Buy vs Build a Contract Management Software – Pros and Cons

Sudeep Srivastava June 3, 2024
Benefits of contract management software

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient contract management has become a cornerstone of successful operations. The benefits of contract management software are numerous, impacting various aspects of business. From streamlining workflows to ensuring compliance, these tools are indispensable in meeting diverse business requirements.

However, when it comes to contract management software development, businesses have to make a crucial decision. Should they build a custom solution tailored to their specific needs or buy a ready-made product? This choice is pivotal, as it can significantly influence a company’s operational efficiency and financial health.

In this blog, we delve into the pros and cons of both approaches, providing insights to guide your decision. Also, we will throw light on the abundant benefits and different industries where the applications of contract management software can yield remarkable results.

Contract management software market

Benefits of Contract Management Software

Contract management software has become a crucial tool for businesses in various sectors. These solutions offer a range of functionalities that streamline and optimize contract-related operations. Here are the core benefits that such software brings to an organization.

Advantages of Contract Management Software

Streamlined Contract Management

Automated organization of contracts saves time and reduces manual effort. It allows quick access to contract details, leading to streamlined processes with fewer errors and discrepancies. This digital tracking of contract management enhances monitoring and reporting capabilities, optimizing operational workflows throughout the contract lifecycle.

Improved Compliance and Risk Management

Regular compliance updates minimize legal risks and penalties, while advanced tools identify and effectively manage contractual risks. Furthermore, automated alert systems ensure timely compliance with regulatory changes, providing enhanced oversight for better risk mitigation strategies. Real-time monitoring enables proactive handling of compliance issues, ensuring a proactive approach to legal and regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The software automates routine tasks, liberating employee time for more strategic. Additionally, quick retrieval of contract information accelerates decision-making, enabling teams to respond promptly to opportunities and challenges for continuous process improvement.

Better Visibility and Control

This software offers comprehensive visibility into contracts, enabling better control over the entire contract lifecycle. It provides real-time insights, helping businesses manage their contracts more effectively and make informed decisions.

Centralized Access and Secure Storage

A central repository in contract management software ensures easy access to all contract documents. It secures sensitive information and simplifies retrieval, streamlining the storage and management of contracts, and is one of the essential benefits of contract management software.

Use Cases of Contract Management Software across Industries

Contract management software has revolutionized how organizations handle agreements and legal documents. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset across diverse sectors. Here are the various industries that can reap the benefits of using online contract management software.

Legal Industry

In the legal industry, lawyers often juggle numerous contracts simultaneously, making their efficient management crucial. Contract management software development has tailored solutions that cater to this sector’s unique needs, including the management of smart contracts.

By automating routine tasks, these tools save time, reduce errors, and ensure compliance. The benefits of contract management software development in the legal industry cannot be overstated, as they enhance efficiency and accuracy in handling legal agreements.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector deals with a plethora of contracts, from patient agreements to vendor contracts, making it intimidating to manage these contracts efficiently. Here, a contract management solution for businesses helps organize these diverse sets of contracts efficiently while maintaining strict compliance with healthcare regulations.

The importance of contract management software in healthcare is evident in its ability to handle sensitive information while adhering to regulatory standards.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, contracts govern a wide range of activities, from procurement to project management. Such software provides solutions tailored to manage large-scale project contracts, supplier agreements, and regulatory documents. It simplifies tracking project progress, adhering to timelines, and managing budget constraints.

In construction, where contract complexity is high, contract management software brings clarity and order, ensuring that all parties are aligned and informed.

Government Agencies

Government agencies often operate under strict regulatory and compliance requirements, making contract management challenging. The deployment of contract management solutions in government agencies streamlines the process of managing public contracts, grants, and legal agreements. This software aids in maintaining transparency, ensuring accountability of suppliers, and improving the efficiency of governmental processes.

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Online contract management software serves as a versatile tool adaptable to various sectors. And when it comes to adaptability, building a custom solution is always a cut above buying a readymade solution. Its ability to adapt, streamline, and enhance contract management processes makes it invaluable for any industry dealing with contracts.

Buying vs Building a Contract Management Software – Key Factors to Consider

Deciding between building or buying contract management software is a significant decision for any organization. It involves assessing various aspects of your business’s current and future needs. Here are the key factors to consider while navigating this crucial decision-making process.

Build vs Buy a Contract Management Software: Considerable Factors

Business Size and Needs

The size of your business and its specific needs are paramount in deciding the course of your contract management software journey. Larger enterprises might require more complex, customizable solutions, while smaller businesses may benefit from off-the-shelf software. Thus, understanding your business processes and how a contract management system will fit into them is crucial.

Budget Constraints

Budget is a key factor in deciding whether to build or buy. Building custom software can be costly initially but offers long-term benefits. On the other hand, purchasing software can often be cheaper upfront, but involves recurring costs such as subscriptions or upgrades.

Future Scalability and Adaptability

Evaluating future scalability and adaptability are critical factors when embarking on the contract management software journey. If your business is growing or evolving rapidly, a custom-built solution may better accommodate future changes. Off-the-shelf software might be less adaptable but can be a good fit for businesses with stable, predictable needs.

Carefully evaluating these factors will guide you to the best choice for your organization. The right decision will align with your business’s strategic goals and operational needs.

Building a Contract Management Software

Going for contract management software development offers an exciting opportunity to tailor a solution perfectly suited to your business needs. By choosing to build, you are stepping towards a system that aligns seamlessly with your unique processes and goals. Here are the crucial aspects to evaluate in building your contract management software.

Pros and Cons of Building Contract Management Software


In the realm of contract management, developing custom software offers several advantages, ensuring a personalized and optimized solution. Here are the pros of building a custom contract management software:


Customization is a key advantage when building contract management software. It allows businesses to tailor features to their specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency. A customized system can address unique business challenges that off-the-shelf solutions might not cover. This level of customization perfectly aligns with an organization’s workflow and requirements.


Integration capability is crucial for any contract management solution and building your own software from scratch allows for seamless integration with existing systems and workflows. This integration is vital for ensuring that all business operations are synchronized and efficient. It eliminates the need for multiple platforms, reducing complexity and enhancing user experience.


Having control over your contract management system is a significant benefit. When you build your software, you control every aspect, from security features to functionality updates. This control is especially important for businesses that handle sensitive or proprietary information. It ensures that the software can evolve according to the company’s growth and changing needs.

Competitive Advantages

Building contract management software is specifically designed with unique features that set a business apart from its competitors. These features enable businesses to yield the broader benefits of contract management software development, offering an edge in efficiency and innovation.

Long-Term Savings

Although the initial investment in building software can be high, there are long-term savings to consider. Avoiding ongoing subscription fees and having a system that precisely matches business needs can be cost-effective in the long run. This aspect underscores the value of investing in enterprise contract management software that is custom-built.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are essential for growing businesses. Custom-built software can scale as the business expands, accommodating new contracts and changing demands. This scalability is a vital feature of any contract management solution for business, ensuring that the software remains relevant and effective over time. Flexibility in adapting to new business environments or regulatory changes is also a key advantage of building your own system.


While the prospect of developing custom contract management software is enticing, it comes with its set of challenges, making it imperative to weigh the benefits against its complexities. Let’s explore the complexities of building your contract management software:


The cost to develop contract management software is often the most significant setback. Building a custom solution requires substantial financial investment upfront. This cost includes not just the development but also the testing and deployment stages. Moreover, unlike off-the-shelf solutions with predictable contract management software pricing, custom development can have variable costs that escalate quickly.

As said above, cost is just a one-time investment, there are long-term savings that benefit businesses in various ways.


Time is another critical factor to consider when building contract management software. The development process can be lengthy, often taking months to complete. This extended timeframe can delay the benefits that the software is supposed to provide. Additionally, time must be allocated for testing and refining the software, which adds to the overall project duration.

Resource Intensive

Building custom software is resource-intensive, requiring a team of skilled developers, project managers, and IT specialists. The need for specialized skills can be a challenge, especially for businesses without an existing in-house IT team. Additionally, managing the development process demands significant effort and oversight, which can divert resources from other important business activities.

This intensity in resource allocation underscores the need to carefully consider the contract management software pricing and resource availability before starting on a custom software development project. However, to overcome this challenge businesses can outsource their project requirements to a reliable custom software development company. Outsourcing empowers businesses to leverage specialized expertise, reduce operational overheads, and achieve a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.”

Building your contract management software is an investment in your business’s efficiency and future growth. It’s a bold step towards having a tool that not only meets your current needs but also evolves with your business, offering unparalleled advantages.

Building a custom contract management software

Buying a Contract Management Software

Deciding to buy contract management software is a strategic choice for many businesses. It offers a balance between functionality and ease of implementation. Here are the key pros and cons to consider when purchasing contract management software.

Pros and Cons of Buying Contract Management Software


Buying off-the-shelf contract building software brings forth a set of advantages, streamlining processes and enhancing control over contractual obligations. Here are some significant benefits of buying contract software:

Quick Deployment

One of the main advantages of buying contract management software is its quick deployment. Businesses can implement these solutions rapidly, avoiding the lengthy development process. This immediate deployment is particularly beneficial for small businesses needing an efficient contract management system without delay.


Buying contract management software is often more cost-effective than developing one from scratch. It eliminates the high initial investment required for custom development. Nevertheless, the cost-effectiveness of off-the-shelf solutions comes with inherent limitations, particularly in adapting to evolving requirements for scalability and flexibility—attributes highly coveted in contract management software.

Hence, while this approach proves economically advantageous, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises, it necessitates a measured consideration of its constraints vis-à-vis the dynamic needs of an organization.

Expert Support

Purchasing contract management software usually comes with the benefit of expert support and maintenance. Users gain access to a team of professionals who manage updates, bug fixes, and technical support. This expert assistance ensures that the software runs smoothly. This is vital, considering the importance of contract management software in managing critical business agreements efficiently.


While the pros of buying contract management software are noteworthy, it’s essential to navigate the potential drawbacks carefully for businesses contemplating the adoption of such solutions. Balancing the advantages with these considerations ensures a well-informed decision-making process.

Limited Customization

One significant downside of buying contract management software is the limited customization options. Off-the-shelf solutions may not perfectly align with every unique business process. This lack of customization can result in inefficiencies or the need for workarounds, potentially negating some of the benefits of contract management software.


Purchasing software creates a dependency on the vendor for critical aspects like support and updates. This reliance can be problematic if the vendor fails to keep up with industry changes or goes out of business. Such scenarios highlight the risks of not having control over your enterprise contract management software.

Integration Challenges

Integration challenges are common with purchased contract management software. These solutions may not easily integrate with existing systems, leading to additional costs and complexities. Proper integration is crucial to realize the full benefits of contract management software, making this a significant consideration.

Recurring Costs

While buying software might seem cost-effective initially, it often involves recurring costs. These can include subscription fees, charges for additional features, or costs for upgrades. Over time, these recurring costs can add up, making the purchased enterprise contract management software more expensive in the long run.

Data Security Concerns

Data security is a paramount concern with purchased contract management software. You are entrusting sensitive contract information to an external system. The security measures and data handling practices of the vendor become critical, as any breach can have serious implications.

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Limited Feature Updates

With purchased software, businesses are at the mercy of the vendor for feature updates. If the software doesn’t evolve as per market demands or specific business needs, it can quickly become outdated. This limitation can hinder a company’s ability to stay competitive and agile, contrasting with the dynamic nature of custom-built solutions.

Understanding these advantages and limitations is crucial for making an informed decision. Carefully weigh these factors to determine if buying contract management software aligns with your business needs.

Must-Have Features of Contract Management Software

When considering the build vs buying a contract management software decision, the choice typically depends on understanding its key functionalities. These features determine how effectively the software can manage your contractual processes, regardless of whether it’s built or bought. Here are the must-have features that define a top-tier contract management system.

Contract Management Software - Essential Features

Centralized Contract Repository

A centralized contract repository is one of the essential features of contract management software. It allows for easy storage, access, and efficient organization of all contract documents in one place. This centralization improves the data management and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

Advanced Search and Filter Options

Advanced search and filter options in contract management software enhance efficiency, enabling users to quickly locate specific contracts or clauses without sifting through numerous files. This feature saves time and streamlines the contract retrieval process.

Workflow Automation and Approval Processes

Workflow automation and approval processes are key features of contract management software. This automation reduces manual errors and speeds up the contract lifecycle, ensuring that contracts move smoothly through different stages, from drafting to approval.

Alerts and Notifications for Key Dates and Renewals

Alerts and notifications for key dates and renewals prevent missed deadlines and contract lapses. These reminders are crucial for maintaining compliance and up-to-date contract management. They are particularly beneficial in managing large volumes of contracts.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

Customizable reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into contract management. This feature empowers organizations to meticulously monitor performance metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Integration with Other Business Systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Integration with other business systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) is a vital component. This interoperability ensures that contract management software works seamlessly with existing business tools. Thus, enhancing overall productivity and data consistency.

Robust Security and Access Controls

Robust security and access controls are imperative in contract management software. They protect sensitive contract information from unauthorized access and breaches. This security is a critical consideration in contract management software development, helping safeguard business and client data.

Whether you build or buy, these features are critical for any effective contract management software. They ensure that your contract management processes are streamlined, secure, and efficient.

Seal the Deal with Appinventiv’s Expertise in Contract Management Solutions

When faced with the decision of building or buying contract management software, of course, going ahead with the custom solution is a strategic choice, and partnering with a custom software development company like Appinventiv can be a game-changer move. Our team specializes in creating tailored solutions that align with your business’s unique needs and objectives. With us, you can harness the full potential of advanced technology, ensuring your contract management system is not just functional but also future-proof.

Our expertise in custom software development can be best witnessed from our portfolio, which gives a glimpse of our fruitful partnerships with the world’s leading brands like KPMG, KFC, IKEA, and Adidas, making and maintaining their custom project needs.

Our team of 1200+ tech evangelists will help you get a system that embodies the benefits of contract management software while also catering to your specific requirements. Whether it’s about integrating cutting-edge features or ensuring robust security protocols, our approach is about delivering excellence. By choosing Appinventiv, you are not just getting a software solution; you are investing in a strategic tool that propels your business forward in the realm of contract management.

Interested in leveraging the maximum benefits of contract management software? Get in touch with our tech experts now.


Q. How much does contract management software cost?

A. The cost of contract management software varies widely depending on several factors. On average, the cost of contract building software can range from $30,000 to $300,000 or more, depending on your unique project requirements.

Q. What is contract management software?

A. Contract Management Software is a digital solution designed to streamline, organize, and optimize the entire lifecycle of contracts within an organization. It helps manage the creation, negotiation, execution, and analysis of contracts, providing a centralized platform for enhanced collaboration, compliance, and efficient tracking of contractual obligations.

Q. What advantages does building contract management software have over buying?

A. Building your own contract management software allows for complete customization to precisely fit your business needs, offering a significant advantage over buying. While it requires more initial resources and time, the long-term benefits include full control over functionality and integration, and the potential to save on ongoing subscription costs.

Q. How does building software compare to buying in terms of scalability and updates?

A. Building custom software provides the flexibility to scale and update the system according to your business’s evolving needs. This contrasts with off-the-shelf software, where you are dependent on the vendor for updates and scalability. This might not always align with your specific requirements or timeline. Building gives you complete control, ensuring that the software can grow and adapt to your business.

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