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By Pooja Chawla
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Last update on: August 7, 2020

App Store is a busy place where you are required to compete with a wide assortment of products of the same category and if you are looking to get more people to download your app from the App Store, then you need to be very careful about its icon. It plays a pivotal role in making your app instantly recognized. In other words, a mobile app icon acts as an invitation because if the icon is good, then it entice users to try your product. It even build the assumptions about its working in the mind of users. It is believed that if the icon looks well crafted, then it gives a sense of assurance to its users that the app will offer equally wonderful experience.

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Few tips that will help your mobile app’s icon stand out among the rest.

Choose Amazing Color

Colors have the power to influence the purchase decisions. When you choose the right color for your icon, then it will help your mobile application stand out both against the background image of the user and also against all those applications that has been installed by the user. While finalizing the color, you can stick to the colors of your company’s logo. In addition, you can follow the trend and opt for a red or blue color, but if you don’t want to be the trend follower then you can opt for a seasonal hue such as bright pink or orange.

Be Unique

In order to stand out from the crowd, there is a need of being ultra creative as well as unique. Hence, you can play with several patterns, compositions and should think outside the box design.

Maintain the consistency

It is very important for you to ensure the consistency between the app as well as icon and in order to provide this, you need to hold the color palette of your interface and there should be consistency in terms of design language as well such as blue and white interface highlighted by the same kind of icon.

Keep It Simple

Complex icons designs not only become meaningless, but also become unnoticeable in the app store. If you over design your app icon, then will definitely catch the attention of customers, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Thus, you are required to keep your design as clean as possible. While designing icon, you should never forget that an easy to remember logo makes a lot easier to remember app.

Maintain the high Quality

The quality of your icon speaks about the quality of your app to potential users. A more polished icon allow your potential customers think that your product is well made and worthwhile.


It is important for you to make your icon look great in different sizes. Android and Apple have clear guidelines on the required sizes, which should be considered properly.

Ensure Recognizability in Design

For recognizability, if you are a established brand then use your brand color and logo. On the other hand, for startups, it is good to use obvious elements so as to convey the message.

Don’t mix pictures with words

Using name in your icon gives it a more cluttered look and thus, instead of this you can use the space for a much more enticing thing.

Mobile app icon is a small picture that represents an app in Google Play or App Store. We at AppInventiv Technologies, pays a lot of attention on designing your app icon. You can contact us for more information on your requirements.

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