How Frequent Should We Update our App?

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As the first version of app is built, then the next step is to start, maintain and provide required assistance to the app. Today most of the apps that are available on AppStores need frequent updates. In this post we have break down the smaller and larger updates, let’s take a look on those:

  • Most business-centric and successful apps release requires approx. 1-4 updates a month
  • Depending upon the user feedback, data and team size, frequency of update is decided
  • Most of the feature updates should not take more than two weeks
  • Faster bug fixing updates needs to be balanced with extended feature releases
  • For making an effective strategy, plan for 2-4 updates in advance but always keep accustomed to market requirements and demands

Why App Updates Matter?

App updates is one of the pioneering and effective tool that can help in crafting best marketing tools. With the increasing number of apps that users are installing on their devices today, almost every app requires regular updates. As, it can help in getting more traction and engrossment of users. By releasing regular updates, developers are capturing new users as well as retaining their old ones, too. One of the key benefits of regular updates of apps is – AppStore show up the updated apps on the top position. And, app leaders including Apple and Google also like app updates especially when they do any major OS releases. That’s why, it is recommended to update apps on major OS launch days.

Moreover, app updates also helps in building a trustworthy fan-following, if the updates include relevant bug fixes and features and functionalities that users are requesting. Frequent updates show that you're committed to the app and you are still maintaining your app. And, the best part is – frequent updates can also help in the marketing of an app as the most loyal users may even recommend your app as an option when users are looking for a similar kind of an app. Always remember that this type of assurance could never be gained just by doing the marketing of an app.

Eventually, app updates also provides an effective way for developers to communicate with their user-base via feedbacks, ratings and release notes. However, only few users likely read the release notes. Most often technically savvy and engaged use to read the release notes. So release notes should never be unnoticed.

So, What if you update your app every month?

Today App stores are flooded with apps and they do not remunerate the “ship it and prosper” approach. As we mentioned earlier as well that the most successful and business-centric apps are updated twice a month. While, some usually get updated at least a month. And, if you don't think that your app should be updated once a month, then honestly think again for even developing an app.

But updating your app should be driven by qualitative user feedback, quantitative data, and deep understanding of the marketplace. By maintaing the right balance of these essentials and by doing the proper pulse of updates, you can make your app a successful product always.

However, there are a few exceptions to the guidance of 1-4 app updates done every month. And, if you have developed a bigger number of mobile apps and your portfolio list is big, then it may be perplexing to update every app every month or twice a month. So, for that we need to think which apps are in "maintenance mode" with little reason for continued investment. Let’s keep it a topic for another time.

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