How Wearable Technology is Shaping the Enterprise App Development?

Saurabh Singh December 2, 2022
How Wearable Technology is Shaping the Enterprise App Development

Decades ago, we thought that mobile phones and smart apps would change the enterprise mobile applications world. But today, when we have achieved and accepted the technology so far, we know that wearables enterprise mobility is the next big thing that is poising to be the next big thing.

The versatile wearable technology is opening up new vistas with business-centric mobile apps. It is still in a nascent stage and as per the recent trends on this emerging technology, we see that the juggernauts of the wearable technology are focusing on creating such products that are oriented towards business applications.

There was a common notion about wearable technology, that they are restricted only to smartwatches, which has been proved wrong by wearable app development company. 

Wearables are poised to meet the business requirements of several enterprises and these businesses will leverage on the technology by developing enterprise apps. There will be a huge surge in the employee productivity and effectiveness for your enterprise as the employees will have the right information, at the right moment. 

We can well imagine a situation when you have arrived for a sales meeting and have completely forgotten notes, files or even your laptops, but just have your smart glasses. Wearable devices  will be able to provide you with the exact information on the client such as name of the client concerned, last order details, any reviews and the date when the last meeting was scheduled.

There can be better examples that can be cited for role of wearable technology in enterprise apps as a field-technician will get connected with an expert in the corporate office, displaying a point-of-view video of the machine in real-time, showing the expert a minute detail but at the same time keeping his hands free for continuing with the repair work. 

Today, wearable devices are planned, built, designed, and dispersed across a range of both consumers and business markets and the manners by which this cover and impact each other keep on developing over time.

Let’s investigate some real uses of wearables and know how they drive market interest.

Wearable technology market size

Types of wearables in the market

The wearables market is mostly overwhelmed by smartwatches and fitness/wellness trackers.


Smartwatches were initially connected with tracking and checking physical wellness.

However, their utilization has widened the scope. Presently their usage is similar to mini PCs that help you to get your messages, play interactive media and games, exchange documents and even ready to call.

Enormously marketed and usable across the range, smartwatches have a wide cluster of utilizations that make them an ideal contender for work assistance and business incorporation.

Health/Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are used to monitor heart rate, measure calorie intake, blood pressure, trace distance walked and other activities that contribute to the condition of wellbeing. They can be synchronized with mobile applications to measure information more precisely so that people using them can be sure they are getting accurate readings.

Despite the fact that life-saving innovation like pacemakers have for quite some time been a staple of medication, much more cutting-edge prosthetics and installed electronic gadgets are turning into a regular part of healthcare and medication.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is helping in adding the capacities of wearables, AI and machine learning to regular household items like surveillance cameras, lights, kitchen appliances and temperature systems.

These things are given admittance to the internet through a network of remote sensors and robotization, creating the idea of a “smart home.” Amazon Echo and Alexa and Google Home are some of the examples of smart home devices.

We may conclude that the wearable app development services have a bright future indeed, but whether they hold as a technology that will rule the future of wearable technology, is a debatable matter.

The trends as found by Forbes prove that the wearables will improve productivity by 8.5% and enhance employee satisfaction by 3.5%.

Another report by Statista states that the number of connected wearable devices worldwide has increased the number by more than twice in the space of three years, i.e. increasing from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million in 2019. The number of devices is forecast to reach more than one billion by 2022.

Here are some of the ways by which wearable technology is all poised to take over. 

Taking Over the Smartphones

The enterprises are widely using smartphones. In order to prove their worth the wearable tech can prove that they have such usage which is not possible through the smartphones, as they are either not reliable or ill-equipped to handle. In this nascent stage of development, the wearables simply act as some sort of accessory for the smartphones. But, portability and hand-free usage are the major advantages that are enabling to place it in a position which outsmarts the smartphones.

Real-life Applications

Wearable trends for enterprise app development have a wide impact on various sectors. While talking about health care, we see that the wearables get used as surgeons conduct the operation, without any disruptions, watching it at the same point in time. We find more wearables found in the manufacturing industry as smart glasses can stream video in real-time for technicians working off-site.

Wearables in Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Using wearables as a part of corporate mobility strategy is yet to be decided as enterprise app development teams are still in the process of adopting the smartphones. The main aim of the enterprise app development team will be to make the task of the worker, simpler and more effective. The Enterprises will be able to take more advantages for apps that require little financial investments.

Impediments to Wearable Technology

Enterprises will only adopt this nascent technology, when the manufacturers resolve the issues related to enterprise app development. One major impediment that comes on the way of the wearables is that of fragmentation. The developers will face hurdles in the way to advancing the technology, as they develop applications on myriads of platforms and devices in the enterprise, lacking uniformity. As a consequence, there is cost that is incurred and the apps are complex in nature.

wearable shifts to new market and applications

Another concern is that of the security of the wearable app. It might add another level of complexity, simply eavesdropping on the employee devices.

Another factor that is under consideration is that of the cost. Wearable Technology simply needs to be justified with cost. Appinventiv is one of the best mobile app development companies. They have grown at a tremendous pace, in just two years and added considerable high-skilled workforce.  They believe in building innovative and creative apps for their valued customers.



Saurabh Singh
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