Factors Contributing Towards the Android App Development Cost

Sudeep Srivastava March 22, 2024
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Android is the most popular operating system globally, with a massive user base and a simplified mobile app development process. Enterprises are leveraging Android and creating custom mobile apps that solve customer problems and increase value for their business.

With over 3 billion active devices, Android boasts a vast user base, making it a lucrative platform for businesses. Its open-source nature and compatibility with various devices contribute to its popularity, driving innovation and adoption across diverse demographics and regions.

Android’s robust development framework, coupled with Google’s extensive ecosystem of tools and resources, empowers companies to create sophisticated apps easily. Its support for multiple programming languages like Java and Kotlin assists in building feature-rich applications tailored to diverse user needs. Moreover, continuous updates and advancements in Android’s SDK ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and software innovations, further solidifying its position as a leading platform for mobile app development.

If you need more solid reasons why Android apps are popular among businesses and developers alike, let’s head towards the benefits of Android app development.

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Why businesses opt for Android app development

Here are a few benefits that suggest Android app development is best for startups and businesses: 

Why Businesses Prefer Android App Development

1.  Cost-effective: Android apps are cost-effective as there is only a one-time fee of $25 at the time of registration. Once registration is done, developers can build and test the app on their devices, which lowers the cost. In the case of Apple, the fee is approx. $99 a year. 

In addition, Android is open source. This means Android app developers do not have to concern themselves with licensing costs or royalty while using the software development kit (SDK). There are also a plethora of tools and Android libraries available for app development, making the whole development process less costly.  

2.  Feature-rich apps: Another major benefit of Android app development is that the platform offers in-house customization to make your application more powerful and interactive.

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With the development tools and open-source code libraries available, an application can be made interactive and feature-rich. The more the functionalities and features, the more users are likely to download the application.

3.  Enhanced security: Android application development is based on Linux. It guarantees the security and trouble-free operation of any mobile app on Google MarketPlace. Not only this, Linux also offers additional inbuilt features for protection against viruses and malware.

4. Compatibility with devices: Android apps are compatible with a myriad of devices available in the market. A large number of manufacturers (Samsung, One Plus, etc) are creating devices for the Android platform. One of the main reasons behind this is that Android-powered devices are much more affordable in comparison to Apple devices.

5. Global reach: There are billions of Android users around the globe and Google Play Store has millions of apps catering to the needs of those billions. If your app understands the pain points of customers, then there is no doubt that it would be downloaded for sure. Android is the most used platform, and therefore, creating an Android app would fetch you more users and hence, revenues.

Factors affecting the Android app development cost

The final estimated cost of Android app development is dependent on several factors such as the complexity of app, features in your app, and the location of app developers. So, let’s discuss a few factors affecting the cost of Android app development one by one:

Key factors influencing the Android app development cost

1.  Features and functionalities: The most important factor that decides mobile app development pricing is features. The more features and functionalities your Android application has, the more you need to spend on the app development process. 

So, it’s advisable to concentrate only on the core features in the app’s initial version. It will help you offer a great customer experience at lower costs. As the features advance, the cost entailed in the app development process also increases.

2. Categories of the app: The cost of designing a mobile app for Android also depends on the type of app to a large extent. Each category has its own functionalities, demographics, security criteria, etc. 

For instance, if you are building an e-commerce app like Amazon, it must possess all the features to serve millions of users at once, perform effectively in real-time, and have a robust security system. All these features add to the final cost of the app and require more development time.

3. Animation and design: The design and animation of any Android app also affect mobile app development pricing. There are several designs and animations to choose from, and the costs of implementing them depend on the quality and type of these designs.

  • UI Design: Material Design is used for Android app development to add creativity and simplistic boldness to mobile app designs. So evidently, the cost of Android app design also contributes to the final estimated cost.
  • Wireframing: Wireframing shows the basic design of the application without paying attention to colors, shapes, or details. It can help you to find how feasible your idea is and let you know if your app needs further market research or re-planning.

Thus, wireframing also adds to the cost of Android app development. In case you want to learn more about the role of wireframing in mobile app development, read here.

  • Animation: Animations help to make an application more interesting and intuitive. Gaming and social media applications use animations to a great extent. However, designing and coding animations is a really complex process, marking a hike in the cost of developing an app. 

4.  Development hours: The total time taken by Android app developers to build an Android app also plays a huge role in deciding the cost to make the app. The time taken to develop an app depends on the number of developers hired. If your app is complex, your team needs more developers to speed up the Android app development process. And this means you need to invest more money. 

On the other hand, you need to pay relatively less for a basic team as compared to the above case.  

5.  Choice of app development company: The next factor that affects the cost of your Android app is the app development company you choose. A reliable app development company delivers excellent services and speeds up the development process. While it will add to the cost of development, the quality of service will be exceptional. 

6.  App security: When developing an Android app, it’s important to pay attention to the security of your application. Your app must keep the sensitive information and data of users confidential and safe. If you compromise on security, your users will not trust your application. Thus, it is advisable to invest in data security as a major security breach can break your business.

7.  App maintenance: Even if your app is launched in the Play Store, there are still other additional elements that can increase the cost of developing an Android app, like app maintenance cost. You need to maintain and update your app constantly after it’s launched in the market. 

Businesses need to revamp the functionalities and app integrations as per the customers’ requirements. You will also require constant help from expert developers to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of your app. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the price of mobile app development.

8.  Location of app developers: Location is another important factor that decides the Android app development price. For e.g., the cost of Android app development in North America is different from Android app development companies in India. This is due to the fact that the services around the world vary significantly in terms of quality as well as cost.

Now that we have seen factors affecting the cost of Android app development, let’s get into the formula to calculate the estimated cost for app development. 

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Formula to estimate the average cost of Android app development

To calculate the estimated cost of Android app development, a formula has been derived. It takes into account the amount of time (in hours) taken in the app development process and then multiplied by the billable hours of the resources spent in the whole development process

UI/UX design hours + Platform wise app development hours + Backend server hours x Hours rate of developers

Well, if we talk about the average cost of developing an Android app, it is generally between $50,000 to $1,00,000. However, this is a rough estimate. The final cost to develop an Android app depends on several factors that have already been discussed above. 

Android App Development Cost

How to reduce Android app development costs?

Now that we have looked into factors affecting mobile app development costs, let’s see how you can cut down on your app development costs.

Ways to Lower Android App Development Expenses

1.  Create product requirement document: Efficient planning is key when it comes to kickstarting your Android app development journey. For this, a product requirement document is created that includes information regarding features in your app and the tech stack you would use for developing your app. 

Your document should also include information such as company background, timeline, budget estimates, thought behind developing the app, and platform choice.

2.  Prioritize features: When planning for your Android app, sit with your team and discuss the features your app needs. Filter down on the ones that are the most logical and important for your app. Get feedback from users to know how to improve and move further with your Android app building process.

3.  Choose the right app development company: Choosing a trusted and reliable app development company can help you speed up the Android app development process. The experts will guide you through the process and deliver excellent services at affordable prices. So, choose a company that matches your budget and preferences and helps you to get the best ROI on your investment.

4.  Start with MVP: An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product with only the essential features that can serve users performing the main idea of your startup. The MVP approach is a part of Lean development based on building product versions, measuring the results, and then learning how to make the product better and more profitable.

Analyze your competitors, list and prioritize features, build an MVP, and study customers’ behavior and feedback. Here’s how you can minimize the cost to make an app with an MVP:

  • You will not waste all your budget costs on developing a full-size product that no one really needs.
  • You will know for sure which features are in demand and what you need to improve first
  • You will be flexible enough to change the startup direction at any time

For a successful MVP development, hire a product development agency that can help bring your product to life. 

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Utilize Open Source Libraries and Frameworks

Integrating open-source libraries and frameworks significantly reduces development time and costs. These resources offer a range of functionalities, from UI components to backend integrations, allowing companies to focus on core app features. Active community support ensures reliability and longevity, while access to peer-reviewed code and industry best practices enhances efficiency.

Opt for Cross-Platform Development Tools

Cross-platform development tools like React Native or Flutter streamline the development process by enabling code to run across multiple platforms. This approach saves time and resources, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience without needing separate development teams. Additionally, these frameworks offer built-in features and plugins that expedite development and improve user experience.

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Experience The Expertise of Appinventiv

At Appinventiv, we have worked on several versatile mobile apps for Android. Our aim is to help businesses and startups develop top-notch apps that customers would embrace.

For instance, our team of experts helped JobGet create an Android app that makes the job search process easier for blue-collar workers. From understanding the client’s vision to building an MVP using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), we helped the company in every step of its product development journey.

Since the launch of the application, JobGet has bagged $2.1 million funding and more than 1,50,000 job seekers have been placed.

For another client Dominos, we worked on redesigning their app’s UX, bringing a steep rise in their conversion rate by 23%. This indicated how important it is for the users to have a design that allows quick movements. The users are now spending more time within the app not to just place their orders but also to track them in real-time.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted Android app development service and scale your business, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to help you!


Q. How much does it cost to make an android app?

Ans. The mobile app development cost estimate for Android can range from $40,000 to $2,50,000 or more depending on various factors such as the app’s complexity, features, design requirements, development team location, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Q.  Why should startups focus on Android app development?

Ans. Startups should invest in Android app development because it offers several benefits such as faster app development, enhanced security, international reach, and cost-efficiency.

Q. What are the main benefits of developing an Android app?

A. Android app development offers a wealth of benefits for businesses. Reaching a massive user base of over 3 billion, Android apps provide cost-effective market entry, diverse monetization options, and the potential to boost customer engagement and brand presence. However, factors like device fragmentation and app store competition require careful consideration before development.

Q.  Can I make my own app for the Android platform?

Ans. You can make your own app, but it’s advisable to work with an experienced app development company. This will help save money in the process while getting a better end result.

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