Tips on Making Your Mobile App Successful

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Tips on Making Your Mobile App Successful

Businesses all over the world has realized how essential mobile apps are for their daily operations. The apps are beneficial in the long term in mitigating the risks involved in the business, increasing customer engagement and also enhancing productivity levels in employees. There are about a million apps that appear in the Apple app stores and the estimated revenue from the app economy is about 25 billions, but what matters is whether your app is getting enough attention from the customers or not. The data on downloading the apps is quite misleading because as per a study conducted, it has  been found that users discard, one out of four of the downloaded apps. So, the primary objective is to develop a good app that will be able to extract the best for your business through this app.

The apps are made successful by the execution. There are certain ingredients that are used for determining the success of the app and these are:

Have a Specific Problem in Mind and Offer a Solution

Around the world all businesses are trying to taste a piece of the mobile app market. But unlike many businesses one must not jump into this bandwagon of app development for the heck of starting something, just because others are doing the same. There is no point in wasting money behind this and are nowhere near to achieving the desired result. So, the businesses that are intending to build an app must be absolutely clear about the vision of the app. The best app is that which has relevance and is able to engage the customers.

Make the Mobile App Intuitive

The app developer will always try to develop such a mobile app that the user will be able to start using, in the shortest possible time, without any guidance whatsoever. User experience matters a lot. When there is an amalgamation of great app concept with usability, then it hits success in the app store.  A great user experience means that the app must be free of crashes and bugs. Users attempt to use a failing app twice and no more than that. One must also ensure that a proper testing is carried out, before the app is launched.

Plan an App Marketing Strategy from Beforehand

The app marketing strategy must be well thought out, much before the app hits the market. Advanced marketing leads to the huge number of downloads and installs, for the mobile apps, in the first few days of launching it in the app store.

The marketing plan is often divided into three phases-pre-launch, launch and post-launch. A well crafted app description is usually developed with the right keywords. Banner images are created for the app page profile pages. The app store description must be incorporated with wonderful screenshots of your apps. All these techniques are for achieving the visibility for your app among the target audience.  Other methods may also include teaser videos and publishing previews for the relevant blogs and sites.

Strategic Distribution

You need to make sure that the app is getting noticed by the customers. There are a host of strategic channels that are available, you must wisely choose the right combination of these channels, that works best for you. A positive coverage of the media will ensure an entry into the New & Noteworthy list of Apple, for your app. Furthermore, your app will get noticed while making an appearance in the Top 25 or 100 app list or Apple’s What’s Hot.

Offering the Free App

Pricing is always a critical factor for marketing the apps. The apps are generally offered free or on a freemium basis. Freemium is nothing but offering the app free, but limited only during the trial period. So, a free basic app is offered in the first stage and this is followed by increasing the traction with marketing of the premium version. Some other ways are effective use of the PR tools, running contests and launching app giveaways.

Measuring the Impact on Businesses with Metrics

Only the right types of metrics are required for evaluating the performance of your app. Make sure that you do not ignore the metrics, next time you are allocating the budget. This will definitely have an impact on the customer satisfaction and positioning with the customers.

Ultimately it is the goal to achieve long-time success of your app, If the users prefer your app, it is sure to be a success story.

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Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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