve the discover-ability of apps right after their initial release. In this rapidly changing scenario, to build a successful app, we need to make proper marketing and distribution strategies to increase the visibility of the app, which in turn, helps in increasing its downloads.

Today, one of the key reasons because of that many apps are unsuccessful is poor marketing strategies. For making an app successful, here are a few strategies that need to be capitalized on the marketing and distribution of your new app:

Release early and often

For growing your user base and drawing the investors’ attention, you need to release core features and leverage communities such as Meetup, Hacker News and Product Hunt to grab and earn early adopters. If you don’t have a user base, you will not be able to make your app successful. And, for that find your niche. To differentiate your app in an overly crowded app market, you need to consider two key points: Come up with the features that no app has and target a specific niche of audiences. These strategies aren’t mutually exclusive. Let’s take an example of EmotiChat— another entrant in the crowded mobile messaging world. It focuses on the unique features and captivating UI/UX. And, that’s why it is different from other messaging juggernauts like WhatsApp, Line, ChatOn and GroupMe.

Be Trendy and Exclusive

Nowadays, everyone is using apps for their day to day activities. But, a unique app idea has the capability to get larger traction and higher conversion ratio. By being trendy and unique, you can capitalize your app idea. For instance – Spotify’s word-of-mouth marketing helped itself stand out in an arena that companies like Rdio and Rhapsody had been occupying for years.

Adopting proper optimization strategies

To properly optimize the app, you need to adopt right mobile app marketing strategies that can help your app achieve higher rank in the Appstore. Proper monetization strategies need right use of appropriate keywords in app’s title and description to help you make your app more discoverable. If your app is not found for the relevant keywords into the search bar, then it might lose in the app ocean. Always try to build in social calls to action. For spreading the word, social word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your user base. Social sharing can help users boast about what they’ve just accomplished.

It’s very easy to sit and assume that your app can be the next Angry Birds or Whats Apps. To build a ground breaking and attention grabbing product, we need to create successful mobile app marketing strategies. By focusing on the right marketing strategies, you need to create an app that not only helps in making users life better and easy, but also makes a profit for your startup.

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