How to Build a Pet Care App Like Rover? Benefits, Features, Costs, and More

Dileep Gupta January 5, 2024
Pet care app development

The pet care industry has been exceptionally revolutionized with digital solutions. Businesses concentrate on developing result-driven and effective applications, allowing pet owners to invest more in their pets’ health, grooming, and overall quality of life.

Technological advancements have further propelled industry growth with the emergence of innovative pet care apps, telehealth services, and smart devices catering to the evolving needs of pet owners. With this amalgamation of societal shifts, economic factors, and technological progress, the pet care industry is poised for sustained expansion in the future.

The global market for pet care apps is projected to exhibit a 10.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2030. The demand for pet care app development services is booming for many reasons, such as the hectic lifestyle of pet owners, making them expect convenient solutions. Pet care apps provide a convenient way to find and book pet services, from dog walking and boarding to vet consultations and training.

Global Pet Care Apps Market

Furthermore, pet parents can easily access everything with their fingerprints with these easy-to-use platforms, allowing them to manage their pets’ necessities.

When it comes to ensuring the well-being and happiness of their furry companions, Rover has emerged as a frontrunner in the pet care app landscape. This platform connects pet owners with a network of trusted and reliable pet sitters, dog walkers, and other services.

Building an app like Rover makes it simple to schedule appointments, track walks, etc., all from the convenience of their phone. Furthermore, an app like Rover aids in GPS tracking and real-time updates by enabling owners to create personalized profiles for pets.

Typically, the development of a standard pet-friendly app falls within the range of $35,000 to $200,000, with the final figure influenced by features, complexity, and specific customization requirements for optimal functionality.

This blog will help you understand everything related to custom pet care app development including its costs, features and more. In addition to this, we will also look into why investing in such pet care apps is beneficial for businesses looking for an edge in the competitive market.

Pet care with a customized app

Advantages of Developing a Rover-Like App

The growing demand for pet-related services and the evolving technological landscape position such an app as a lucrative venture in the dynamic market. From real-time communication and secure payments to versatile service offerings, crafting a Rover-like app promises to meet the rising expectations of pet owners while capitalizing on the expanding market. Let’s delve into the specific advantages of building an app like Rover.

Benefits of Investing in an App Like Rover

Build Brand Loyalty

An app that demonstrates positive user experience can turn customers into loyal brand advocates. Developing personalized campaigns allows businesses to interact with customers effectively; even pet appreciation gifts can create long-lasting connections by widening brand loyalty among the target audience.

Foster Innovation

Innovation is the key to developing a pet care app. Developing unique features and functionalities such as breed-specific care recommendations and AI-powered pet matching algorithms can set the business apart from the competition.

Global Expansion

Pet ownership trends are on the rise worldwide. With meticulous localization and cultural considerations, an app can be adapted to new markets, opening doors to international growth and increased revenue potential.

Generate Revenue through Multiple Channels

Pet care apps aid in attracting the right talent by earning revenue through various channels, such as charging pet owners booking fees and taking a commission on transactions between pet owners and service providers.

Leverage Technology for Competitive Advantage

By leveraging advanced technology, such as GPS tracking, real-time updates, and secure payment processing, businesses can offer a superior user experience and stand out.

Revolutionize pet care app development

Must-Have Features of an App Like Rover

The success of pet care app development depends on feature sets that make booking a service hassle-free and trustworthy. When we talk specifically about Rover, the application has done everything to make the pet care process beneficial for both pet owners and service providers. Right from well-curated services to the service guarantee it offers, the Rover mobile app has set huge standards for the pet industry to follow.

Must-Have Features for Pet Owners

To understand the “must-have” features of an app like Rover, we need to consider the needs of pet owners. Here’s a list of essential features for pet owners.

Essential features for the Petcare app

Easy sign up

The first step when you develop an app like Rover is to have an easy sign-up and login option. With easy integrations through email and social media, you can make the process of entering the app hassle-free for pet owners. Another mode you can offer is multi-factor authentication through fingerprint or OTP mechanisms.

My profile

This section of the application can be used to add and update contact information, addresses, pet details, etc. Adding a dashboard highlighting past and upcoming bookings and payment details in the profile section is also helpful.

Find services

Pet owners should have a smart search and filter option to look for services. If you want to create an app like Rover, you can leverage similar services: boarding, house sitting, daycare, dog walking, drop-in visits, and virtual dog training. An add-on would be an intuitive set of multilingual filter options consisting of multiple options like geographical region, costs, and reviews.

View service providers’ details

The next critical feature that should be there in a dog walker app like Rover is the section where you can view service providers’ details like their bio, cost range, years of experience, and reviews.

Schedule service

This is one of the most sought-after features that compliments the on-demand app similar to Rover. Pet owners can schedule the service through this module as required. Before the scheduled time, the app facilitates communication between owners and service providers to see if they want to take the booking. Once that is assured, the booking can be made through the application.

Online payments

Another critical element of Rover, like pet care app development, lies in making online payments. Typically, the choice of which payment option to keep comes after thoroughly analyzing which medium your customers would prefer. However, on a high-end level, it would help to keep all the leading options like – Debit, Credit cards, BNPL, COD, etc.

In-app communication

The next part of building a dog walker app like Rover lies in integrating an in-app chat or call service, in which the owners can collaborate effortlessly with the service providers over an internet-based call service.

Ratings and review

The last part of MVP level Rover mobile app has a rating and reviews mechanism that can be used as a deciding factor by other pet owners when choosing the service of a specific service provider.

Must-Have Features for Pet Walkers/Sitters

Some features like sign-up, in-app communication, and managing profiles are the same as the pet owners’ versions. There are, however, some features that are unique to pet walkers/sitters.

Comprehensive Features Tailored for Pet Walkers


The sitter/walker version of the pet care app development comes with a dashboard view of past and upcoming bookings, total revenue earned, ratings and reviews, etc. At Appinventiv, we advise clients to build a graphical interface for the dashboard or profile summary section.

Manage bookings

The service providers of the Rover Walker app and other similar solutions are people looking for a side income, so they don’t need to be available in the time slot the pet owners select. Thus, when you build an app like Rover, a special focus has to be given to the ability to accept and decline booking requests.

Pet’s profile check

The pet walkers and sitters should be able to check the pet owner’s profile detailing their pet’s habits and specific requirements, if any.

Manage payments

The next part when you develop an app like Rover is to have an architecture where service providers can receive payments, view the revenue they have earned to date, and get clarity on the outstanding amount.

In addition to the pet owners and service providers modules, the cost of building an app like Rover is also dependent on the admin version of the application. Here, the focus is on making different architectures supporting management and task handling.

Must-Have Features for App Admin

To comprehend the essential features of a Rover-like app, it’s crucial to consider the requirements of the App Admin. Here’s a compilation of indispensable functionalities.

Empowering Administrators with Advanced App Features

Manage customers

The app should have the functionality to manage customers’ profiles and solve queries they might have in semi-real-time.

Manage pet sitters/walkers

This is one of the Rover-like app features that allows the admin to manage service providers’ profiles and queries easily.

Manage bookings

The app admin should be able to keep track of bookings and their status and manage any issue that arises during the service tenure.

Manage offers and discounts

Your version of the Rover-like application should have offers and promotion materials that need to be updated and removed on time.

Client support

Through this feature, the app admin or customer support team can handle users’ queries and concerns in real-time.

Streamlining FAQs and Enhancing Terms & Conditions Section

The FAQ and T&C pages must be constantly updated with every changed business policy or new feature addition. Giving control to the app admin makes the process easier.

Tech support

There can be instances where technical issues emerge in the application, one of which would require the admin to access the backend or front end of the application. Having a scope for correction from within the app can be helpful.

While these are the MVP-level Rover app features, several other functionalities upgrade the application, making it the first choice of pet owners. Let us look into those advanced-level pet care app features before we get to other elements of the cost of building an app like Rover.

Advanced Features for a Rover-Like Pet Care App

While the features mentioned above are good to get you started in the pet care space, there are some additions you can make to come at par with the Rover frenzy directly. Let us look at what they are:

Virtual dog training

A key feature of Rover, lies in providing virtual dog training through one-on-one video consultations with experts.

Extended care

When the pet walker/sitter has to extend their stay or service beyond the specified time, Rover charges pet owners extra for the extended time.


Another useful feature to consider when you build an app like Rover is the verification of the service provider. The app runs a thorough background check on the pet sitters and walkers by verifying their documents and running virtual KYC. The complexity of this feature highly impacts the cost to build an app like Rover.

Rover card

The application notifies pet owners of the tasks performed by the service providers through the Rover cards mode. Using this functionality, the pet sitters and walkers can add in information like –

  • Bathroom breaks
  • Food and water activity
  • At least one photo and an optional short message
  • A map of the walk with the total distance

eCommerce store integration

Rover application comes with an eCommerce store through which users can buy pet products, including toys and food. Building an on-demand marketplace app like Rover can help act as a trusted source of revenue for the users.

Now that we have looked into the features of making an app like Rover, let us get down to other elements that define the pet care mobile app development cost.

Design Considerations for App Like Rover Mobile App

What separates a user’s favorite application from one that gets uninstalled over time is the experience it gives to the end users. Besides the features, the application’s presentation also holds value in deciding its worth.

What works in Rover’s favor is the minimalist design structure it follows. The app follows an intuitive model, which makes the in-app user movements almost organic with a minimal learning cycle. Moreover, it follows a media-based design structure, leaving enough white space for the users to work inside the application without feeling overwhelmed or crowded. Designing an immersive experience like Rover requires building a wireframe with a dedicated space for every event and elements that promote organic movements in-app.

Rover Walker App Development

After features and app design, the next element that shapes the Rover app development cost is the development process. Typically, the development process is made of stages like –

Ideation of the application

It includes customer research, competitor study, finalization of features, etc. This sets the foundation of the application.

UI/UX design

Here, the design structure of the application is fixed, along with brand-specific design elements and user movements.

Technology finalization

At this stage, the technology you aim to add – blockchain, AI, third-party APIs, etc is finalized and added to the application.

Features integration

Here, features are added to the application to make it immersive and intuitive.

Quality assurance

The app is glitchy and hack-proof at this stage through stringent quality assurance practices.

MVP launch

Once the entire process is followed, the MVP version of the application is launched in the market. While the stages mentioned above depict how to make an app like Rover, the cost to build an app like Rover depends on the development team structure as well.

Comprehending the Pet Care App Development Cost

Understanding the project’s requirements and strategically leveraging diverse functionalities and features not only enhances the application’s effectiveness but also ensures a result-driven solution.

Complex features and functionality, a team of experts, regulatory compliances, promotions, and maintenance are some of the major factors that impact the app development cost range which typically falls between $35,000 and $200,000, indicative of the value it brings to the project.

Furthermore, effective communication and collaboration between the development team and stakeholders play a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes. Regular updates, feedback sessions, and iterative testing contribute to refining the app’s performance and aligning it with evolving project requirements.

Navigating Challenges in Developing a Pet Care App

Pet care apps provide a convenient way for pet owners to care for their pets. However, building an app like Rover demonstrates challenges, such as comprehending the regulatory landscapes as the regulations vary from country to country. Pet care apps must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, which can be challenging.

Furthermore, Pet owners are understandably concerned about the safety and well-being of their pets. This means that it is essential to build trust with potential users. One way to do this is to ensure your app has a robust security system. It would help if you also made it easy for pet owners to learn about the qualifications and experience of the pet care providers listed on your app.

Businesses also encounter other challenges, for example, integrating payment systems, relevant marketing and promotional strategies, data security, etc.

As a committed app development firm, Appinventiv can guide you through these challenges by adopting an advanced technological approach, conducting in-depth competitive analysis, and assembling a team of talented and experienced professionals.

Appinventiv’s Expertise in Pet Care App Development Services

At Appinventiv, we take pride in being a leading on-demand app development company, housing a team of specialized technology experts dedicated to creating instantaneous business models.

We comprise adept on-demand technology specialists dedicated to crafting innovative business solutions. With a rich history of collaborating with numerous startups and enterprises, we excel in developing applications that seamlessly deliver real-time services.

Our distinction in the on-demand sector lies in our ability to transform market research and customer insights into meticulously planned applications designed for success. We comprehend the necessities of a project holistically and pioneer innovations to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.


Q. How long does it take to develop an app like rover?

A. The development timeline varies based on complexity but typically ranges from 3 months to a year.

Q. What technologies do you employ for custom pet care app development?

A. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and frameworks for robust and scalable pet care app development, such as AI, ML, Blockchain, etc.

Q. What are essential pet care app features?

A. Essential features include user profiles, real-time communication, GPS tracking, secure payments, and versatile service listings tailored to pet care needs.

Dileep Gupta
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