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The Ultimate Guide to Factors Showing App Updation Need

February 6, 2017   byLucas Bresciani0 COMMENTS   495 views

App updates are considered as the best marketing technique and the most popular applications on the app stores generally see updates on a regular basis. This is because developers know that releasing regular updates include relevant bug fixes as well as features that app users are requesting. In addition to this, regular updates show that you are committed to the app without fail. This way you can have loyal following for your mobile application and they can suggest your app as an option when there is a need of an alternative to some similar apps people are using at the moment.

Moreover, app updates offer an amazing way to the developer to speak with user base through release notes and some of the users surely read the release notes and these users are generally technically savvy and are highly engaged. Due to this, release notes should not be underestimated. This clearly means that developing an app is not the end of the task. In fact, after the completion of the development work it is the time to decide when your app is due for an update:

Any Kind of Modification to Hardware or Software Platforms

There is no exaggeration in saying that hardware and software changes act as the important catalyst for updates. One of the major hardware change that leads to a change in the behavior of your app is the change to the screen size of the target device. In addition, changes to the camera, RAM, battery life as well as sensors can affect the behavior of your app.

Talking about software updates, the most important issue for developers will be modifications to the operating system of the smartphone, but these issues rarely happen. There is no doubt that each new Android version comes with the danger of drastically altering the way mobile app performs and also tells which third party APIs should be used.   

Bug Fixing Updates

Apps that are mostly about improving user experiences have huge marketshare, bug fixing updates are very common. When your app scales you can anticipate some sudden issues and thus, another type of app update is a bug fixing release. Such updates can happen either weekly or every other week.

Always Be Updating (ABU)

It is best to update your app as often as possible. A steady flow of updates play a pivotal role in keeping the content fresh and compel users to come back. The thing about updating is that with every update, you can connect with users via notifications and you can tell them the importance of your app and can show them you are putting all your efforts to give the best possible app.


If your app works as a supplement to your core services, then this does not push out quick updates. On the other hand, an amazing mobile experience is the sole objective, then frequent app updates are important. If the app development team is working in redundancies with an agile development structure, then providing frequent updates should be considered.

With Google Play, app developers have the chance to submit new updates, whereas with Apple, each new update is treated as an initial release, which needs to go from a full approval process. Hence, Android developers update more than iOS developers. Due to this, Apple is looking forward to speed up the process but only in case of security fixes or some serious bugs.  

Concluding Note

Updating an app is a crucial component, which should not be overlooked by mobile app developers. However, the time of updating the mobile app varies. In this regard, all the above mentioned factors will help you in determining the time when there is a need to update an app.

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