The Complete Guide to Amazing Features of Retail Business Apps

Saurabh Singh September 8, 2022
The Complete Guide to Amazing Features of Retail Business Apps

Mobile apps have the potential of becoming competitive weapons that can give a business the upper hand in the battle for market share. Whether you have a shop in the downtown or a store in the suburb, you definitely want and need your customers to love your brand. So, are you still not sure about having retail business apps? If yes, then there are some thought-provoking questions, which you should ask yourself such as do you want to have better sales? Do you want to provide enhanced customer experience? Are you planning to have the competitive edge in the market? If you are nodding your head or in other words, you want to attain all these things, then undoubtedly the answer should be yes.

However, the biggest problem with the majority of apps is that they are not very good. They might do the job, but they are surely missing crucial features that simply distinguish a truly effective and addictive app from an ordinary mobile app. There is nothing wrong in saying that if your app is missing any of those features, you need to rethink about your business plan that includes mobile app strategy. Every company should have at least one well-executed app in the year 2017. There is a wide assortment of new features that help business owners ensure that their retail business apps are highly engaging and are used on a regular basis. There are some features that are prerequisites for successful apps. You might also want to check the Top 10 eCommerce app features for startups and enterprises

Let’s Know About Important Features of Well-Developed Retail Business Apps in Detail:

Push Notifications

Do you want to inform your customers about upcoming deals, products or services? You surely want to, then opt for push notifications. They are the easiest way to reach your customers. It is believed that retail business apps receive 88% increase in engagement when push notification is activated. They are easier to send than email and don’t end up in spam. Effective notifications take into account the user’s behavior and also the location to deliver messages based on the circumstance of an individual. So, start showing your users what your business has to offer by sending notifications.

Social Integration

Facebook, Instagram and other social media have ridden the waves of acceptance and popularity among the mass. Now, they are slowly and steadily emerging as the game changer for apps. Nowadays,  more and more apps are being created that integrate well with social networking sites. The main motive behind this is to offer random accessibility as well as better usability to the users. With this facility, you can feed information from their social pages into the app. This way your users can remain updated about any event without being the regular audience of app’s social pages.

Location-Based Messaging

Do you want to reap the benefit of delivering relevant offers to the customers at the right place and at the right time? Opting for location-based messaging is great step towards success. For instance, if an individual is walking in front of a store or is available within a certain radius, you can simply entice them with a relevant offer.

Location-Based Messaging

Qualitative Photo Galleries and Videos

As per mobile app developers, in-app photo galleries as well as videos play a pivotal role in bringing the brand to life. The main reason behind this is that videos and photos grab more eyeballs in comparison to text alone. Hence, you can include good photos or videos of your offerings in your business apps.

Qualitative Photo Galleries and Videos

User-Friendly Interface

A Crowded or confusing interface will allow the users to delete your retail business mobile apps. But, if there is a clean and easy-to-use interface, then it paves the way for a pleasant user experience. Thus, crucial information should be easy to locate, pop-ups should be kept to a minimum and the screen should be uncluttered. In other words, this will help customers coming back.

On the other hand, there is no surprise that the pace of change and development in technology is showing no signs of slowing down. At the forefront of these development is Augmented Reality. Hence, apart from the above-mentioned features, AR can be an add-on feature for retail business app. Good apps should include the feature of AR as it goes beyond the realms of reality and offers something very exciting. AR adds excitement by simply overlaying digital information or media over real things in real time. In the current scenario, there are numerous business apps that use this feature for fun. For instance, The SnapShop Showroom is one of the great apps that lets you try out furniture in your home in a streamlined manner.

Final Thoughts

Developing marvelous apps takes a lot of time and effort. All the above-mentioned features of mobile app should be taken into account so as to attract more customers and make your business grow. By incorporating all these features, entrepreneurs will be able to face the challenges easily in the highly competitive and tech-focused business. So, you should not forget to include effective mobile app strategy in your business plan.

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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