How much does it cost to build an on-demand fuel delivery app like CAFU?

Dileep Gupta February 22, 2024
fuel delivery app development cost

If you are a business owner searching for the cost to build a fuel delivery app like CAFU on Google, you have probably realized that the rise in the on-demand economy has altered the corporate environment. We belong to a generation that is dominated by technology.

People are becoming accustomed to goods and services that provide more comfort and utility and can be obtained with a single click. 

The concept of an on-demand economy has redefined every business niche, from the straightforward idea of real-time taxi booking to getting food, clothes, furniture, and other services delivered to the doorstep. It has been attracting over 2.4 million consumers yearly, with total spending of $57.6 billion. One of these services is fuel delivery which is in high demand. 

Considering it is the right time to enter the market of on-demand services, specifically in the fuel delivery industry, understanding and assessing the required features and app development costs is crucial. 

Broadly, the cost to build a fuel delivery app like CAFU may range anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000. Of course, the exact price will be based on multiple factors like features, required tech stacks, and the region of the app development company. Let us dive into every detail of the development process that will not only help you decide on the structure of your application but will also provide you with a rough estimate of fuel delivery app development cost.

Fuel delivery apps – A market overview 

The on-demand mobile app economy statistics suggest that the mobile app fuel delivery market is estimated to reach $9.3 billion by the year 2032 at a CAGR of 6.8%. The data also shows that millennials (18-32 years old) make up 49% of the on-demand market consumers.

The fuel delivery industry utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance delivery services and quickly meet customer expectations of receiving a high-quality product. The rise in worldwide vehicle manufacturing is the primary reason why the fuel distribution sector is growing. The demand for fuel delivery apps like CAFU is rising along with the number of commercial and passenger vehicle sales. According to statistics, UAE holds the second position with 3.53 million vehicles, approximating 18.5% shares of the GCC roads. This can be a prime reason for how well an app like CAFU is doing in the country. 

If you have not already considered making your debut in the on-demand delivery sector, this might be your sign. Keep reading this article to know the features a fuel delivery app must have and the fuel delivery app development cost.

how to start the development of your fuel delivery app

How does CAFU work?

CAFU is a leading mobile-based fuel delivery app in the UAE that brings you fuel wherever and whenever you need it. It is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. It has grown in popularity due to its dependable and efficient service throughout Dubai.

You have to simply download and register on the app if you need to fill up your vehicle without going to a gas station.

You press the button next to where you are parked to request delivery of gas. This will show the pilot where your car needs to be refueled through the built-in maps. But remember to leave the fuel tank accessible. While attending to all safety compliance and rules, the pilot will refuel the vehicle. The charges are then subtracted in accordance with the payment method you selected when making the request.

The process is quite simple and extremely convenient from the point of the customer. This is why CAFU gained much popularity in the region.

The estimated cost to build a fuel delivery app like CAFU

If you are planning to build a mobile app for on-demand fuel delivery, the cost range will come out to be somewhere around $40,000 to $60,000.

However, this is just a rough value. The final cost will depend on factors such as app features, app platform, UI/UX experience, technologies involved, testing tools used, etc.

In such a scenario, the best way to find the actual cost of on-demand fuel delivery app development is to consult with a reputed on-demand app development agency.

Factors influencing the cost of fuel delivery apps like CAFU

A software development team cannot give you the accurate app development cost right on the spot. They would first study the requirement of your mobile fuel delivery app and then share a rough estimate of your app development cost and the time needed to build it. Here are some of the influential factors that can affect your CAFU app development cost. 


Choosing the right platform for your mobile gas app development process is another factor that influences the cost of your app development. You need to decide on the right platform where your fuel app can function exceptionally well. Also, you need to decide whether you want to build your app on a single platform or go for a cross-platform app. If you want to build a hybrid app, then hire the best fuel app development company today.


A fuel delivery app should essentially include scheduling, ordering, tracking, payments, and GPS features. Your delivery agents would need dashboards, metrics, routes, requests, and notifications. Also, consider the features your customers would need. Naturally, it costs a lot more to design and create features that are more advanced, like fuel specifications, location pinning, multiple payment options, order history, billing, and price comparison.


A positive customer experience can be built with graphics, menus, colors, animation, and other UI aspects. The client experience can also be improved by interactions, widgets, call-to-actions, etc. It is very important for your app to grasp the attention of the users with exciting features so that they are enticed to place an order. 

Testing needs

The expenditures associated with the waterfall, RAD, and agile development methodologies are all variable. Some sophisticated apps can cost up to $5,000 to test.

Now that we have looked into the fuel delivery app development costs and factors affecting it, let’s look into the features that must be included in a CAFU-like fuel delivery app. 

Features of an on-demand fuel delivery app like CAFU

If you want to make an app similar to CAFU, you must ensure the app’s success by including some high-quality features. Some features of the fuel delivery app are listed below:

Features of an on-demand fuel delivery app like CAFU

User choices

The user must be given all available choices for the volume of fuel and the location of the vehicle where they want the gas delivered. Additionally, they must be given a choice to schedule the fuel type and delivery time. It would be good to have an order summary delivered to them through an app notification. 

There should also be a function that enables the users to refuel at the spot where the on-demand fuel delivery vehicle is parked. It should make sure that the location is specified clearly and the user has no trouble finding it.

Reliable payment methods

Users should have access to a quick and secure payment option. While it is obviously better to have a variety of payment methods, including international payments like PayPal, credit or debit cards, internet banking, UPI payments, e-Wallets, and cash, payment gateways must also be safe and operate at their peak efficiency across all platforms.

Instant tracking

In today’s digital environment, real-time tracking with GPS functionality is a requirement for on-demand delivery apps. This enables users to keep tabs on the progress of their orders and receive an approximate delivery time. It is also essential for service providers because it will display the user’s accurate location with the shortest routes.

Advanced features like order history, printing order invoices, and comparing fuel prices from various service providers can add more credibility and engagement for your customers on the app. This will increase the functionality of your app and encourage more users to join.

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Required technology stack for an on-demand fuel delivery app like CAFU

Creating an on-demand fuel delivery app might be slightly challenging, but doing so with the appropriate technology is a major concern. It is crucial that your app is supported by the appropriate technology if you want it to be successful and remain competitive in the market for the foreseeable future. You need to make sure that your fuel delivery app development team uses the right tools and technology.

  • Mobile Platform: iOS or Android
  • Payment Gateway: PayTabs, Cashu, 2Checkout, Checkout, Payfort, and Telr
  • Routing and Navigation: GPS and Google Maps
  • Web Backend Development: Node.js, JavaScript, and .Net
  • IoT Integrations: Smart Locks
  • Web Server: AWS EC2
  • Realtime App Analytics: Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, and BigData
  • Real-Time Messaging: MQTT
  • Cloud Storage: AWS S3
  • Push Notifications: APNS/FCM,
  • Voice, SMS, Phone Verification: Twilio, SNS

How to develop an app for fuel delivery like CAFU?

Now that you have learned about how beneficial a fuel delivery app can be and why it has good market demand, let us see how you can develop an app like that: 

How to develop an app for fuel delivery like CAFU

Step 1: Strategize a business model

You must thoroughly consider all types of business models and see which one will be best suitable for your design.

Think about a few company models:


Aggregators are online platforms that link users and oil and gas software development businesses. Gas delivery companies serve as middlemen between oil and gas retail businesses and their customers, collecting fees in exchange.

Delivery services 

According to this model, fuel/gas delivery startups operate as separate commercial organizations that provide fuel to their customers.

There will fit different types of organizational infrastructures.

Step 2: Get a license

The laws and regulations of a specific nation govern the oil and gas business. Before starting your business, make sure to check the legal requirements and abide by them. If you require help navigating the complexities of your local legislation, consider hiring an attorney.

Step 3: Get your trucks and fuel vehicles

To distribute fuel and gas to customers, you will require specialized vehicles. They should all be outfitted with GPS navigation systems and be capable of transporting the particular fuel types you intend to sell. Licensed drivers should only operate these vehicles.

Step 4: Partner with fuel businesses.

Creating alliances with local gas and fuel suppliers will be your next move. To increase sales and expand clientele, get in touch with retail businesses and gas station owners to see if they’d be open to partnering with a fuel delivery service.

Step 5: Develop software.

Once you know the tech requirements, it is time to develop the software solution by getting in touch with a software development company like Appinventiv.

Any software installation’s backend is made up of many lines of code and a number of compatibility layers that enable it to communicate with other hardware and software, which is important for all apps. The suitable app and accessories function together as a single solution after the backend has been created.

Step 6: Engage and retain clients.

Now, you need to market your service and draw in new customers. Before you complete the last phases of application development, launch the promotion campaign. This will allow you to build a community of early users around your app, and after they’ve provided feedback, test it for user approval.

Step 7: Analytics and report

Utilizing the total data to continuously improve the caliber of your services and the product will set you apart in the flood of competitors. The fuel’s quantity, purity, and carrier temperature should all be monitored as it is delivered to the consumer. Utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor these metrics and then implement changes.

You will be able to scale your business as it expands to serve even more user groups and market areas.

Get into the fuel delivery app business with a robust application

Launch your on-demand fuel delivery solution with Appinventiv

Appinventiv has been building digital solutions for international brands and Fortune 500 companies for a long time now, all of which reaped significant outcomes. Without a doubt, our in-house team can develop customized solutions for you based on your needs and your customer requirements after thorough research.

While developing on-demand digital solutions is not the easiest task, our research and design team conceptualizes and designs solutions keeping in mind their effect on your position in the field. We try to ensure that the launch of your app proves to be beneficial to your brand.   

Use our on-demand app development services to develop your perfect software solution for a fuel delivery service. We will understand the problem, research the market, develop, design, and deploy the digital solution you are looking for. 


Q. How long does it take to develop an app like CAFU?

A. The time it would take to create an app similar to CAFU mostly depends on the precise requirements and specifications you provide. In general, it would take our mobile application development team at least 10 to 12 weeks to deliver your fuel delivery app.

Q. What is an on-demand fuel delivery service?

A. An on-demand fuel delivery service is one that sends oil and fuel right to your vehicle whenever it needs refueling. Fuel delivery on demand removes the need to visit a gas station and wait in line to fill your tank. You will simply have to be registered with the app that provides fuel delivery, pin your location, and choose a payment method and the amount of fuel you require. The fuel vehicle will then arrive at the location and refill your vehicle tank. Following this, the charges will be subtracted from your attached account.

Q. What is the cost of building a fuel delivery app like CAFU?

A. The cost of creating an app similar to CAFU relies on a number of variables, including the complexity of the app, UI/UX design, platform choice, and others. On-demand fuel delivery apps do, however, cost between $40,000 and $60,000, depending on the features you utilize.

Dileep Gupta
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