52+ Striking Snapchat Statistics and Facts (2019-2020)

Prateek Saxena June 5, 2024
Snapchat Statistics & Facts (2019-2020)
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People couldn’t have been more wrong when they thought they have seen it all with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Clearly, they did not expect Snapchat to blow their minds.

Though the birth of the idea happened in the mind of Reggie Brown, the journey of Snapchat began in the living room of Evan Siegel in September 2011. 

Just like the teenagers of this digital age, they wanted to find shortcuts and innovative ways to share photos and videos in a way that was not explored yet. So, they ideated an application and named it ‘Picaboo’ which later came to be known as ‘Snapchat’.

No one anticipated that the application would come at a stage where Facebook would feel threatened by it. To counteract, Facebook also launched an app called Poke to give a hard time to this budding loved-by-people photo-chatting app.

If you have wondered for so long “what is the future of Snapchat?” then, let us put your mind at ease and take through Snapchat statistics for 2019 and beyond advocating its bright future.

But before we jump into that, why not just take out a few minutes and discuss what enabled Snapchat to become such an inspiring and famed application. 

Timeline of Snapchat

Snapchat History Timeline

Features of Snapchat: Reason for its success

Certainly, it is the features of social media applications that make them go viral worldwide. Similarly, Snapchat has its own set of original features that helped it achieve the stature that it holds in the social media domain.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat stories were a catalyst in revolutionizing social media app development. This feature of Snapchat was a trendsetter that users loved to bits. This feature allows the user to share their videos and stories for their friends and the public to see, which disappears after 24 hours of posting.

People loved it so much that Facebook saw it imperative to include this feature on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp app.

Photo-chatting made easy

It is definitely the primary reason for promoting the unprecedented popularity of Snapchat initially. Just when users desperately wanted an escape from all the posed and edited picture trends on other social media apps, Snapchat gave them the facility to share their casual everyday photos in a chat that would disappear after 24 hours. It promoted a more authentic and realistic photo trend that was adopted with open arms by users.

Stickers and Geofilters

Geofilters were first used by Snapchat that amazed the users. Geofilters are the stickers that show up on the app when the device is at a particular location. For example, if you are in New York or at a particular monument, you will find a sticker or filter related to that place to add to your photos. 

There are some other iconic filters such as the ‘dog face’ filter that adds up to making the Snapchat app favorite of all. If you are also planning to develop an app like Snapchat and what to know its cost, then you should know that filter is the one feature  that you should include which would contribute to the final cost.


Snapchat uses the perfect amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and  Machine learning into the application for implementing face filters. Many other applications have also come forth using these two technologies to their benefit, but couldn’t compete with Snapchat. One such example is the renowned Face app.  

Snap Map

Snap Map became instantly famous among the Snapchatters. It allows the users to see the latest news and new trends in the form of snaps in the Snapchat stories. This was an added reason for the users to spend more time on Snapchat and be able to do other things besides sharing photos and videos.


Discover is said to have been the first feature to establish a Snapchat monetization model. This was an instant hit among the users as it allowed them to browse through the pictures and videos of other people who have shared them for the general public. Mostly, it is the celebrities and bloggers who post pictures on Discover. What is more, it was so inspiring for Google that it also introduced its Snapchat-inspired feature into the search engine.

Snapchat Revenue Statistics

1. Snapchat’s Total Valuation is US$3.5 Billion

Snapchat statistics for 2019 show that as of September 2019, the total net worth of Snapchat was estimated at $3.5 billion. It is noteworthy that the company has seen many vicissitudes in the past couple of years, but has managed to stand its ground strong.  

2. Snapchat’s Revenue for 2018 was $1.2 Billion

Snapchat’s annual revenue statistics show that in 2018, it gained $1.2 billion as revenue, breaking all the previous records and witnessing a year-over-year increase amount to an even bigger revenue amount for 2019.

3. Snapchat Reported Having Produced $388.02 Million in Q2 2019

In the second quarter of 2019 alone, Snapchat gained $388.02 million in revenue shedding light on the fact that it may break its record for Q2 2018 which was 262.26 million. The percentage of this increase is calculated to be 48% reflecting year over year revenue growth. Snapchat statistics are proof that this growth has been nothing but continuous from 39% growth in Q1 2018 and to 36% in the prior quarter to that.

Snapchat quarterly revenue history, Q1 2015- Q 2019

4. Revenue for Q2 2018 Increased by 44% from Q2 2017

As shown in the graph above, the difference in the revenue amount of Q2 2017 (181.67 million) and 2018 (262.26 million) was an increase of no less than 44 percent. 

5. Snapchat’s Average Revenue Per User (by region) in Q3 2019 was Estimated at USD 3.75.

As shown in the graph below, the ARPU of Snapchat for the third quarter of 2019 was calculated to be $3.75 US dollars. Though this may sound like a small amount, it adds up and increases the Snapchat’s revenue amount to billions.

Region Wise Snapchat average quarterly revenue 2016-2019

6. ARPU for Q2 2019 Was an Increase of 37% from Q2 2018

On comparing Snapchat statistics 2019  with 2018, it was noticed that there was an undeniable rise of 37% in the ARPU of Q2 2019 which was $1.91 as compared to $1.40 in Q2 2018.

Snapchat quarterly revenue history, Q1 2015- Q 2019

7. The Average Revenue Per User for Snapchat Q3 2019 is $2.12

ARPU, an acronym of Average Revenue Per User is witnessed to be $2.12 USD in the third quarter of 2019. Looking at the graph above, we can expect this number to be a little higher in Q4 2019.

Snapchat Marketing and Advertising Statistics

8. Snapchat’s Advertisement Revenue for 2018 Increased by 18.7%

As compared to 2017, Snapchat saw an increase of 18.7% in the advertisement revenue of 2018. This percentage will gradually increase as more and more marketers have started to use Snapchat for marketing.

9. Worldwide Advertising Revenue of Snapchat for 2020 $2.11 Billion

Snapchat’s global advertising revenue for 2019 is projected to reach a $1.53 billion milestone. What is more, it can further increase to make up the amount of $2.11 billion in the year 2020. It is not a hard nut to crack for Snapchat, giving its wide user base.

Worldwide advertising revenue od snapchat from 2016 to 2020

10. Price of Snapchat’s Share was Valued at $9.19

According to Yahoo Finance, Snapchat’s IPO share price per share was estimated at $9.19 as of Feb 2019. However, there are no promises made whether this price is to go higher or not. As the stock market is impossible to predict, we have to leave this valuation at the performance of the company in the market.

11. Snapchat’s Cloud Server Costs were estimated to be $125-$150 Million

Besides payroll, Snapchat’s largest expenses were seen in cloud server costs of Amazon AWS and Google Cloud and could easily amount to between $125-$150 million.

Snapchat User and Usage Statistics

12. As of July 2019, the Monthly Active Users for Snapchat were 310.7 Million

It was recorded in July that monthly active user count for Snapchat was 310.7 million. By the end of 2019, we can do nothing but expect this number to increase with the increasing popularity of the image and video messaging app.

13. Daily Active User Count of Snapchat for Q2 2019

The company proclaimed that the number of Snapchat’s daily active users worldwide on the app had increased to 203 million in Q2 2019 from 186 million in Q4 2018. 

Number of daily active snapchat users 2014-2019

14. Snapchat Saw an Increase of 13% YoY in Daily Active Users Count

As it is visible in the graph that the DAUs (Daily Active Users) for Snapchat in the Q3 2019 were 210 million, the highest it has ever been. The sharpest increase in Snapchat user growth can be witnessed between Q3 for 2019 and 2018, which was 186 million.

This stable rise is nothing but a sign of prosperity of the image and video messaging application. 

15. Number of Monthly Active Users in the US

The total number of Snapchat monthly active users in North America was 80 million in 2018. Unfortunately, it dipped down to is 77.5 million in 2019. 

16. Total Number of Monthly Active Users in the UK

According to Emarketer’s reports, Snapchat’s monthly active users’ count for the United Kingdom is predicted to be 14.5 million. The report also stated that there might be a further decline in this number and may come down to 14.1 by 2023.

17. Snaps Created Every Minute on Snapchat App

In a report on Snapchat user statistics, it was noted that approximately 2,100,00 snaps are made by the users per minute. If this does not speak volumes about its popularity among people, I don’t know what does.

18. Number of Snapchat Users as of April 2019 for the US

The recorded US Snapchat users count for April 2019 hit a huge number of 93.55 million. There is no such solid prediction on whether this number is likely to increase at such a rate or not.

19. Daily Active Users Number of Snapchat for Europe

According to Statista’s reports, Snapchat’s Europe Daily active users count for Q3 2019 stands at 61 million.

20. Total Number of Users Visiting the Snapchat App Every Day

In a detailed report by Sec.gov on Snapchat usage statistics, on an average, Snapchat users visit the application approximately 18 times a day. We can only conjecture the reasons responsible for this are related to the innovative elements Snapchat offers to the users.

21. Snapchat’s Reach in the US Towards the Mobile Audience is 53.4%

Snapchat app has now reached 53.4% of the mobile audience in the US as per the reports by Statista. Though the application still has tough competition to beat, as long as the company keeps innovating its chances of being more successful are high.

22. Total Number of Daily Snaps Posted on Snapchat

In the reports released by Snap Inc. for the second quarter of 2019, the total number of daily snaps posted by the users on the app is recorded to be staggering 3.5 billion.

23. Average amount spent by users on the Snapchat app in a day

Users are estimated to spend an approximate of 25-30 minutes per day using Snapchat application. It is obvious that this number varies from region to region.

24. 35% year-over-growth witnessed in Snapchat audience watching Discover

According to Snap Inc. in their report for Q2 2019, the audience watching content on Discover daily grew over 35% year-over-year and daily time spent by nothing less than 60%.

25. Daily Views on Videos Posted on Snapchat

The total number of daily video views by the Snapchateers has reached a staggering 14 billion. Snapchat engagement statistics such as these are a hint at the successful strategy adopted by the company to increase user engagement and increase user retention rates.

26. Snapchat App Downloads Globally

It is projected that the Snapchat application was downloaded 41.5 million times across all the platforms (Android, iOS,etc.) globally in May 2019.

27. Snapchat App Downloads for Android Alone

According to Android Police, the download count for the Snapchat app on the Android platform was 1 billion as of July 2019.

28. Snapchatters Use Snapchat 20 Times Every Day

The average rate of users using the Snapchat app stands at 20 times per day, signaling the addiction created by the company among the users. 

Snapchat Users Demographic

29. Female Users of Snapchat

As shown above, 61 percent of the total Snapchat user demographics are females. It helps us to draw a conclusion that the application seems more appealing to the females and hence, the company’s marketing strategy might revolve around this fact.

Snapchat Users by Gender

30. Snapchat is the Preferred Social Media App of Teenagers

U.S Teens Favourite Social Platform

In a report by Statista, it was mentioned that as of Spring 2019, Snapchat was the most preferred choice of 41% of teenagers followed by Instagram with 35%. Though this is a fall of 4% from previous years 45%, we are yet to see the results for Fall 2019. Evidently, Snapchat’s penetration rate vs other popular apps is higher among teenagers.

31. Social Media Users that Use Snapchat

In a month-long survey by Pew Research in January 2019, the percentage of adult social media users using Snapchat was 24%. No striking increase has been witnessed in this amount since 2018.

32. Snapchat Immersed 90% of 13 to 24-year-olds in March 2019

Snapchat reached 90% of the users belonging to the age bracket of 13 to 24 years of age and approximately 75% of users of 13 to 34 years old in the US, as of March 2019. 

33. Users Using Snapchat in Different Places

User Using Snapchat in Different Places

As shown in the graph above, it was recorded that 80% users of Snapchat use the app when at a restaurant, 66% of Snapchat users use the app while shopping, 50% of users use the app at gyms, and 49% use it when they are at airports.

34. In the US, 73% of Snapchat Users Belong to 18 to 24 Years Old Age Group

In a report by the Pew Research, it was mentioned that 73% of the users of the Snapchat app come from the age group of 18 to 24 years old. It is clear to see that the app is mainly popular among millennials.

Snapchat and instagram are especially popular among 18 to 24 year olds

35. Snapchat vs Instagram Statistics

When comparing Snapchat vs Instagram, we found that Snapchat won the hearts of social media users age 18 to 24, gaining third place after Youtube and Facebook. Whereas, Instagram came fifth on the list.

Age 18-24

Other Interesting Snapchat Facts

  • Snapchat spectacles allow the wearers to record a video of 10 seconds and sync wirelessly to the Snapchat account where others can see it. 
  • In 2018, Snapchat won third place as the most downloaded iOS app.
  •  Almost 57% of the total content in the Snapchat app are videos.
  •  As of May 2019, the longest Snapchat streak was recorded to be of 1457 snaps.
  • In terms of overall mobile bandwidth usage globally, Snapchat earned second place, according to this report.
  •  The total number of employees in the company is 4209 as of July 2019.
  • 60% of the users of Snapchat create new content every day.
  •  To see all the photos shared by the users on Snapchat in the past hour, it would require almost 10 years.
  •  By the time you are finished watching those, more photos worth 880,000 years’ would be there.
  • Rating of Snapchat app on Play Store is 4.1 stars
  •  On calculating the number of photos shared every second, the result was 20,000.
  • In a report by E-marketer, it was mentioned that 30.7% of US marketers used Snapchat in 2019 and this number may increase to 32.2% in 2020.
  •  In February of 2018, Snap Inc. incurred the loss of $1billion after Kylie Jenner’s negative remarks.
  • The company lost an estimated amount of $800 million after it ran an offensive ad on Rihanna in 2018.
  • Snapchat’s penetration rate is highest in countries like Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden.
  • Facebook made an offer of $3 billion in 2013 to acquire Snapchat, which was rejected by CEO Evan Spiegel.
  •  Approximately 90% of Snapchat users who finished the first season of “Endless Summer,” also watched its season 2 in the first month of its initial release.

There is no doubt that these Snapchat Stats 2019-2020 are overwhelming enough to inspire people to come up with ideas of their own and sweep the world off its feet, just like Snapchat did. Here are some other solid reasons that push people into the direction of investing in a social media app.

Why Should One Invest In Snapchat Like Social Media App Development?


There are approximately 4.33 billion people who are active on the internet, making a staggering 56% of the global population. Now, doesn’t it makes sense to cash on this opportunity? 

Since the internet is the biggest pool of users worldwide, and social media apps are among one of the most popular app categories, it would prove incredibly advantageous for you if you invest in social media applications like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

If you choose a prolific app development agency for this purpose, your application is sure to achieve the heights of success like Snapchat. 

What is more, you have the option to opt for Android app development and iOS app development for your social media application as both of the platforms are highly popular among the users.

Off-the-Charts Revenue

It is sort of a given that when you target platforms with a humongous user base, the chances of turning potential users into loyal and active users are huge too. By adding phenomenal and unique features into your social media application, you enable it to attract more users and get viral on the internet, eventually firing up your revenue and increasing your ROI. 

A Pool of Opportunities

It is no news that millennials are the generation that believes in moving at a fast pace, the reason why they get bored so often. The youth of today needs new innovations and impressive ideas to keep them engaged and away for boredom.

The good news for you is that the social media domain is full of opportunities and has a lot of room for disruption. 

All you have to do is come with authentic and eccentric ideas targeting the gaps that need to be filled in the market, and in no time your application will gain the recognition, benefitting you in uncountable ways.

So, that was our take on Snapchat Statistics 2019-2020

We are positive that Snachat is here to stay for many years to come now and it holds the potential to penetrate into other countries more deeply than it has done so far. If Snapchat keeps on improvising it has done so far, it will be hard for its contenders to level with its reputation in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many People are Active Monthly on Snapchat?

According to Snapchat statistics 2019, the total number of monthly active users on Snapchat is 310.7 million.

Q. Which Country Uses Snapchat the Most?

The United States has the highest number of Snapchat as compared to other countries.

Q. How Does Snapchat Make Money?

Launching Discover was the first step of Snapchat in establishing its monetization model. In-app advertisement is again a major revenue source for almost all of the social media apps, including Snapchat.

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