Factors Under Consideration for Integrating Payment Gateway in a Mobile App

By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: August 7, 2020

This is the era of mobile applications and smartphones. The more are the number of users resorting to online shopping, the greater are the needs of people centered around shopping, sending flowers, riding taxis and many more such related services.

Integration with a payment gateway is one of the critical factors for a mobile app, more so for the merchants and the developers. It comprises of the final step taken by the user when the user makes a decision on buying something with the app. This has an immense importance as the shoppers may all of a sudden change their mind, right at the end of their buying decision. So, it is advisable that a Payment Gateway need to be integrated with the app.

Here are some of these factors under consideration for integrating of payment gateway in a mobile app and are:

Easy and Fast

It is the age of agile technology. So, one would prefer to opt for an app that is too slow to take a payment, particularly when they are on the go. The SDKs integrated in the payment gateway are the ones that decides on these above qualities. The app developers must go through sufficient research before opting for the ideal SDK.

Different Modes of Payment

The best is to offer the user with a variety of payment options. Researching for the options is always to be preferred. Some of the users prefer the debit or credit card payments, others resort to PayPal and many others take the COD route for making a payment. All the modes of payments for your app ensures that the needs of the maximum number of target audience are addressed.  

Security Concerns

The users who make payment through the debit or the credit cards would prefer to secure their sensitive data. The developers who are keen on developing a groundbreaking app must pay attention to sensitivity of the data. As of now, the best certification possible for a maximum level of secure payment is that of PCI-DSS. This is very much needed for a trustworthy app that strengthens the app security. The shoppers will always feel much more secure when they see that your payment mode is certified with such options, assuring them with 100 % security.

Choosing a Smoother Option

Other than payment gateway chosen by some of the developers of apps, there are many others which resort to a  payment mode on a mobile, with the help of a web page. The webpage method of payment involves several steps before reaching payment and is quite hasslesome. The integrated payment gateway app, on the other hand offers a frictionless and smoother experience for the user, as it is essential part of the app. Moreover, the app will be able to save the debit/credit card details for future payments.

Taking Help from Analytics

It is quite easy to commit a mistake, while handling the data of several users as done through the payment gateway. It is equally not possible to make a mistake when several steps in the payment processing needs to be remembered. Analytics and statistics are the tools for finding whether the user is able to stick to a plan, so that everything falls under control.

Quicker Settlement

The optimization of the apps is best ensured by considering the factors related to the users. But, the app developer must also think about one’s self. In some cases the payment gateways take 2 to 5 days, for transferring a payment to the developer’s account.

Cost Structure

Per transaction, periodic and one-time payment are the three options for making payments through apps. The cost structure must not provide any form of interference with the app. Affordability in the long term is preferred.

The payment gateways allows the customer to complete their buying process with more authenticity. They are also useful in increasing the on boarding experience of the mobile apps with further customer engagement and user retention.

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