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Healthcare Software Development

From optimizing the present administrative process to improving efficiency and lowering operations costs,
our healthcare app development services enable innovative disruptions for preventive, predictive, and
protective healthcare. We make your application the source of the healthcare revolution.
Healthcare Software Development
Custom Healthcare Software Development

Appinventiv creates an engaging patient experience through custom software development in healthcare. Our team of skilled medical app developers has hands-on experience in building complex healthcare software solutions. Our intuitive medical software development services aim to improve patient care for better medical outcomes.

Healthcare Software development laboratory information management
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

As a part of our healthcare solution development services, we create customized healthcare application and software solutions for information management depending on the lab size and their specialties. To monitor laboratory storage and inventory, data integrity, security, and protocol executions, we, as a top-notch healthcare app development company, develop scalable and adaptable LIMS solutions.

Healthcare Software development custom mhealth app
Custom mHealth App Development

We create mHealth application solutions that are HL7, HIPAA, and FDA-compliant for remote health monitoring. Our mHealth apps allow healthcare organizations to deliver better care by streamlining workflow and ensuring smoother management of patient health records.

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Healthcare Software development company for electronic health record software
Electronic Health Record Software

Being the best medical app development company, our experts are adept in building robust electronic health record software systems with features that enable healthcare professionals to quickly access patient data and stay connected to them via patient portals.

Healthcare App development telemedicine app development
Telemedicine App Development

As a top-notch telehealth app development company, we create end-to-end telemedicine software that enables contactless care and allows patients to communicate with doctors through video calling or instant messaging. Ensure quick and convenient access to patient care at reduced costs with our highly intuitive telemedicine software development services.

custom CRM development For Healthcare Industry
Pharmacy Management System

We, as an illustrious healthcare application development company, add the latest functionalities to your existing pharmacy management system or create one from scratch to support real-time communication, fully integrated payment processing, and workflow automation. Now manage multiple stores of your healthcare center with an all-in-one pharmacy management software.

API Development services For Healthcare Industry
HIPAA-Compliant Software

We are one of the best healthcare mobile app development companies developing HIPAA-compliant healthcare mobility solutions. Our healthcare apps secure the confidentiality of information saved and shared within the ecosystem of patients and other associated stakeholders like hospitals and doctors.

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Types of Healthcare Apps We Develop
Our healthcare application development services make your product an integral element of the complete
homecare and healthcare ecosystem. Our extensive exposure to working with doctors, patients, pharmacies,
delivery systems, prescription systems, and EHR mechanisms makes customized development easy and
error-free. Our healthcare mobile app development services include the development of these types of
  • Appointment scheduling applications
  • Patient engagement applications
  • Fitness and wellness apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Symptom checkers
  • Medication intake tracking apps
  • Remote patient monitoring apps
  • EHR data aggregation and analysis apps
  • Practice management apps
  • Medical research apps
  • Clinical assistance apps
  • Time-table scheduling apps
  • Billing apps
  • Electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Population health management software
  • Medical device data collection platforms
  • Wearable tech apps
  • Drug inventory tracking apps

Why Choose Appinventiv for
Custom Medical Software Development?

From prototyping to design, development and deployment, we provide end-to-end
healthcare software development services.
Proven mHealth Experience in healthcare application development

Our healthcare app developers have deep experience in developing cutting-edge mHealth solutions that allow users to track their diagnostic data, schedule appointments, find doctors, and manage their prescriptions. With our proven experience in mHealth, we bring a digital revolution to the healthcare ecosystem.

flexible enagagement models healthcare app development services

We offer flexible engagement models that are customized to our client’s specific needs ensuring the best results for their healthcare software solutions. We allow our clients to choose their engagement models and delegate the entire project to us.

transparent and agile

Our healthcare app development process is entirely transparent, so our clients are aware of each stage of the development process and can put forth their feedback in real-time. As one of the prominent medical software companies, we use DevOps and agile methodology during our development cycle to ensure that changes are made quickly and efficiently.

innovative solutions

As one of the most reputed healthcare software companies, we use the latest technology trends and tools to build innovative medical software solutions that improve patient care and make health management easier. Our experts identify the most functional technology stack and build custom medical software development for healthcare businesses.

logically designed architecture for Healthcare Software

Being one of the esteemed healthcare app development companies, we are aware of the importance of a well-planned architecture in ensuring the security of the solution and saving end users' time. The significance of your end goal to our healthcare software developers can be seen in our decision between monolithic and microservice architectures as per your business needs.

superior code quality

Every design, performance, and security effort we make has an impact on the unmatched quality of our code. We also recognize the advantages of minimizing the number of patches, including increased stability and reduced maintenance requirements.

Innovative Technologies
That Make Your Healthcare
Products Fast and Secure

Step into the future of healthcare with our cutting-edge suite of
innovative technologies, meticulously crafted to transform the
healthcare sector. As a leading healthcare software development
company, our team creates advanced healthcare solutions that offer a
seamless patient-centric experience.


As one of the leading healthcare solutions companies, we ensure the integrity and security of patient data with our state-of-the-art custom blockchain solutions. We create blockchain-based healthcare platforms to create tamper-resistant and transparent systems that can manage billing information, EHRs, and drug supply chains.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Top-tiered medical software development companies like ours build innovative artificial intelligence-powered healthcare solutions. Our custom solutions leverage AI algorithms to analyze a vast amount of patient data and predict potential health issues, along with assisting patients in getting personalized treatment plans.

Big Data

Utilize actionable insights from healthcare databases through our big data analytics services. By harnessing the power of big data in healthcare, the custom healthcare apps can identify recent trends that allow healthcare organizations to optimize their operational and management strategies.


Being one of the most renowned medical app development companies, we help you revolutionize patient engagement and medical training with our immersive AR/VR solutions. From education to detailed anatomical visualizations, our AR/VR healthcare services not only elevate patient experience but also streamline healthcare operations.


Our IoT-enabled healthcare solutions seamlessly integrate devices for monitoring patient vitals, tracking their medication adherence, and providing real-time data insights to healthcare providers that help elevate patient care through remote monitoring and early detection of diseases.

See how we created Health-e-People,
an innovative platform to maintain
comprehensive healthcare records
from 200+ devices and apps.

Our Healthcare Mobile App Developers Design Compliance-Friendly Platforms

With mass care being at the heart of the digital healthcare processes, the healthcare mobile app developers at Appinventiv understand the prerequisites of engineering an international standard-compliant digital solution to ensure unobstructed digital transformation. This is what makes us one of the leading custom healthcare software development companies in the US.

  • HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health)

  • SaMD (Software as a Medical Device)

  • HL7 (Health Level Seven International)

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Healthcare App Development
Process We Follow

At Appinventiv, we follow an agile healthcare app development process to craft feature-loaded,
robust healthcare software and applications. From analyzing the requirements of your project to
launching it, our experts work diligently to scale your business.

Our Client Success Stories

We help healthcare organizations implement innovative digital health. solutions and strategies.
Irrespective of where their focus lies - Cloud, EHRs, incorporation of technologies like AI and IoT in healthcare,
through our digital healthcare application development services, we lead organizations to
fundamentally change how they deliver healthcare solutions and shape digital healthcare consumerism.

A custom app solution that offers real-time access of medical help to in-hospital patients. Result?

Hospital chains
adopting the solution
Growth in nurses'
real-time response time

An intuitive multi-dimensional healthcare platform for creating and monitoring detailed healthcare records. Result?

A user-friendly app
that benefitted all - users,
caregivers, and researchers.

A transforming healthcare app that allows users to record their voices for getting complete health analysis reports. Result?

Millions of users
adopting the solution

We created an all-inclusive healthcare platform, SHIFA, that allows patients to keep track of their appointments, consultations, prescriptions, and medical records all in one place. Need an app like SHIFA?

We developed a healthcare app that allows users to schedule doctor appointments, receive prescriptions from doctors, and order medicines all in a single platform. Want to create an app like Livia Health?

Our Recognition in Healthcare

We have won all the usual agency awards…
clutch badge
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mad certification
good firm certification
menifest certification

but this is the recognition we're most proud of:

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Technology Stack That Makes Your
Healthcare App Secure and Exceptional

As a reputed healthcare mobile app development company, our mobile app development process
is guided by a robust technology stack that makes your healthcare products interoperable, robust, fast, and
secure. By putting a strong emphasis on innovation, we develop healthcare solutions that not only meet present needs but also foresee potential problems
down the road, giving you a forward-thinking, long-term strategy to advance your healthcare business operations.

State-of-the-art technologies
Frontend Programming Languages
Backend Programming Languages
Cloud Databases, Warehouses, and Storage
Wearable Integration Kit
To ensure a user-friendly, immersive interface, we employ advanced front-end technologies in our healthcare mobile application development process. Our experts carefully hand-picked to enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of the application, delivering a superior user experience.
CSS development for healthcare industry
HTML development for healthcare industry
Javascript for healthcare industry
ng for Healthcare software development
react for Healthcare software development
vuejs for Healthcare software development
ember for Healthcare software development
meteor for Healthcare software development
nextlogo for Healthcare software development

By considering the performance and reliability, we choose the best backend programming languages that can smoothly support the server side and the overall functionality of the app or website.

dot net lang for Healthcare software development
Java for Healthcare software development
Python for Healthcare software development
Php for Healthcare software development
Node for Healthcare software development
We leverage robust programming stacks tailored to the unique needs of various mobile platforms, ensuring optimum functionalities and a seamless user interface on smartphones and tablets
Our hand-picked programming stack is tailored to provide high-performance and feature-rich solutions for desktop apps, giving users a seamless and effective desktop application experience.
Scalability, security, and efficiency are the main considerations in our programming stack choices for cloud databases, warehouses, and storage solutions, guaranteeing smooth integration and outstanding performance in cloud environments.
Amazon documentdb
Amazon dynamodb
Google cloud sql
Scalability, security, and efficiency are the main considerations in our programming stack choices for cloud databases, warehouses, and storage solutions, guaranteeing smooth integration and outstanding performance in cloud environments.
Mesos logo
Docker logo
Chef logo
Packer logo
aws developer tools for healthcare software and app development
azure devops for healthcare software and app development
Google developer tools
Data dog logo

With a wealth of experience in wearable and kit integration, we specialize in crafting healthcare software solutions customized for diverse smart devices. Employing advanced programming stacks, we seamlessly integrate wearables into numerous smart devices, unlocking innovative possibilities.

Google Fit
Google Fit
Fitbit Alta HR
Fitbit Alta HR
Fitbit charge
Fitbit charge
Fitbit blaze
Fitbit blaze
Samsung watch
Samsung watch
MI watch
MI watch
Fitbit surge
Fitbit surge
Fitbit aria
Fitbit aria
Fitbit force
Fitbit force
Fitbit force
Fitbit force
TomTom Watch
TomTom Watch
Garmin Watch
Garmin Watch

Ensure the confidentiality your patients
deserve with unmatched security &
real-time flexibility of cloud servers.

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