How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Fuel Delivery App like Ezfill?

Sudeep Srivastava September 27, 2022
fuel delivery app development

The on-demand economy has changed the landscape of the business world. There’s no denying to this fact.

The concept, starting from the simple idea of taxi booking in real-time to getting food, clothes, furniture, and other services delivered to the doorstep, has redefined every business niche – evidence of which are the following on-demand mobile app economy statistics, which say that the on-demand market will hit $533.5 billion by 2025.

Such statistics prove how the booming on-demand economy is not going to settle down soon, implying it has become imperative for every business vertical to discover the potential in their business processes and get a ride into the uprising Uber for X wave at the earliest.

Taking the point that businesses across verticals should think about expanding in the on-demand domain, this article will look into one such industry that has just made a new entry into the domain – Fuel Delivery.

The business field has introduced the concept of on-demand fuel delivery app development like Ezfill, under which the users can order fuel through an app, and then the fuel is delivered to the customers whenever and wherever they want. The users need not run towards any gas station to get their car tank filled and make their daily commute hassle-free. The gasoline supply is made available on their doorstep with the help of a mobile app.

On-Demand Fuel Market Outlook

On-Demand Fuel Market Outlook

The demand fuel delivery market is projected to grow at a considerable rate during the forecast period 2022- 2029. 

Technological advancement and innovation have optimized the performance of the product, thus increasing its demand. During the forecast period, the on-demand fuel delivery market is expected to witness a bright future with the growing utilization of heavy and light commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and hybrid vehicles. 

Also, the prominent factor in the global fuel market growth is the rising fuel supply and demand and the ease of fuel distribution systems or mobile gas delivery.  During the forecast period, the on-demand fuel delivery market would grow at a CAGR of 6.8% and would reach a valuation of $4.8 billion by the end of the year 2022.

Fuel up your gas delivery business by automation

What’s the Buzz with Gas Delivery Services like Ezfill?

Over the past few years, the on-demand fuel app or mobile fuel delivery has taken up the entire United States by storm. Miami-based on-demand mobile fuel delivery service provider, Ezfill has uniquely positioned itself to capitalize on the demand for mobile fuel delivery and has been taking steps to grab the lion’s share in the market. 

Ezfill is the only company in the entire fuel industry to provide gas delivery service in three vertical segments, including commercial, consumer, and specialty vehicles. It also serves marine customers, commercial fleet owners, agricultural businesses, construction companies, and individual consumers. 

As per Ezfill CEO, Mike McConnell, the company reported that Ezfill, as a mobile fuel delivery service provider, enables people to get their cars filled up without having to leave their workplace or home. 

Customers just need to open the application on their mobile devices, quickly sign up, provide the location, and schedule a time to fuel up their vehicle. Fuel delivery app development like Ezfill has now become quite common globally. Ezfill, thus, has already started positioning itself among the emerging leaders of the fuel industry.

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How does Mobile Fuel Delivery like Ezfill work?

How does Mobile Fuel Delivery like Ezfill work

The functioning of an app like Ezfill is just like an Uber. Uber comes to your doorstep upon pickup, booking, or drop; in the same way, the gas delivery apps like Ezfill work where the customer would book the fuel for delivery at their convenient location and receive it at their booked place. 

With just a few taps on your mobile app, you will get the convenience of getting fuel delivered anytime, anywhere, whether it is for your car or maybe for some other purpose. Here, the Ezfill fuel delivery app will cover all the information and do the complete reporting for procurement, stocking, delivery, and fuel accounting. Thus, we can clearly see that fuel delivery app like Ezfill has completely eliminated the need for customers to visit any fuel depot.

To avail these benefits, various startups have entered into the transportation fuel industry. They have educated users about the importance and profit of getting fuel delivered to their doorstep in real-time and have succeeded in reaping the benefits of on-demand app development services. A few such brands who have earned fame in the on-demand gas delivery app development like Ezfill economy are:-

Top Apps for On-Demand Fuel Delivery

So as we saw, the on-demand fuel delivery as a business model has a very high potential in the market – a potential that a number of on-demand fuel delivery service providers are already taking advantage of.

But, considering the rising competition, it is necessary for fuel delivery companies to know how to succeed in on-demand business in a crowded market, one way of which is to study the existing market and determine what features to introduce in your mobility solution.

Taking the same thought forward, we will now cover a set of basic features to consider in the ‘Uber for Fuel’ app development, after which we will look into on-demand fuel delivery app development costs.

Must-Have Features of the Fuel Delivery App

Features are the crux of mobile fuel delivery app development like Ezfill. The features are the only thing that would make the app shine out in the market with cut-throat competition. This is the reason why you should take utmost care while implementing features for your mobile gas delivery app.

1. Sign Up

The first must-have feature to look into while designing apps for on-demand fuel delivery is an easy and quick registration process. Here, you can provide users with an option to either create a new account or sign up using their social media credentials.

2. Profile Management

This section is dedicated to entering your personal information, your vehicle details, and your location, using which the on-demand gas delivery service providers could provide on-time services.

3. Location Sharing

Another feature to have when looking for an answer to how to develop an on-demand fuel delivery app effectively is location sharing. This feature gives users an escape from calling drivers to direct them to their exact location. It provides them with the facility to pinpoint their location on an integrated map that further guides the driver to reach on time and deliver the fuel.

4. Request Fuel Delivery

Being the prime feature of the application, it lets the customers pick the type and quantity of fuel to be delivered in addition to the time and day of availability. This streamlines the complete process of on-demand fuel delivery and ensures higher advantages to both customers and gas service providers.

5. Real-Time Tracking

With this feature, the users can keep real-time track of their gas delivery requests. They can check which driver is coming to refuel their vehicle and which route they have taken, which can further help them to get an estimate of the fuel delivery time. This, as a whole, helps to enhance the customer experience.

6. Payment Integration

Another integral feature that makes an on-demand fuel delivery application popular, like Ezfill, Booster, and WeFuel is payment integration. As covered in detail in our Payment Gateway Integration blog, this functionality enables the customers to pay for the gasoline delivery service via different ways, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets like Google Pay, net banking, mobile payment, cash, etc.

7. Delivery Schedule

When it comes to on-demand fuel delivery app development, another feature that leaves a significant impact is the delivery schedule. This feature enables users to request refueling for a particular time, which implies they need not dedicate a specific time to get their car tank refilled; it will be done while they would be busy attending to other tasks.

8. Push Notification

Another feature that must be considered while developing an application for on-demand gas delivery is push notification. This feature will keep the customers informed of all the activities associated with the service they have requested. Also, it will keep them updated with the recent offers and discounts, which will help to boost customer satisfaction and promote your business.

9. Transaction History

Though often overlooked as optional, transaction history should also be considered while designing an on-demand fuel app like Ezfill. This feature will give the customers an option to check the previous fuel delivery requests and bills, which will induce customer loyalty.

10. Cost Comparison

Another feature to pay attention to while creating your own on-demand fuel delivery app is cost comparison. This feature gives customers an insight into what fuel price is available at other places, which eventually helps them to make a profitable decision. This ensures higher sales as well as improves the customer experience.

With this attended to, let’s move to discuss the factors influencing the cost of mobile fuel delivery apps like Ezfill.

Build an exceptional fuel delivery app

Factors Influencing the Cost of Fuel Delivery App

A software development team cannot give you the accurate app development cost right on the spot. They would first study the requirement of your mobile fuel delivery app, and then they can share with you a rough estimate of your app development cost and the time needed to build it. Here are some of the influential factors that can affect your Ezfill app development cost. 


The complexity of the features of your mobile gas delivery app overall affects the Ezfill app development cost. Developers are required to utilize the code from scratch depending on the app’s complexity. Therefore, you need to think about the features carefully that can make your app intuitive and cost-effective.


The functionality of your on-demand fuel service app is another contributing factor in determining the fuel delivery app development cost. For instance, screens, buttons, and other elements will make your application engaging, unique, and easily navigational. Therefore, it is crucial to pre-develop a prototype and think about its functionality.


Choosing the right platform for your mobile gas app development process is another factor that influences the cost of your app development. You need to decide on the right platform where your fuel app can function exceptionally well. Also, you need to decide whether you want to build your app on a single platform or go for a cross-platform app. If you want to build a hybrid app, then hire the best fuel app development company today.

Fuel App Design

The cost of an app similar to Ezfill also depends on the type of design you prefer for your app. It is very important for your app to grasp the attention of the users with exciting features so that they are enticed to place an order. Keep in mind that your app should surpass the expectations of your customers and must offer them with high-end user experience

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Advanced Features 

Apart from the basic features, your app also needs a few advanced features that can help your mobile fuel delivery app stand out in the crowd. Advanced features like geolocation, data syncing, push notifications, booking calendars, in-app calling, or messaging add to the additional cost of developing a fuel app.

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Required Technology Stack for Fuel Delivery App Development like Ezfill

Required Technology Stack for Fuel Delivery App Development like Ezfill

For retaining potency in the market, implementing a futuristic technological stack for your mobile gas delivery app is crucial. So, ensure that your mobile app development team chooses the right stack of tools and technologies for fuel delivery app development.

  • Mobile Platform: iOS, Android
  • Payment gateway: Braintree, Stripe, Paypal, Google Wallet, CCAvenue, PayStack
  • Web back-end: JavaScript, Node.js, .Net, & more
  • Realtime App Analytics: Crashlytics, Firebase Analytics, Mixpanel, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink
  • Routing and navigation: GPS, Google Maps
  • Real-time messaging: MQTT
  • IoT integration: Smart locks
  • Database: RDS, Atlas, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Cloud storage: AWS S3
  • Webserver: AWS EC2
  • Voice, SMS, phone verification: Nexmo, SNS, Twilio
  • Push notifications:, APNS/ FCM, Twilio

The Cost to Develop an On-demand Fuel Delivery App like Ezfill

If you are planning to build a mobile app for on-demand fuel delivery with all the features we have mentioned above, the cost range would come out to be somewhere around $40,000 to $60,000.

*Disclaimer*  This is just a rough value. The exact answer to how much it costs to make an app like Ezfill, We Fuel, or Booster depends majorly on different factors such as app features, app platform, UI/UX experience, technologies involved, testing tools used, etc.

In such a scenario, the best way to find the true cost of on-demand fuel delivery app development is to consult with a reputed on-demand app development agency.

How do we add Fuel to your Mobile Gas Delivery System?

Moving on to an on-demand service these days is a great opportunity to expand your business and make it reach a greater mass. If you want to expand and automate your fuel delivery business, then connect with an on-demand app development company. 

On-demand gas delivery app development is not an easy task, and after working with hundreds of businesses and fortune 500 companies for several years now, we have developed a proven on-demand delivery-based solution. So, if you have an app idea like Ezfill, connect with our industry experts today and get your idea validated. 


Q. What are the steps involved in creating an Ezfill fuel delivery app?

A. Here are a number of processes that need to be taken care of to develop an app like Ezfill:

  • Creating an infrastructure- To begin with creating your infrastructure, you would be required to build your fleet of fuel delivery vehicles and then get the fuel drivers in one place, serving as the building blocks of your business. 
  • Prepare your IT infrastructure- The next thing that you need to do for your fuel delivery app development, like Ezfill, is to get technically equipped. Remember that fuel delivery app development is quite different from developing other mobile apps. The complexity level is different, and one needs to consider various technicalities to make a robust gas delivery app like Ezfill.
  • Reporting and analytics- When the data management system of your mobile phone delivery is strong, things get easier. Deploy highly-equipped smart solutions like big data, which can calculate numbers and statistics to cloud management systems
  • Fuel delivery app development- Here the custom software development process is executed in the form of a mobile app where the frontend, backend, UI/UX, and testing team would work to create an intuitive mobile gas delivery app with a full set of features and functionalities.

Q. What is the development process of fuel delivery app development?

A. Here is the complete step-by-step process for mobile gas app or mobile fuel app development:

  • Form your strategy- The initial step is framing strategies or ideas that meet your goal of creating a successful fuel delivery service app. 
  • Analysis and planning- Next step is to analyze your requirement for your team structure and start preparing the product roadmap.
  • Design- Work on creating an efficient and seamless app design with user-friendly features. 
  • App development- Work on the API, backend, frontend, overall, following an agile development process
  • App testing and launch- Thoroughly test your mobile fuel delivery app for bugs and glitches. Once fully functional and glitch-free, prepare for its launch.
  • Maintenance and support- Work on continuous upgrades to keep the mobile gas delivery working seamlessly. 

Q. What are some of the top on-demand fuel delivery apps available in the market?

A. The on-demand fuel delivery apps like Ezfill are being rapidly used by people who own vehicles and require instant fuel or gas. That is the reason why more and more market players are entering the industry and making their businesses a huge hit. Here are some of the popular on-demand gas delivery service providers:

  • Ezfill- Being one of the top on-demand fuel service providers, Ezfill keeps your ride smoothly rolling on the road without having to stop at the gas station. With a 4.8 star rating in the app stores, 300k professional delivery, and 3 million gas gallon sold Ezfill has emerged as one of the best fuel delivery service app providers. The best part is that you can add multiple vehicles for ordering gas and ensuring same-day delivery at your preferred location.
  • Fuel Buddy- Fuel Buddy is a 24 into 7 gas delivery service provider. With smart fuel delivery, the company also monitors smart tanks or cans for storing your fuel consumption in inlets in case there is an emergency. Also, they have an intelligent fuel delivery tracker system through which they can go for analysis and reporting.
  • Yoshi- Yoshi is renowned for offering services like a gas filling, oil changing, washing, and repairing vehicles of the customers, along with offering 30 days of free service. They have DOT-approved services, which can be scheduled on a timely basis for fuel refilling, fuel changing, and availing other services.

Q. What are the benefits of an app like Ezfill?

A. If you want to create an app like Ezfill, then with the development process, you should also know about its benefits. Here are some of them:

  •  Saves Time and Efforts

Gone are those days when you were supposed to head towards a fuel station and stand in a queue to get your car’s tank filled or keep some extra fuel in a container as a backup. Today, with the help of an on-demand gas delivery service, you can get access to fuel at any time and anywhere.

  • High-Quality

Again, the fuel available at any gas station is stored for a long time. This affects the quality of the fuel. Whereas, in the case of on-demand fuel delivery, the fuel is filtered and delivered frequently, which ensures high quality.

  •  Assistance in Emergencies

The service of getting fuel on-demand is also providing users with emergency roadside assistance, including delivering fuel in an area far away from any gas station or repairing inflated tires.

  • Lower Maintenance Charges

The on-demand fuel delivery apps like Ezfill and Booster is providing them with an escape from a huge investment in starting, maintaining, and running a fuel gas station and other associated legal and financial terms. This, as a whole, is helping them to earn more profits with lower investment.

  • Higher Customer Loyalty

When talking about filling car tanks at the gas station, many users resist standing in a queue. They leave the gas station soon, making the gas station service providers lose their potential customers. Now, the on-demand fuel delivery service option, in this scenario, helps them to keep their potential customers hooked to their brand by catering to their needs wherever and whenever they want.

Q. How much time is required to develop Ezfill clone app?

A. The duration to build an app similar to Ezfill mainly depends on the exact requirements and specifications that would be mentioned by you. In general, our mobile application team would require at least 10 to 12 weeks of time to deliver your mobile gas app. Read this blog to know how long it takes to deliver an app.

Q. What is the cost of creating an ondemand fuel delivery app?

A. The cost of developing an Ezfill like app depends on various factors like app complexity, UI/UX design, platform selection, and others. However, the cost of ondemand fuel delivery app ranges from $40,000 to $60,000.

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