Instagram Lite: Slimmed Down Version of Instagram Now Launched
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Instagram Lite: Slimmed Down Version of Instagram Now Launched

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Thursday, June 28, 2018 12:10 PM |2 min read
Instagram Lite: Slimmed Down Version of Instagram Now Launched

Instagram is on a spree of making changes in its platform.

What started with a website revamp next month the changes continued with the launch of IGTV and Video Chat option (more on that later).

The recent most addition that the brand has made in its brand umbrella (a few hours ago) is the launch of Instagram Lite.

Realizing the potential that the developing countries come with in terms of both user activity and revenue, Instagram launched its Lite version in the Play Store a few hours ago.

Launched at only 573 kilobytes, Instagram Lite is admiringly 1/55th of the size of the main Instagram app that takes up 32 megabyte space in the device.

The newly launched version will let you edit and post photographs in the feed or in the Stories, you will be able to watch Stories, browse over the site’s Explore page. However, you will not be able to share videos or send direct messages to friends.

Instagram Lite answers to a number of issues that are prevalent among the mobile phone users of the developing world – less storage space, low internet connections, inability to afford big data package, etc. With the Lite version, users will not have to remove other apps from their phones or recharge internet pack more frequently to download and use the app on their devices.

The Lite Trend

Instagram is not the first platform to go Lite. The trend has been witnessing mass adoption for some time now. Facebook came up with Facebook Lite three years back in 2015, and in just a matter of two years, they got over 200 million active users.

Facebook’s success with the Lite version led to the launch of their another platform Messenger Lite two months back. Following Facebook, Uber also adopted the strategy with its Lite version release at the beginning of this month.

With the new tool now backing its growth, Instagram is now expected to see a swifter adoption in the emerging markets.

The brand plans on scoring revenue from the Lite version by including ads in the architecture. Also, they are hoping that the users will shift to the full-fidelity app version when their device and network issue better.

What Next in the Instagram World

The changes rolling out in the Instagram platform is not limited to a new TV and video call feature. The platforms’ users have a lot to look forward to –

  • Earlier the 200 million Explore users saw a random collection of popular content which was in line with where their interest laid, with only one ‘Videos You Might Like’ section.

The Explore section will be segmented for showing a variety of different topic channels which will also reveal the associated content.

  • Instagram is now rolling out the camera effects that are designed by its partners including BuzzFeed, Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, the NBA, and Liza Koshy. If you follow any of these accounts, you will be able to see its effect in Stories section and you can press the ‘Try It On’ option to use the one you like best.

Doing this will open avenues for accounts to offer their 2D filter and augmented reality options without stuffing the Stories camera from lenses that don’t entice you

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