How Much Does It Cost to Build a Job Portal like Glassdoor?

Dileep Gupta May 22, 2024
cost to build a job portal like Glassdoor

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recruiting industry saw a dramatic change. It has caused many organizations to lose their projects and businesses to shut down, causing many employees to lose their job roles worldwide. In such a scenario finding a suitable job or recruiting the right talent has become one of the most critical issues for millions of people globally. 

Thankfully, online job portals like Glassdoor have revolutionized the whole recruitment and job-hunting process. Also, they have successfully bridged the gap between recruiters and candidates, making people contemplate how much it costs to build a job portal like Glassdoor. 

In this article, we will explore the cost and process associated with developing a job portal like Glassdoor. We’ll also share insights about the revenue modals for a job portal like Glassdoor and what makes Glassdoor a unique recruitment portal. 

Revenue Models of a Job Portal app like Glassdoor

When it comes to developing a job portal like Glassdoor, there is always a consideration for business owners as to how it will help them make money. Well, businesses can use many monetization strategies to generate profits. So, before you move ahead with your recruitment app development process, you should know the different strategies that help you monetize the platform.

How Do Job Portals Apps like Glassdoor Make Money

1. Freemium Plans

Introducing a freemium plan is one of the most common ways to monetize your job portal software. In this plan, users can enjoy using the basic version of the job portal for free, but when they want to access the special features of job portals, they must buy the premium package. LinkedIn is one of the best examples of monetizing the platform by introducing premium plans for users.

2. Paid Job Posting

While many recruiting apps offer free job posting, some popular job portal like Glassdoor charges a hefty fee for posting a job. It all depends on the models of your job portal software that you want to keep paid or free for users. You can charge a recurring fee for each job posted for a certain period of time or a one-time fee for all job listings.

job recruitment app development

3. Data Services

You can also sell the data to third parties, such as market research companies, HR analytics firms, etc., to generate revenue. But before you sell data to third parties, ask the company providing job portal development services to integrate the special feature that asks for users’ consent to sell their data.

4. Advertisements

Displaying advertisements, like sponsored ads, display ads, video ads, etc., on the job portals is one of the most lucrative ways to allow owners to make profits. Advertisers can pay based on impressions or clicks generated, and the ads can be targeted to a specific group of applicants based on their job preferences,  profile, and location.

Job portals like Glassdoor make money through a combination of monetization strategies. These strategies help job portal owners sustain their operations and provide value to job hunters and recruiters to stay competitive in the recruiting market.

What Makes Glassdoor a Popular Job Portal? 

When it comes to job portal web application development, Glassdoor is one of the most popular platforms that set an example for employers and entrepreneurs. It has more than one million recruiters listing jobs and approximately 67 million unique visitors monthly.

What sets Glassdoor apart from other job posting websites is its feature to provide valuable insight and offer anonymous reviews of companies; in addition to reviews, Glassdoor also provides an average salary range for a specific position. These are a few of the most influential Glassdoor job portal features, highly appreciated by people seeking long-term employment.

Cost to Develop a Job Portal like Glassdoor

The cost to build a job portal like Glassdoor varies significantly depending on various factors like the location of developers, the technology used, and the range of integrated features. Considering all these factors, the average cost to develop a job portal like Glassdoor can range from $50,000 to $100,000. 

This app development cost includes designing and developing the software, integrating the required features, and testing and releasing the portal to the market. Of course, any increase in the complexity of a job portal will be reflected in its development costs.

Building a job portal like Glassdoor is a significant investment requiring careful planning and systematic execution. Therefore, partnering with a reputable app development company specializing in creating a custom job portal similar to Glassdoor is imperative.

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An experienced development team will give you a detailed cost breakdown based on your specific project requirements and stand by you throughout the process, from designing to development and beyond.

build a job portal like Glassdoor

Factors Affecting the Overall Cost to Build a Job Portal

The cost to build a job portal like Glassdoor is estimated to be between $50,000 and $100,000, but it is just a general estimate; the actual cost of job portal app development will vary based on the following factors. 

Factors Affecting the Overall Cost to Build a Job Portal

Features and Functionalities

The more features you integrate into your job portal application, the higher it will cost you. Certain must-have features like advanced filters, registration, creating a CV, saving candidates’ profiles, payment integration, profile creation, etc., increase the job portal development cost and user engagement as well.

Technology Stack

The technology stack you prefer for job portal software development is a significant factor affecting the total development cost. A job portal app developed using the latest technologies will most likely cost you more than one built using traditional technologies.

Development Team’s Location

It’s worth noting that the job portal development cost is significantly affected by the geographic location of the job portal application development company. For instance, a company operating in the US costs around $200 to $250 per hour, while a company in Europe and other surrounding areas charges around $125 and $170 per hour. In India, one can quickly find job portal development services between $20 and $25 per hour.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

In addition to development costs, ongoing costs include regular maintenance and updates. It is an essential phase that ensures the ongoing success of the application. 

Now that we have in-depth knowledge of how much it costs to build a job portal like Glassdoor, let’s understand the features that determine the final development cost.

Essential Features to Build a Job Portal like Glassdoor

While looking for Glassdoor job portal development costs, it is imperative to put your prime focus on the job portal app features that you want to integrate into the software. Features make your application easier to scale and more user-friendly, improving its chances of success in the recruiting market.  Here are some of the must-have features for your job portal software development.

Essential Features to Build a Job Portal like Glassdoor

Profile Creation

It is the must-have feature for all types of recruitment app development. It allows users to set their unique identity on the app by adding their names, contact information, profile picture, resume, and other relevant information. It is a step-by-step process for successful registration on the job portal apps like Glassdoor.

Data Security

The first and foremost feature in a successful job portal software is a secure database, which stores all the users’ sensitive information. Having a robust security database in place not only protects users’ data from potential cyber theft but also ensures the portal’s trustworthiness. Thus, secure database integration is the prime feature to handle sensitive data seamlessly. 

Job Search

It is the core of any job portal software, allowing job hunters to find relevant openings based on their skills and area preferences. The search algorithm should allow job seekers to filter search results based on specific criteria. We suggest integrating a search suggestion feature, which auto-suggests the most suitable options when applicants enter the first letters of a company or the job position in the search box.

Job Search box

Document and CV Upload

When making a job portal like Glassdoor or any other job board, uploading documents is a must-have feature. By integrating this feature, you can save users valuable time spent filling out the same information over and above again. It allows users to upload their resumes, academic certificates, conference photos, or remarkable achievements showcasing their skills. Here, it is crucial to introduce several methods for attaching a document, such as uploading from the system, importing from other sources, or building one inside the portal.

Resume Builder

Not everyone is good at self-praising, either on paper or in voice. Some professionals, especially inexperienced ones, are not experts at drafting a resume that can attract employers’ attention. Therefore you should consider offering tips, virtual assistance, or simply a resume-building service at your job portal.

In-App Chat 

It is one of the most integral job portal app features that ensure smooth engagement of employers and job hunters. Using in-app chat, employers and employees can exchange needed information and schedule an interview round to proceed with the recruiting phase.

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In-App Chat

Company Reviews

Company review section is one of the most noteworthy features of Glassdoor, where employees share their experiences working for a particular company. It helps job hunters make an informed decision based on the company’s work culture, salary bracket, and employee satisfaction level.

Company Reviews


Often, an applicant is not sure about a company or position he/she is viewing. In such a case, offering the user an option to bookmark the job posting to apply later will be highly valuable. It will allow users to consider applying for the position later without worrying about forgetting the details. Similarly, this feature is useful for employers as well, allowing them to save candidates’ profiles.


Job Alerts

This feature allows applicants to receive notifications when an employer posts new job openings matching their preferences. For instance, when a user enters information about their profile and area preference, Glassdoor notifies them via email about the vacancies that best suit their skills. It relieves the applicant from the stress of finding a job offer on their own. This feature should be customizable to allow users to set the types and frequency of push notifications they want to receive.

Salary Insights

A job portal like Glassdoor provides information on average salaries for various roles, industries, and businesses. It allows job seekers to negotiate better benefits and higher salaries. This functionality is particularly useful for aspirants who are looking for their first job or those considering a change in career.

Salary Insights

Interview Tips

Glassdoor offers insights into potential interview questions for various roles in several industries. This information allows prospective employees to better prepare for their interviews and confidently negotiate with new employers. 

Career Advice

Online job portals also provide job seekers with useful career advice and learning resources. Glassdoor, in particular, offers actionable information on resume writing and job search strategies, all of which help job seekers improve their chances of landing their dream job. 

User Interface

An easy-to-navigate and the visually appealing interface is one of the core features to attract new applicants and retain them for longer. Therefore, the job portal should be user-friendly and responsive to work seamlessly across multiple devices.

visually appealing interface

Job Invites

It is one of the most intriguing features for employers that allow them to send job invites to the desired candidates. This feature allows users to schedule the interviews through text messages or calls to proceed.

Resume Filtering

With this feature, recruiters need not waste their valuable time sorting through resumes that don’t fit their requirements. They can easily filter the resume in the website’s database and contact the desired candidate for further processing.

Job Filter

When building a job portal similar to Glassdoor, you should offer the most flexible filtering options. In simple terms, each section of your job portal should allow users to filter their search, simplifying and improving their experience with the software.

Job search filter

Payment Plan

At times, both recruiters and applicants need access to the prime features of the job portal that allow them to increase visibility, build a professional resume, download more resumes, and post unlimited job listings. So, make sure your job portal supports a wide variety of payment integration plans that allow users to choose their preferred payment mode based on convenience. Know here: How to integrate payment gateways into mobile applications

Integration with Social Media

The number of social media users is continuously increasing over the past few years. According to Statista, the total number of social media users in the US will reach $331.09 million by 2028. So, in a scenario where more than half of the world is found on social media, integrating your job portal with social media platforms could be a more advantageous feature. It will allow applicants to share their job postings and recruiters to promote their job openings. Additionally, it will enable users to log in to the portal using their social media credentials and connect with their networks.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is one of the most sought job portal app features allowing recruiters and aspirants to track the performance of their job posting and job searches. It provides valuable insights into the job seeker and recruiters’ behavior, the quality of job applications, the effectiveness of job postings, and so on. 

These are some of the essential features that determine the overall cost to build a job portal like Glassdoor. However, you can consider many other advanced features to customize your application based on your project requirements, budget, and other vital factors.

Tap into the growing recruitment market by building a job portal software

How to Create a Job Portal like Glassdoor?

Job portal development is a complex task that requires a team of experienced developers, extensive planning, and careful execution. However, finding the most appropriate job portal development team is one of the most important parts of the development process. 

The right job portal development team can help you with the key aspects of a job portal, such as its UI/UX design, job search functionality, application submission, job listing, and integration with social media and other third-party tools. Therefore, selecting a job portal application development company is something you should address appropriately if you want to ensure that your job portal is designed, developed, and deployed aptly. Consider partnering with an organization with a strong portfolio showcasing their experience building on-demand applications. 

Job portal development is a complex process involving several steps, each with unique goals and challenges. Here are the most important steps you will undertake when building a job portal:

How to Create a Job Portal like Glassdoor

Research and Planning

This phase involves defining the scope of the app development project, identifying a target audience, selecting the features and functionalities you wish to integrate, and researching your competitors. 

Design and Development

During the design and development stage, wireframes and mockups are created for the job portal’s pages; after, the user interface is designed, and a basic prototype is developed. Once the prototype is confirmed as functional, the actual coding and development of the app can commence. Creating a scalable, secure, and sophisticated job portal will require a highly skilled team of developers. 


During this phase, the developed app is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure no errors or glitches could hamper the user experience. Testing is a necessary step for ensuring that the job portal works flawlessly. 


After the testing phase, the job portal can be launched to the public. During this phase, the servers must be appropriately configured, and the portal must be deployed on the Internet. Moreover, your personnel should ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

Maintenance and Updates

Job portal web application development does not necessarily end after a product is launched, it will require regular maintenance and routine updates to ensure that it remains secure and functions correctly. This stage involves releasing bug fixes, remedying security vulnerabilities, and adding new features or functionalities.

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Depending on how long and labor-intensive the above-mentioned stages are, developing an app like Glassdoor can become an exponentially more complex endeavor. For instance, the design and development stage could take longer and cost more if more features need to be implemented. Moreover, the testing phase could take longer if a critical vulnerability or significant bug is detected. 

Creating an app like Glassdoor can require project management, programming, and design competencies. In order to make sure that your job portal is designed, developed, and launched in a timely fashion, make sure to partner with an on-demand app development company.

Partner with Appinventiv for custom job portal development

Develop a Job Portal like Glassdoor with Appinventiv

Building a job portal like Glassdoor involves several aspects to consider, but the key consideration is to come up with an intriguing and user-friendly idea. The immense success of Glassdoor can be attributed to its revolutionary idea of creating transparency in the recruitment process, which appealed to the users, resulting in the huge popularity of the platform. Therefore, to make a job portal like Glassdoor, it is crucial to come up with a similarly groundbreaking idea.

Do you have an idea for on-demand job portal app development but are uncertain about how to make a job portal like Glassdoor? Well, we are here to help! We specialize in on-demand job portal app development like Glassdoor, which keeps users engaged. Our team of experts will help you assess the viability of your idea during the consultation stage and share insight into whether it is worth putting effort into bringing your vision to life.

We know what it takes to deliver intuitive on-demand software from scratch while meeting your project’s requirements. To get an insight into our expertise in building on-demand software and applications, you can take a sneak peek at our portfolio that links to some of the most reputed brands in the world, such as JobGet, Bada Business, IKEA, Adidas, KFC, and so on. We take pride in delivering high-quality, custom software solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Check our portfolio or contact us for the exact cost of building a job portal like Glassdoor and see how we can help you build a custom on-demand application that meets your unique project requirements.


Q. How to create a job portal like Glassdoor?

A. Creating a job portal like Glassdoor is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution of the below steps.

  • Identify the target audience to tailor your job portal development services to the specific needs of your audience.
  • Conduct market research to know the current trends and competition in the recruiting market.
  • Define the features and functionalities you need to integrate into the job portal. 
  • Choose the technology stack required to build the job portal.
  • Design a responsive and visually appealing interface to attract users.
  • Hire an on-demand job portal app development company to make a job portal like glassdoor
  • Test the portal to find any errors, bugs, errors, or usability issues and fix them.
  • Once done, release your job portal to the market.
  • Don’t forget to maintain and update the job portal regularly to stay competitive in the market.

Q. How much does a job portal like Glassdoor cost?

A. The cost of developing a job portal like Glassdoor varies, depending on the factors like the location of the development company, the features and functionality integrated, the technology stack used, and so on. In general, the average cost to build a job portal like Glassdoor can range somewhere between $50,000 to $100,000 or more.

Q. How long does it take to develop a job portal like Glassdoor?

A. The time it takes to build a job portal like Glassdoor varies depending on various factors, such as the complexity, scope, and requirements of the project. In general, it will take several months to a year or more for a successful job portal software development like Glassdoor.

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