Factors Contributing Towards the Android App Development Cost

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Last update on: August 7, 2020

More and more brands are jumping into the bandwagon of mobile app development, as we see an increasingly higher number of Android users. In fact, the number of Android users have surpassed 1.4 billion dollars in the year 2015. The revenue generated by the Android operating system is 31 billion dollars of revenue for Google. When we see that the competition is resorting to android app development, then there is no other way other than launching a mobile app for your business, although there is already an existing website for generating sales and brand engagement. We need to analyze the factors on which the app development cost is dependent on. There are various factors which decide the budget for the android app development projects, fetching the right amount of return on investment.

Why Do Your Business Need a Mobile App?

We will discuss some of the benefits of needing a mobile app:

Increases Brand Recognition

More the customers are viewing the apps, more is the likelihood of buying the app.

Value to the Customers

The mobile apps adds value to the customers. In fact, the apps are successful in providing instant support, feedback’s and offering the rewards through the loyalty programs. More are the downloads, more are the customers.

Another Sales Channel

It offers information to its customers with the apps, all at their fingertips, inclusive of special sales as well as promotions. Direct interaction is established with the push notifications, thereby reminding the customers about your products and services.

Accessibility to Customers at all Times

The average time spent by the customers, spending behind the mobile apps is increasing day by day. The users generally scan through their devices, while searching for the relevant apps of their choice and the information gets registered in their unconscious minds.

Engaging the Customers

The messaging feature in the app impacts on the way of communication with the customers.

Cost Factors of Android App Development

There are many cost factors that contribute towards the Android app development process and these are:


There is a constraint on the development of an Android app. It usually ranges from $ 2500 to $ 10,000. The budget for development of customized  Android app development ranges from $ 50000  to $ 300,000. A long time consistent support and maintenance for your Android apps need more investment from your side.  

Platforms and Devices Supported

The choice of the platform for building apps decides the development time and cost of the Android apps. A lot depends on the type of Android apps developed. The native apps are more expensive to develop, but are premium products, with better performance and custom-defined features.

Integration Points

The integration points help to save the money to a considerable extent, for the Android app development process. However, they are more costly than the others.

Using Visual Objects

The user experience is enhanced with complex UI elements for the Android apps. The visual objects such as real-time 3D Graphics, animations, complex visual transitions and animations of multiple objects incur more cost. This will also affect the decision of the Android app development company as to whether they will go for a hybrid app development framework, as they do not have the advantage of the hardware-accelerated user interfaces.

Higher Cost

The app development cost for the Android platform will be higher, with a 40 % more code and a 30 % increase in development time. The Android apps are written with Java, with more instructional words and thus the number of errors increase the time for development. Moreover, the Android emulators are slower than the corresponding iOS emulators, adding more development hours. Additional effort and money is needed for testing compatibility across the wide range of Android devices. The cost incurred further increases with the testing of devices with varying screen sizes and pixel densities.

The Android app development cost is also dependent on the chosen vendor for Android app development, based on the business requirements. The development cost is further reduced by outsourcing the project.

To know the exact cost breakdown structure of mobile application development, read our detailed guide on – How much does it cost to Develop and Maintain Mobile App?

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