The Impact of Design Thinking on your Business

By Pooja Chawla
January 18, 2017 2. min read
Last update on: July 16, 2020

The latest buzz about the design thinking is getting all the exposure from different walks of business because of the effectivity of the concept. Irrespective of their sizes, businesses are considering this innovative strategy to improve their services, products and all other measures that could help them earn increased return on investment or ROI.

The innovation is not only effective for the entrepreneurs but also for consumers. In this write-up, we will further discuss the effectivity of design thinking by illustrating some examples. For businesses, it is a means of delivering results as per the client’s requirements. Client’s on the other hand, get services that are just meant for them, obviously because brands are focusing on customizing their services.

Design thinking- strategy explained

Design thinking- strategy explained

Design thinking includes a number of innovative approach including observation, brainstorming and prototyping as well. For designers it is more of an approach that they tend to opt for when matching consumer’s needs with what is available technically and what could be done to convert business strategy into useful services for consumers.

Here comes an example to showcase the effectivity of the design thinking:

Airbnb offers a perfect example of strategy that helped it grow leads after failing for the very first time. Like many other businesses, Airbnb was not noticed after its official launch and that was the point for its owners to rethink on the strategy. Instead of wasting time on the website and the considerations related to that, the owners get on the field and thought from a consumer’s perspective. It gave them enough room for introducing improvements.

As the giant marketplace offers insights of the lodging space, which were previously poorly photographed, it became the most important concern for them to bring the real site of the lodging spaces with high resolution cameras to the clients so that they could evaluate if they are making the right investment. This small experiment proved to be the required fuel that was needed to ignite their business.

This example perfectly illustrates that coding alone cannot do wonders for the business. Sometimes, it requires experimenting in the real time to improve the investment as well as the return on investment.

In conclusion, design thinking should be the answer to all the needs and problems people are facing while using different services. Having a deep understanding of the consumer’s problem is thus important to come up with the perfect solution. It is the key for your app to remain successful among the clients.

Clients or users are only going to buy services if it seems “beneficial” for them. It is important to figure those elements and then implement the same in the business.

Leveraging customer experience

Leveraging customer experience

What we can learn from Airbnb example is that designing thinking must be implemented in order to make customer experience more personalized, the strategy must be implemented by knowing how people behave and what services they require the most. Offering customers the things that are meaningful for them is sure to gain the leads for the business.

Make use of analytics tool, talk to the users as frequent as possible and given them a chance to voice their opinions about the business. Run a campaign on your app or website to know what clients are expecting from the business. The race is just to remain resourceful for the clients. In case, you get succeeded in the approach, the clients are sure to embrace the business and the related services.  

The key to sustain successfully in this approach is to develop a strong relationship between the business and the clients. Let your services serve the clients in a manner that they make user’s lives much easier. Create such an identity of your brand that users cannot resist to get services from you. It is important to remain user-centric while exploring your business with innovative design thinking concept. When the business provides services that are needed to the clients, it is moving a step forward to become successful.

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