Rise in the Trend of Chatbots in 2017

Prateek Saxena May 23, 2022
Chatbots in 2017

The adoption of smartphones is increasing worldwide. The most  important trend to be observed is that of the text based chat bots. We see the chatbots for the current smartphones as somewhat crude in nature, but it is expected that the automated conversations on which the chatbots are based are going to become more useful. The chatbots provide suggestions to the customers.

Growth in the Number of Chatbots in 2017?

The growth factor will only be well understood when we understand the objectives served by the Chatbots and what are the purposes served by the chatbots. The chatbots are based on the core technologies of Artificial Intelligence and the machine languages. The chatbots are efficient in providing the extra level of flexibility. So, the chatbots will not only be able to chat with your friends or relatives, but would simultaneously be providing other services like riding a taxi, booking a ticket or even getting the best deals in booking flight tickets. There are apps that are available to perform any one of the above functions, but this is made possible only through lot many a click and thereby wastes valuable time of the customer. The chatbots will be able to perform the same action, only with the use of a single message. Your life is simply made easier with chatbots and they are for doing the same things that were done by the bots, in a much more convenient way.

The three trends on chatbot app development by the app development companies are:

  • App Problem
  • Conversational Interface
  • Messaging as a Platform

App Problem

People do not like to overload their smartphones with many apps. The greatest advantage of the chatbot platform is that the customers will be able to interact with the business, without even the need to download an app.

Conversational Interface

Interaction with the digital service will be like talking with a person, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. So, with the chatbots there is an interaction with the computer system with a natural language.

Messaging as a Platform

Messaging is the central part of smartphone usage. The users are found to spend more and more time in messaging and the idea to bring the chatbots evolves to bring more and more functions into messaging.

What are the Factors that Influence the Rise of Chatbots?

Following are some of the factors that influence the rise of chatbots:

  • The rise of the chatbots in 2017 is on account of increasing usage of messaging apps by the users. Other than the social networking sites, of the likes of FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, the messaging apps are the most used ones. In 2017, the number of mobile phone messaging app users will be increased to an amount of 2.10 billion.
  • Artificial Intelligence is an ever growing field, with further advancements happening in the future. Artificial Intelligence will enable the chatbots to have a deeper knowledge of human behaviour and language with intelligent and accurate responses. Moreover speech recognition is advancing like anything for exploration of all avenue of improvement. Chatbots developed by the app development companies will have Artificial Intelligence used in customer service.
  • It is Cloud Computing and integration that is helping to integrate the chatbots within the messaging apps. There are powerful integration techniques with the help of which there is a synchronization of these apps with the APIs.

There are many big organizations, which has entered into this field with bots in the popular messaging apps. The top application development companies in the market are making it sure that the chatbots will be able to make it possible for the users to experience a level of convenience that is unheard so far. The chatbots will be able to impart a unique and fully immersive experience for its customer base, that enables them to ride above this intensely competitive environment. It is a technological bonding between the organizations and the customers, that is served by the use of these chatbots, favourable for both them.

Appinventiv, is one of the top mobile app developers, which has witnessed a stupendous growth in the past few years. Their success lies in the fact that they are working with the latest, cutting edge technological development, related to mobile application development and has experience in working in diverse platforms.

Prateek Saxena
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