Spectacles from Snapchat, a better Way We Record Your Videos
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Spectacles from Snapchat, a better Way We Record Your Videos

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Wednesday, September 6, 2017 05:44 AM |4 min read

Snapchat, is a 18 billion $ company based in Los Angeles and is about to release a wearable gadget that has been termed as the “Spectacles”. Snap Inc., the newly christened company, headed by CEO Evan Spiegel, is not just a mobile app that self-deletes the photos, after a certain duration of time. Snap Inc reflects the foray of Snapchat into the area of consumer electronics, for the first time. The hardware has one-size that fits into all pairs of sunglasses. Spectacles are the 130 US $ sunglasses, that have the capability to record videos, while remaining to be connected with the Snapchat itself. Spectacles, actually has a bulit-in camera that shoots videos. It fills the gap left by Google glasses. But, it comes at a fraction of a cost of Google glasses and is thereby widely accessible.

Some Features of Snapchat’s Spectacles

The Spectacles comes in a range of three colors (black, teal and coral) and one size. A wearer simply need to tap a button near the hinges, enabling video recordings of ten seconds, made possible by the wide angle lens on the glasses. In Fact the video snippets are automatically saved in the Snapchat memories.

The beauty of the product lies in the fact that it is possible to capture the videos in a circular format, that enables the viewer to see it full-screen, whether the phone is held upright or sideways. The video recordings are to be transmitted to a smartphone, in a wireless fashion.

How does the Spectacle Work for Recording the Video?

There are many salient features of the Snapchat’s spectacles that will potentially position it as one of the favourite among the wearers. Following are some of the features:

Near Human Experience

The video that is recorded resembles the real-life experience, in the greatest possible time. The reason behind this, lies in the fact that the embedded lens in the Spectacles, has a near natural field of vision, resembling the human experience. The sunglasses are accompanied with an angled lens, at 115 degrees and basically enables the wearer to get liberated from the built-in camera of the smartphone, with a much wider span that of the smartphone.

Instantaneous Notification

While filming the video, while on the go, there is an inward and outward-facing light that keeps the wearer notified, on what all are captured from his field of vision.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is perhaps the best feature that attracts a gadget lover. The button on the top left-hand corner of the Spectacles, will just allow the wearer to either start with a video of snap a filming and this will automatically stop after a period of ten seconds. Another tapping will increment the time by another ten seconds, ensuring an additional recording time of upto thirty seconds. You have your hands free, while filming the video, without any other smart devices, necessary for those who are on the go.

Ability of Independent Functioning

The gadget functions independently, without any smartphones for transferring the video to the Snapchat memories. You may connect with your smartphones much later, with a WiFi or a Bluetooth connection, for the Android and the iOS devices.

The recorded video will bring forth a more enjoyable, real-time experience as there is no need of a smartphone, acting as an obstacle between you and the real-life objects, captured by you. It seems the Snapchat Spectacles actually provides a relieving experience, once while recording and when the recording is viewed by you. The video looks exactly the way the human eye permits to see.

Snap has posted a promotional video on the Spectacles from Snapchat and is all set to exhibit this innovative gadget in New Work, scheduled for Fall. Appinventiv, is a quality mobile app development company, which is focussed towards the wearable app segment. Please feel free, to contact us, if you you have specific queries. If Google glasses were for the high-tech nerds, the Snapchat Spectacles are for fun and a cool experience. In Spiegel’s own words the best usage of the Spectacles lies, in the outdoor concert, giving you the much needed kick.

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