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Blockchain Application Development - Embrace technology, Spearhead Change

Blockchains are the next generation of digital commerce, payments, and industries. Their robust architecture and transparent mechanism are delighting entrepreneurs and end users alike. As the technology matures, early adopters will gain a first-mover advantage by experimenting with varied use cases and sharpening their skills.

Business Benefits Blockchain App Development

The solid logic of smart contracts results in error reduction and speed acceleration of transactions fewer intermediaries and distributed ledger system enables quick transactions and lower processing fees

All nodes in a blockchain have real-time access into all transactions in the chain. No hassle of hunting for reports in different formats at different times from different sources.

Since all participants in a blockchain have to authorize all transactions occurring in the chain, these applications build greater trust with customers leading to better sales and client satisfactions.

Longer the block chain, more robust is its architecture and more resilient its transactions. Massive replicated database on multiple computers doesn't allow malpractices such as hacking and interception.

Blockchain Application - Development Services
We nurture apps-from Ideation to Maintenance

Smart Contracts Development and Audit
Smart Contracts Development and Audit

We create digital contracts to secure your transactions in the blockchain, or give an insightful audit of existing contracts.

Wallet Development
Wallet Development

Crypto wallets are poised to overtake all forms of virtual payments and we have the technical expertise to create and maintain them for your application needs.

Crypto exchange development
Crypto exchange development

Explore new monetisation methods by using our development services to put together a great crypto exchange for you.

Ethereum Applications
Ethereum Applications

Ethereum is the preferred choice for smart crypto investors. Owing to its reliable and rapid transactions, our Ethereum applications are a cut above the rest.

Supply blockchain development
Supply blockchain development

Crystallise supply chain economics using blockchain technology. We integrate efficient inventory management and transparent transaction rosters that benefit all participants.

Blockchain in IoT
Blockchain in IoT

Combine the two disruptive technologies and blaze a path towards digital glory. We come up with never-before explored, innovative ideas that collate the best of Big data, IoT and blockchain.

Blockchain Development Services - Smart Contracts are Awesome

Smart contracts are digital contracts, written in binary code, maintained in a blockchain to define roles, hierarchies and exchange terms. They help in matching identities in a blockchain and in validating transactions. They are automated, rapid and secure…a boon for the fast-moving digital world, so susceptible to data compromise and digital crime!

Traditional Contracts
  • Traditional Contracts in 1-3 Days
    1-3 Days
  • Manual remittance
    Manual remittance
  • Escrow necessary
    Escrow necessary
  • Expensive
  • Physical presence (wet signature)
    Physical presence (wet signature)
  • Lawyers necessary
    Lawyers necessary
Smart Contracts
  • Minutes
  • Automatic remittance
    Automatic remittance
  • Escrow may not be necessary
    Escrow may not be necessary
  • Fraction of the cost
    Fraction of the cost
  • Virtual presence (digital signature)
    Virtual presence (digital signature)
  • Lawyers may not be necessary
    Lawyers may not be necessary

Smart contracts are digital contracts, written in binary code, maintained in a blockchain to define roles, hierarchies and exchange terms. They help in matching identities in a blockchain and in validating transactions. They are automated, rapid and secure…a boon for the fast-moving digital world, so susceptible to data compromise and digital crime!


Blockchain Development Services - Crypto Wallet Development

New-age cryptocurrencies have to be sourced, recorded, transacted and maintained using programming languages and complex processes. We create secure digital wallets according to your business requirements. We have the requisite technical know-how and hardware infrastructure to create as big or as contained crypto wallet as your needs.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • U2Foin
    Fido U2F
  • dogecoin
  • ZCash
  • Stratis
  • Ripple
  • Hello
  • Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash
  • Komodo
  • Ethereum Classic
    Ethereum Classic
  • ARK

Blockchain Development Services - Crypto Exchange Website Development

Cryptocurrencies can be purchased, sold and traded at crypto exchanges. They are of two types –regular and peer-to-peer. Each type has its benefits and disadvantages, and we are adept at building and maintaining both types.

Bitcoin Exchange Solutions
Bitcoin Exchange Solutions
Bitcoin API Integrations
  • API Integrations
  • Liquidity Solution
  • Margin Trading
    and Lending
  • Merchant Solutions
  • Wallet Sevices
Regular Crypto Exchange Features:
  • Marketplace platforms
  • Maintained by third parties(intermediaries)
  • Service fees is to be paid to use their services
  • The platform does your transactions in an open market
  • All transactions are final no conflict issues later
Peer-to-peer Crypto Exchange Features:
  • No registration or verfication is required
  • You are connected to potential counterparties by decentralized networks
  • Participating parties pay a small security for doing a transaction
  • A small escrow fees is charged
  • Completely anonymous

Blockchain Development Services - Ethereum Application Development

Ethereum can be used to create clever, decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. Rapid transactions and secure processes make Ethereum the preferred choice of smart investors. Our Ethereum developers are well-versed in the latest developments and work consistently towards delivering tamper-proof and profitable applications.

  • Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that's on the rise and has longevity on its side
  • No third party can make changes to application data
  • Censorsship is prevalent as consensus principal is followed
  • These apps never go down or switch off

Blockchain Development Services- Supply Chain Development

Transparent supply chain development using blockchain technology is our specialty. Clean dissemination of data and energy and real-time updating of data allows for extremely efficient supply chains. Our supply chain applications will cover the entire lifecycle of a block of data-from production place, to warehouse, logistics, retail, and end consumers,

  • Develop

    Greater access to source material data

  • Plan

    Lower forecast and inventory risks

  • Source

    Replace paperwork with smart contracts to reduce admistractive costs

  • Make

    Better visibility and compliance

  • Deliver

    Greater access to source material data

  • Source

    Decentralized return merchandise system

Blockchain Development Services - Blockchain in IoT

IoT that functions traditionally on a centralized server model can benefit immensely from blockchain technology. Data maintained on numerous decentralized servers cannot be compromised easily. Thus, trust level between devices and machines will increase and safe financial transactions can be carried out which wasn’t the case till now.

Blockchain in IoT
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