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We are the Blockchain app development agency that has been the pioneer of introducing the mobile app world with the immutable benefits of Decentralization.

Irrespective of what industry you belong to, at Appinventiv, we have the proficiency to develop and then manage your dApps.

From the Development of a Smart Contract and Cryptocurrencies to Auditing the Processes before they go live on the unaltered system and helping start-ups raise an ICO, When you Hire Blockchain developers from us, you get a team of Blockchain developers, designers, and marketers, know how to employ the tools and languages that develops a decentralized ecosystem for your brand.

Our Blockchain Services Make dApps A Part Of Your Business Reality and us the Leading Blockchain Development Company in India

01 MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Creation

Our Blockchain Solutions revolve around Testing the waters before the launch of a full-fledged dApp with the development and launch of a dApp MVP.

03 Crypto Exchange Development

We help create a hack-proof platform for the real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies on Android and iOS.

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05 Permissioned (Private) Blockchain Development

We develop enterprise-grade distributed ledger and codebase which restricts the participation in the open source distributed ledger.

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07 Custom Blockchain Solutions

We offer customized Blockchain solutions to integrate with your existing mobile apps, making them dApps.

09 Hyperledger Based Solutions

Using hyper ledger, we develop Blockchain Applications that are scalable, immutable, trusted, protected, and support a range of plug-ins.

11 Finance & Payment Solutions

When we develop Blockchain applications, We integrate the decentralization element of Blockchain in your payment app to maintain an immutable record and eliminate the instances of fraud.

13 Blockchain App Consulting

The blockchain is the present day’s most innovative and disruptive technology, but is it right for you? And to what extent? In our capacity as the best Blockchain Development Company in the USA, We help you find answers to these questions.

02 Smart Contracts Development & Audit

From Finance to Healthcare and Media to Public Sector, our Smart Contracts make business ecosystem conflict-free.

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04 End To End dApp Development

From ideation to design and coding to finally launch, we handle all your complete dApp development process covered from start to finish.

06 ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Services

Our all-round ICO services include preparing your idea for Investors, generation of cryptocurrency for distribution, development of white paper, and lastly Promotion of your ICO.

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08 Crypto Wallet Development

As part of our Blockchain Development Services, we create Crypto wallet dApps that hold hundreds of cryptocurrencies, while carrying information related to your wallet balance and purchase history.

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10 Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain applications that our Blockchain Developers create covers the entire lifecycle of a block of data-from production place, to the warehouse, logistics, retail, and end consumers.

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12 Blockchain In Healthcare Solutions

Our Blockchain Healthcare solutions are known to eradicate a number of real-world healthcare issues including fragments of patient data and the traditional model of drug design.

See How Appinventiv Converts Your App Idea into a Reality on Million Devices

We Base Our dApps Development On World’s Most Reliable Platforms

Our platform choice is what defines the success of our dApp Development process and your dApp success. This Our platform choice is what defines the success of our dApp Development process and your dApp success - making us one of the most trusted Blockchain Development Companies .



The User Interface which combines customer interactions with business logic

  • dApp Browser
  • Decentralized
  • Programming
  • Application

Services and optional Components

Provides a view to connect application operations with other platforms and technologies.

  • Data Feeds
  • Off-chainComputing
  • Multi-Signature
  • Governance/
  • State Channels
  • Oracles
  • Wallets
  • Smarts Contracts
  • Digital Assets
  • Digital IDs

Protocol Layer

Decide the Process of network participation and consensus.

  • Consensus
  • Side Chains
  • EVMs
  • Permissioned &

Network Layer

An interface and transportation medium for a peer-to-peer network, which helps decide how the data will be packetized.

  • RPLx
  • Roll Your
  • Block Delivery Networks
    Block Delivery
  • Trusted Execution
  • Peer-to-Peer

Infrastructure Layer

The in-house Blockchain as a Service that controls all the nodes.

  • Blockchain as a Service - Mining
  • Network
  • Virtualization
  • Tokens
  • Tokens
  • Tokens

Meet Our Blockchain Experts

An exceptional team of wealth management veterans, technology experts and knowledgeable advisors with proven experience.

  • Blockchain Vice President at Appinventiv
    Shrikant Srivastava

    Vice President, Technology

  • Blockchain Head - Product Innovation at Appinventiv
    Gurdeep Singh

    Head, Product Innovation

  • Blockchain Sr. Team Lead at Appinventiv
    Chirag Bhardwaj

    Sr. Team Lead

  • Avinash Sharma

    Vice President, R&D

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