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Features that Make a Social Media Mobile App Popular!

By Shivam Srivastava
September 28, 2017 2. min read
Last update on: May 11, 2021

Think of the last time you used your mobile; there are higher chances that you might have used it for one or another social media app:- WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter. See, this is the power of social media in present time! As we are concerned about our data and privacy thus, we are finding new ways to dodge any situation or app that messes with our personal security. That’s why we are opting for social media networks like MeWe app, also known as the next gen social network for safe and private networking..

There are 2.6 billion social media app users right now, and it is expected to reach beyond 2.95 by 2020.

A social media mobile app is not only an indispensable part of the lives of normal users but also holds a promising market for businesses. It provides a greater opportunity to reach users, engage them and increase the brand awareness. Want to know more about the benefits of these apps? If so, let’s discuss its benefits before revealing the features that make a social media app every user’s favorite.

Benefits of a Social Media Mobile App

Social Media Mobile App

A Social media app offers ample of benefits to a business; it acts as a great medium to know your customers, entice them and grow your business. Some of the benefits that we would like to share are as follows:

  • Better Brand Promotion

With almost every second person using social media applications, it is a great platform to reach a larger audience, engage them and stimulate your revenue. The experts of a reputed app development agency share that if you provide the users with the facility to chat about your products or services in social network app, there are higher chances of keeping them engaged.

The very best example is Cairo-based Startup Elves which is earning $80,000 a month using Facebook’s Messenger.

Besides this, the social network apps are also suitable to find the right employees, partners or investors by astonishing them with your brand reputation and futuristic outlook.

  • Faster Service/Product Demonstration

By investing in social media app development, you can promote your products directly to the targeted buyers easily and faster. You can spread the word about discounts, offers, and new arrivals and therefore, encourage customers to buy and share the news with others. Again, by constantly updating the users with valuable content, you can let them know that they are valuable for you and this way, prompt them for brand loyalty.

  • Unparalleled Insights about Your Target Audience

When talking about social media, it is the ultimate source to the user’s profile that includes valuable information like their interests, preferences, and opinions. By using this information and tracking the discussions made about your brand, you can easily build compelling marketing strategies as well as upgrade your product/services as per their expectations. Not just this, social networks can also be a great tool to monitor the activities of your competitors and make smarter business decisions.

  • Increased Search Ranking and Conversion Rates

It’s quite interesting to know that each single like, share, or repost on your published content will raise your Google’s search ranking. Without social promotion, you might take years to reach the customers. But, with a few posts on social media, you can be famous in no time. More consumers will come to know about you, will interact with you and thus, uplift your conversation rates.

Features to Consider in Social Media App Development

Social Media App Development

Now, as you know some of the advantages of social media app, are you ready for one? There’s no denying the fact that the social media sphere is densely occupied, but still it is one of the best platforms to invest in and enjoy higher perks. For this, all you need to do is to work on the crucial features.

Many people believe that more the features, more will be the user engagement. Unfortunately, it is not so. According to our developers, it’s just a set of features that can make your application a “hot topic” in the market. Curious to know about those features? Following are some of them:

  • Quick Login

Social media empowers users to connect with peers, friends, and family across the globe in a captivating manner. Due to the same, customers wish to have the procedure as easy, quick and effective as possible. Hence, if you are developing a social media application, ensure that the application provides easy login options. You can also integrate your mobile app with popular social media platforms and offer better services.

More the user-friendly your application is, more will be the chances of remaining in the minds of the users.

  • Simple User Interface

The main focus of a social media mobile app is to render a shared environment where the content can be easily accessed and shared, and conversations can take place. If you provide a strong visual design, it might make it harder for the users to pay attention to the main functionality. Hence, better prefer a simple yet interactive interface. The colors selected should be calm and supportive, with all the interface options placed well and complementing the prime purpose of the app.

  • Customizable Profile

Users like to update their social profiles according to their mood, interests, activities or environment. In such a scenario, if your app leverages them with options like uploading their favorite picture, giving a short bio, sharing their interests, etc., they would be more excited to use your application. In addition to this, if you provide them the authority of customization, they will get a sense of control and command over their profile and so, will be more loyal to your application.

  • Appealing News Feed

One of the reasons why social media applications like Facebook and Instagram have managed to take off over the last few years is their ability to show ‘real-time’, engaging content to the users on their news feed. For customers, the social media app is a medium to express their views and thoughts, and this way, influence the society. Thus, make it certain that the news feed will be filled by contents users wish to see.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications is a powerful medium to keep the users notified with all the recent activities. So, don’t forget to incorporate this feature in social media app development. Apart from this, you can also employ the push notifications to provide trending, customized and smartly-targeted promotional content to the users.

  • Easier Search

It is necessary to include a search functionality in your app; after all, it will save the users’ time to get access to a vast amount of information. According to the top application development agency, integrating the live search results and filtering option in your app design is the best thing you can do to engage the users. When the smartphone users will type into the search box, the results will be filtered out and shown quickly in a drop-down style. This will help the users to easily find the content they were looking for, without going through irrelevant data.

  • Private Communication

No matter how much a person enjoys the public conversations, they will always end up with the necessity of a private communication medium. So, don’t miss out this feature into your application.

When your app contains built-in services for private communication, the user won’t go to other apps for chat functionality and so, will spend more time on your application.

  • Security

With user’s personal details and content in the app, it is necessary for every application development agency to work on higher grades of security and privacy features. A regular app update fixing the bugs and loopholes must be introduced more often. When they feel secure, they will be able to better enjoy your application.

Finishing Thoughts

A social media mobile app can be the best investment for business growth. All you have to do is to choose the right platform, analyze your target audience and include the aforementioned points into your application. Bring the right feature and resources, hire the right app development agency, and you will be able to rule the hearts of users.

For any guidance from our experienced app developers, contact us anytime. We would love to assist you with the best piece of our knowledge and experience.

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