How to Decide When You Should Update A Mobile App?
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How to Decide When You Should Update A Mobile App?

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Tuesday, February 2, 2016 07:07 AM |6 min read
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Your job doesn’t end at launching a mobile app! Every day, hundreds of mobile applications are submitted to the app store, which implies you have to continuously put efforts; you have to push updates to remain in the limelight. Otherwise, you might lose your targeted audience and your application would be next to a waste!

So, how often to update your app? Well, it is quite tough to give an exact time period. Some applications ask for an update every week, while others demand once in a month or year.  Before, we look into this matter, and understand ‘why and when’ to update your application, let’s have a look at the following facts:

  • Most of the business-oriented and successful mobile apps release nearly 1-4 updates a month.
  • The frequency of app update depends on various factors like the user feedback, data, and team size, etc.
  • Faster bug fixing updates are required to be followed by extended feature releases.
  • For making an effective app marketing strategy, always plan for 2-4 updates in advance, provided you keep the market needs and trends into consideration.

Factors to Consider for Updating Your Mobile App

According to the top mobile app development companies, app updates is one of the best app marketing tools any mobile application developer can use. With a wide range of applications getting space on the user’s phone each passing day, it is necessary for you to update your app. And this way, remain in the mind of the users.

There are various reasons behind app update, depending on your business industry or the kind of audience you are catering. Some of the prominent reasons, as per our experts, are as follows:

App Store Updates

Apple and Google many times come with major updates, which means your app has to be updated so as to continue enjoying higher ranking on the app store. For example: iOS 11 has come up with various groundbreaking updates. A new ‘Today’ tab is added to the app store where editors from across the globe can share original stories about the exclusive premieres, new releases, an App of the Day, a Game of the day, and so on. Also, the app developers are provided with more opportunities to exhibit their mobile apps with additional app previews, new text fields, and localization. Now, you can add up to three app previews that can be auto played; allowing the customers to quickly get familiar with the working of your app/game, and act in your favor decision.

UI/UX Improvements

It might be possible that your app’s UI/UX interface is not good enough to please the users. In such a scenario, a more interactive and flawless interface has to be pushed in the form of an update. This will engage more users, and keep the existing satisfied.

Security Loops & Bug Fixes

With the increasing technology, the hackers are also getting new ways to attack your application and misuse the personal details of the users. In such a situation, keeping your mobile app updated with the recent security features is the need of the hour.

Moreover, you can also bring an app update to enhance the user experience. For example:- You can optimize your app such that it loads faster or include newer means to utilize the app functionalities.

Technology Evolution

In the present era, various new technologies are evolving for making the processes simpler. Even in these circumstances, you have to plan for an update since the users are more interested in using the applications implementing the latest technologies. According to the experts of the top mobile app development companies, one should use the latest technologies in one’s application, wherever possible. This will entice the users, increase your app visibility and ultimately, app revenue.

Introduction of New Features

If you are planning to upgrade your app with a new feature, you again require to think for an update.

App Promotion

A report revealed that frequently updated applications get higher ratings in the app store. In fact, no application has obtained above-average ratings with less than 9 updates a year. Moreover, each time the user will get a notification for update, he/she will get reminded of your app and would think of trying it once.


Updates are a part of mobile app development life cycle. The way you update your app or what you update in your application has a huge impact on your app success. So, keep the aforementioned factors into consideration and determine when your app needs an update.

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