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By Shrikant Srivastava
June 29, 2018 5 min read
Last update on: September 20, 2019

Originally published June 29th, 2018, updated August 20th, 2019.

If you are anywhere in San Diego, LA, Santa Monica, Washington, DC, and San Jose, chances are that someone would have crossed you on the street riding an e-Scooter.

What started in San Francisco a few months ago has taken over a major part of the US ‘last-mile’ and Japan’s market: The market segment which is made up of users who commute between points that are too long to walk but too short to book a cab for.

What started with Uber as a last mile ride option, led to the creation of a complete set of economy known as the On Demand App Development economy.

The disruptive Uber offering soon rippled down to a number of other sectors such as food delivery, home services, and even grocery ordering and delivery.

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And as we thought that the on-demand economy could not get any more services added in its suite, Bird was launched. The Bird app scooter has in itself created a new category called the Dockless e-Scooter Sharing economy, which has later flourished when various other Dockless eScooter Companies joined.

e-Scooters are the trend that are making the ride sharing economy greener and economical. While still new in the market, the ride mode has been accepted full support from not just the investors but also the urban multi-modal users.

A clear indication of which is that the global electric scooter market is expected to hit $28.56 B by 2025 with a CAGR of 7.3%.

Here are the factors that have together led to a growth in demand of the e-Scooter App Market

Reasons Behind e-Scooter Growth

Reasons Favoring the Growth of e-Scooter Segment

The skyrocketing demand for e-scooters or the electric scooter apps like Bird, although a primarily doing of hype surrounding the segment, are not a result of the hype surrounding it. There are a number of factors that together play an important role in not just creating the hype but also continuing it. Let us look into some of them –

1. Environmentally Sound

Since these e-scooters don’t run on gas, they are a lot more environmentally sound than the other mode of commutation. Because of this, various businesses are showing a keen interest in e-Scooter app development.

2. Cost Effective Commute

One of the main benefits of using eScooter app is that each ride costs $1 to start and then $0.15 on a per minute basis. With a cost range like this, the mode of commutation is much less as compared to other parties of the shared commutation market.

3. Saves Traffic Congestion

If you have seen a Bird Scooter, you will know what this advantage is about. The size of these dockless scooters are handy enough to be carried on in hand. Noting how they are structurally designed, these e-scooters are ideal for curbing the congestion problem.

The support that the ride types have got has incited the number of e-scooters zooming across cities to rise to a number now in hundreds. However, being new, the market players are still limited and counted.

e-Scooter App Segment Market Players

There are three names that have now become synonymous with the e-scooter market –

Leading Market Players of e-Scooter Apps

While there are three players each with their army of hundreds of e-scooters, the business model of the revolutionary convenient mode of transport is same across all the brands. And all of them have a mobile app at the center of it.

Mixing the high acceptance rate of mobile apps with the high acceptance rate of e-scooters have together, businesses around the globe have brought in the demand for a new form of app category – electric scooter app. A category that is the recent most addition in the service suite of on-demand app development companies around the globe.

E-scooter apps are what make it possible for a user to book a ride, start the commute and mark its end.

Irrespective of whether you are booking through the Bird Scooter App or through the Spin Scooter App, the process is almost stark similar.

Here, let us take a look at them for those who are yet to try their hands on the new commutation mode.

How Does e-scooter Apps like Bird Work

How Does e-scooter Apps like Bird Work

Here are the Steps to activating your e-scooter through Bird app.

  1. Download the Bird e-scooter app from store
  2. Create Login
  3. Enter the Card Details
  4. Once done, a map on the app will show you the available scooters nearby
  5. Zoom in to find information about the scooter, like its battery status
  6. When you are near an e-scooter, tap the button on your app to unlock it
  7. Next, scan the QR code to start the ride
  8. Once you have reached your destination, tap the button in the app to lock the scooter
  9. The app will then show you the duration of your commute and the amount that will be charged.

Now that you know how to book and start a ride through an electric scooter app, let us now talk about the cost of electric scooter app development.

e-Scooter App Development Cost

The cost of electric scooter app development depends on the features it would have and the man hour it would take to develop them.

Here are the features that would be considered when it comes to how to create an app like Bird:- 

  • In-App Payment
  • GPS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Cross Platform Ability
  • Barcode Scan
  • Multi-Lingual Support

An Estimate of e-scooter App Development Cost According to these list of features will Come Out to be – 60,000$ (keeping 35$ as the average cost per hour).

Now that you know what the new last mile commutation segment is all about and how much it would cost you to join the category which is becoming investors’ haven, it is time to make a bird of your own. Refer to our in-depth guide on how to start eScooter app business or Contact our team of On-Demand App Economy Experts, Today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bird E-Scooter

1. How do bird e-scooters work?

Bird e-Scooters work using a mobile app, when the following steps are considered:-

  • Download the Bird app for Scooters from store and register yourself.
  • Enter the card details.
  • Once done, a map will be displayed on the app showing all the nearby e-Scooters.
  • Check the details of each e-Scooter by zoom in and tap the button on your app to unlock the selected one.
  • Scan the QR code and start riding.
  • When you reach your destination, tap the button on the app to lock the Bird Scooter again.
  • The app will show the distance covered and the amount to be paid.

2. How much do bird scooters cost to make?

The cost to make an app for Bird e-Scooter depends entirely on the features you consider and the app developers you pick. 

If you pick us – a leading Electric Scooter app development company in USA – for designing an app with basic features, the cost will come out to be $60,000.

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