Maximize the Growth with a Relevant Design of Your Mobile App

Pooja Chawla May 23, 2022
Maximize the Growth with a Relevant Design of Your Mobile App

Developing mobile apps is unending, more so because there is a proliferation of smartphone users, all over the globe. It is absolutely necessary to understand how the users are feeling as they are using the apps. Because, that alone can decide whether they are winners or losers among the users of the app that is developed. So, everything related to your app revolves around the central idea of the user experience.

The most critical factor is the mobile user experience (UX). The apps in the market that ride above the competition are the ones that have great UX. The best policy is that which takes recourse to the best practices as applicable to your industry. You must be able to avoid any of the mistakes related to the elements which constitute of all the aspects of the mobile UX.

Here are some of the UX design strategies that need to be followed as you design your mobile app for maximum growth:

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface(UI) is a part of the app’s UX design. There are many elements of the app’s UX and some of these are the screen sizes of the target device as well as virtual keyboard that appears sometimes.

The Android and the iOS platforms are releasing updates that alter UI design, which are incorporated by the developers as they bring alterations to the UI design. This will keep the mobile apps competitive.   

Minimal UI Design

This happens to be one of the key trends of UI design in mobiles. It is not sufficient that the mobile app looks nice, but it must be super functional in approach. The user must be presented with what they want to know. Walmart’s app comes with a checkout list. The CTA buttons on the apps are bright and big and there are lots of blank spaces.

Colour Selection

Colour is one of those factors that impacts the conversion rates to a considerable extent. Colours make people react in a certain way. There is psychological aspect attached with conversion rate optimization. Call-to-action (CLA) buttons are usually red or green, as they rank high in terms of conversions. A mobile app designed in China will rely always on the red colour as that is the colour of happiness. Minimal UI designs are applicable to registration screens as in the case of Quora application. The hybrid registration process that it follows plays a huge part in estimation of the Quora like app development cost.

Mobile Onboarding Experience

Attracting and retaining the users is always best attained by following the mobile app onboarding best practices. Onboarding will help the users with means of achieving something, quickly and efficiently. Progressive Onboarding is for guiding the users with instructions, while using the apps.

Personalization of UX

We have heard about the mobile websites that were based on screens from previous website visitors. Personalization is a similar experience with the past users are recorded and stored. A personalized app can leverage the usage of push notifications, for informing the clients about special deals and offers. Starbucks app sends notifications to the user for promotions, along with becoming more engaged. This is a strategy that is tested well, generating enough revenue. Big Data is getting used in enhanced personalization.


The app designers are laying more stress on the gestures like that of swiping, pinching and scrolling. In older times it was all about touching. You need to optimize your UI based on the target market behaviour. The side swiping menus enable to save space. We are hearing about the concept of 3D touch in Apple Watch, to be taken further in iOS9. Shortcuts will emerge as a result of gesture based pressure-system.  

Using Qualitative Data

You must monitor the app UX with app UX analytics. Qualitative data is what comes out in the form of touch heatmap and user recordings, as you delve deep into the user experience. The insights that are obtained from these will lead to refining the app.

The ultimate UX experience comes  based on the above mentioned UX design strategies. This alone can give the edge to your mobile app in rising above the competitors.  

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Pooja Chawla
Pooja Chawla
UI/UX Developer
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