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By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: July 14, 2020

Gone are the days when mobile app development of a restaurant business was critical and requires a lot of investment and time. But now, it has become simple. Appinventiv offers a best-in-class mobile solutions and services to serve the clients across the world, thus, making your mobile solutions quick, scalable, and cost-effective. So, if you have still not decided, we’ll get a taste of what a mobile app can do for your restaurant business.

1. App Designs tailored For Your Business

Let’s start with the enticing home screen that will be designed to complement and showcase your brand. Message and Information displayed will be solely related to your restaurant. Even the home page background designed can animate or fade to a variety of enticing images.

2. Provides Your Business Location, Hours & Directions

This feature is fruitful for those restaurant owners who have more than one location. The location feature imbibed can display all your locations in one central place, thus enabling users to easily find your restaurants whenever they need them.

Even user can get the detailed analytics of a particular location. By using app clients can call, email, get GPS directions, or visit website. It also helps in tracking the locations – which are most popular ones or which could benefit from additional traffic or can even create location specific promotions so that restaurants can thrive easily.

3. Makes Food Ordering Intricate System a Delight Process

By using your app, users can easily order from the menu by leveraging the easy-to-use interface. You can even set delivery parameters that include a distance limitation or a delivery fee. Additionally, the order can be printed out on a wireless printer as well from the multiple locations. And, the most enticing part is – the food ordering system can be easily modified within seconds even from the back office and simultaneously prices and menus can be updated.

4. Keeps Your Menu Handy

By using mobile app, you can let your diners know what to expect. You need to just integrate your menu within the mobile app. And, this will set up as a PDF or typed out. For making it more convenient, you can even integrate the mobile website version of your menu within the mobile app.

5. Tells and Promotes Your Story

An app can be used to let the users know the story or concept behind your business like how it got started or detailed information about your location specialty or expertise of your chef and staff. And, what sets your restaurant apart.

6. Lets Users Know About The Special Events

You can even list your weekly events or specials using this feature. This will help users in being updated with the ability to add those specials and events to their personal calendar.

7. Creates a Mood

By showcasing pictures of your restaurant, users will enjoy your food, menu items, or photos from the past events. And, all optimized for iPhone, Android and iPad platforms.

8. Keeps Your Users Connected Through Social Channels

Users can easily sync their social channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts within your app. By pulling their profile photo and name, which will be displayed along with their comments and posts throughout your app. Additionally, for being a great personalization feature, it’s a great tool for seamless activity of sharing and tracking. In turn, this will also help in branding of your business.

9. Grows Your Mailing List

It enables you in staying connected with your clients. It lets you gather names and email addresses directly in the app.

10. Branding and Promotes Loyalty

By having a feature that allows users to have an in-app version of a let’s say conventional stamp card. You can punch a secret code into the user’s phone to add a “stamp.” Once the diners have reached the required number of “stamps,” they could unlock a deal. This deal can be redeemed immediately or saved for later usage.

11. Offers QR Coupon Options

QR coupon utilizes your mobile device’s camera, thus allowing users to collect coupon scans right through the app. With QR codes, you can provide easily accessible coupons to your users. Each scan of the code will get the app users one step closer to a reward.

12. Builds A Fanbase

The fan wall is one of the easiest ways to enhance engagement with the app. A fan wall can help users to comment, ask questions, reply questions and discuss what they love about your restaurant. It also allows users to easily share photos, reply to comments and view the location of the other users.

13. Creates a Sharing Community

It allows users to connect directly by sharing photos, text, comments and reviews.

14. Enables Quick and Easy Messaging at the Right Time

It enables users to send GPS push notification messages whenever you like. You can even send a message within seconds or after a certain day or time. In order to receive a notification, it lets you focus on your target area by specifying the GPS area a diner must be within. And, all the messages are viewable within the mobile app.

15. Helps You Make Sound Decisions with In-built Analytics

You can get updated analytics details that lets you know how many people have downloaded your mobile app and how frequently they’ve visited. By using analytics, you can know the number of iOS and Android downloads daily, monthly, and annually. And, number of downloads will help you in getting a better understanding of just who you are sending your push notifications to. In-built analytics will allow for accountability within your staff so that you can easily monitor marketing efforts.

Wrapping it Up

Undoubtedly, a mobile app will enhance your business and add value and revenue to your restaurant business. As people are loving more options on the go, having a mobile app is an amazing way to ensure your restaurant business will stay top of mind especially when hunger strikes.

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