Techniques for Growing User Engagement in iOS Mobile Apps

Sudeep Srivastava May 23, 2022
Techniques for Growing User Engagement in iOS Mobile Apps

 There are several challenges faced by iOS app development services and developers. There are many companies which offer only a mobile experience for its customers. But, the developers need to follow the best practices that lets them stay focussed on the latest trends in app usage and iOS app development. The most asked question of how to increase user engagement on iOS app or what are the app engagement best practices, is answered briefly in the content. Let’s start!

For developers, the most difficult task is the installation of the iOS mobile apps as well as letting the users continue in their efforts to use the apps. Following are some of the techniques for growing app engagement with the iOS apps:

  • Deep Linking of Mobile Apps
  • Push and Local Notifications
  • Spotlight Indexing
  • App Analytics
  • SiriKit
  • Localization and Internationalization
  • Social Media Integration
  • User Involvement
  • In-app Messages

Deep linking of mobile apps

Deep linking

The user engagements are driven by deep linking for simplifying the app onboarding process. It is basically an URL that directs the user to a specific location inside the mobile app. Deep links not only help in the opening of the app but also acts on any information that is part of the URL.

The deep links in iOS apps will enable you to act on multiple activities, making it easier for the users. They are very useful for attracting new users to the mobile apps, with enhanced onboarding experience with the customers. When the user does not have the mobile app installed on their devices, and this is where an advanced form of deep linking called the deferred linking comes into picture.

Push and local notifications

Push and local notifications are the best way to boost engagements and increase user retentions. For the iOS, when the screen gets unlocked the message moves to the notification tray. The notifications are useful for reaching out to the users, even when the apps are not used actively by the user.

Spotlight indexing

Searching is an inherent part of the modern day consumer. More content integrated with the standard search is a delightful user experience. Users are allowed to search without even opening the mobile apps, with Spotlight Indexing. This is a subtle way to enhance and increase mobile app engagement, even with a closed app.

App analytics

The performance of the iOS apps is mostly gauged by the common metric of app downloads. It is often considered as the most fundamental metrics for mobile app analytics. There is a metric that rides over the overall retention rate. This is tied to the in-app behaviour and in-app monetization. The metric should be able to keep a track on the users who opened the iOS apps for the first time and then revisited it. Strategies are implemented on the basis of these metrics and useful marketing campaigns directed to the users who abandoned the apps or even download the app.


Siri is a useful way for conversing with your iOS user. Siri makes use of natural language processing and finds out what the user is trying to do, with a structured representation. There are six domains on which the app developers can leverage, as decided by Apple and these are:

  • Messaging
  • Payment
  • Audio or Video Calling
  • Ride Bookings
  • Searching Photos
  • Workouts

Within these domains Siri operates on intent, which is an action that is understood by the application and will be able to communicate with your iOS mobile apps.

Localization and internationalization

Translating your iOS apps into multiple languages is called localization. But, the first step before localization is called internationalization. The iOS app needs to be adapted to the various regions, cultures and languages, adapting to the regional and cultural conventions of the place of residence of the user. An internationalized app comes in the form of a native app, in the supported regions and languages.

Social media integration

Social media has a dominating effect for the iOS mobile apps. It is a very important tool for engaging with your app’s user base. User engagement is dependent on social share-ability and this must not be intrusive in nature, without any interference in the user experience. However, social share-ability brings countless users for your business.

User involvement

If you do not react to questions, inquiries or the criticism of your clients this could be the most terrible thing you do to them. On all the messaging platforms, from social media to email to SMS, the main thing is answering any issue that your user reports. These issues can be both positive and negative. Attempt to answer all the remarks and inquiries that have been paced by the user. It will assist you in making them trust and depend on your application.

In-app messages

The more adjusted your application experience is with a customer’s necessities and preferences, the more probable a user is to keep utilizing the item. According to some reports, brands utilizing in-app messages to communicate with users will see user retention within 28 days of accepting a message range from 61% to 74%.

In-app messages are notifications that do not require prompt action but they are however significant messages to receive. These can incorporate warnings about application issues, payment fails, or upgrades of a version. Remember that not every message you send will be relevant to each and every user. Segmenting the audience provides you with the ability to ensure that the information received by them is important.

Top Considerations To Keep In Mind

Tracking the right opportunity

All popular applications have one thing in common- they can create habit-shaping practices by building their application around the day by day schedule and emotions of users. If you consider brands like Spotify, Uber, or Instagram, they understand the problem area of their target audience and work out to eliminate the problem by building features to connect to their everyday practice, which urges them to use it frequently. Tending to the requirements of your users will play an enormous part in how frequently they utilize your application.


Applications are iterative, regardless of whether they are minimum viable products (MVP) or developed, cleaned, and completely functional. Consistently updating the app experience with new features and personalized content will help keep customers interested and engaged. If you’re hiring any iOS app development company, then it is essential to monitor analytics, track customer behavior and tune in to feedback to establish what features of the application drive usage. This data is vital for product road planning and determines what updates are the most convincing and important to users.

Don’t undervalue the user experience

There is no conventional condition for boosting user engagement and retention rates, however you do have to keep up the correct balance between different strategies and the general user experience. Since push notifications are effective for one brand, doesn’t mean it’s the correct methodology for yours. Before you embrace any of these mobile app retention strategies, you need to survey if it’s the correct decision for your application specifically. Will it add an incentive for users or will it frustrate them? The moment you irritate users, you’re forfeiting your retention rates. It’s advisable to weigh your alternatives and decide the best methodology considering the user. 

According to some data of 2017, across all industries, the average mobile app retention rate was 29% after 90 days. 

 average mobile app retention rate


There is no magic formula for enhancing user engagement and mobile app engagement strategy of your iOS app, but the above techniques are used for garnering loyalty through your app.

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