Importance of Android Apps Development Strategy for the Developing Markets

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Importance of Android Apps Development Strategy for the Developing Markets

The mobile applications have a preference over the web based solutions because they are more transformative than the web and are growing at a much faster rate. The mobile application development space is dominated by the smartphones and among the smartphones, 84.7 % comprises of Android based devices. We have seen a massive proliferation in the use of mobile apps, particularly in the developing countries. But, the companies will need to have a mobile application development strategy in place, so that their entry into these markets happens quite quickly and there is a scalable plan.The developing markets are quite different from the developed ones because there are obvious differences in social, economic and psychological setup. What is need in this scenario is the correct mobile application development strategy incorporating the following points:

Preference of Android Over iOS

The main reason for choosing the Android app development platform over that of the iOS is the lower cost of the devices. We have recently only seen the advent of the Android based smartphone from Google. There are other reasons for the choice of the devices because the OS lets the user pick their own level of customization. We may also mention here about the multi-tasking that is offered by some of these devices, when compared with the iOS based devices. Moreover, we see this platform has really evolved at a much faster pace in comparison with the competition.

Marketing the Apps

First and foremost, the Android based mobile apps need to be launched in the Google Play Store. Research is quite important in this regards guiding the app development process, with valuable qualitative and quantitative research, finding the reasons for downloading the apps. These app is always marketed, keeping the target audience in mind. In the user message in the Google Play Store, it is explained about what the app is all about and also serves the purpose of giving them a call to action. You need to have an iterative marketing app development strategy, exploring what works best for marketing your app. Building brand awareness for the mobile apps is equally important, with the use of such assets like videos, app icons, feature and promotional graphics as well as descriptive screenshots. Localization of the apps is another important aspect for marketing of the mobile apps and the key to their success. Localization will help to enhance the organic growth as well as the ad conversion rates. Most of the successful companies opt for localization quite early during the app development stage.


Mobile advertising has seen a growth the increase in the number of the apps. In-app advertising is the future of mobile advertising. In-app advertising is for offering better opportunities targeting the right audience at the right time. Moreover. In-app marketing becomes more effective because the data is accessible and it is possible to be used across all points across the ecosystem, which makes the marketer to have an ability to become more targeted. There are many apps, which are available free, on this platform but the premium features are made available with an user payment.

Free Apps are Preferred

For the hugely populated countries like India and China, free apps will always have the preference for the keen users, compared with the paid apps. Most of the apps on Android are free in nature. Sometimes the same apps that are ported from iOS to Android appears free. In-app advertising works much better because it is based on location data, which is useful in the increasing the context and the customer engagement of the mobile app.

While starting an mobile app development company it is mandatory to opt for a marketing plan that will drive the users in the most cost-efficient way. Android app development companies has the presence of a huge amount of potential customer base for them, with the immense amount of smartphone user base in the developing countries. However, the decision solely lies on them as to whether they will opt for this service.

Appinventiv is one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, that have seen an outstanding pace of growth, in a matter of two years time. They have worked extensively in the various verticals like restaurant, health, learning, entertainment and many more. They believe in delivering user-centric apps for their customers, utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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