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By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: July 22, 2020

Google has announced that it will be able to bring their applications and services to Google Assistant on Google Home. The users for Smart speakers for their homes is in for a great surprise. The Google Home has a connected smart speaker which has the Digital Voice Assistant available to it and now this is also made available to the third-party developers. This developer’s platform from Google Assistant is called Actions on Google which is for the creation of conversation actions  to be used by the Google Home Owners. 

Google also has apparent plans for bringing such services for the Assistant which is inside the Allo Chat app and also the Pixel phones from Google. The new Pixel XL and the Pixel handsets will also obtain Digital Assistant Apps.

Home Apps from Google

Amazon’s Echo speaker is said to be a direct competitor of Google Home. The Echo speaker from Amazon will allow the app builders to build apps in the form of skills and this is added manually to Alexa, the Digital Assistant from Amazon Echo. The Google platform for it is designed in such a way that it does not need to enable the users with a skill as done on Amazon’s Alexa platform. This platform from Google is accessible and offers a low-friction way for getting their voice enabled services for the users. But, Google will have the final say on the actions that are enabled on Google Home.These conversations are simply started with just a default phrase “OK Google Talk To X”, , where X happens to be the name of the app. The according phrase or the wake up sentence will be able to just trigger the app. This will simply summon the apps Voice Assistant for guiding the users through it’s actions and functionalities.

If you have the experience of handling a Digital Assistant on a smart device before, you will also be clear on the function of Google Assistant apps. The best news is manual installations of additional features will no longer be needed by the users. Instead, a software update will be made available. With the completion of the update, additional features will be activated and through voice phrases like “Ok Google, [insert feature action here]”. All types of commands will be handled with the same formula, whether for asking for information or waking up the device.

Support for the Developers from Google

Google has earlier also developed platforms for the app builders. Android toolkit was one such effort from Google for app development  on the Android platform. This will enable to develop in the style of Android’s Material Design. This will increase the efficiency and productivity of both individuals as well as groups.

Google has also partnered with many entities  like Dashbot and Voice Labs, Notify.IO, GupShup, API.AI, Witlingo and Spoken Lay, with which the developers will be coming up with new functionalities made for Google Assistant. Many of the partners will be able to enable their apps on Google Home.

The Future Belongs to the Digital Assistants

The next great thing that is going to happen in the tech industry is that of the Digital Assistant and the app builders must be able to take over this opportunity. The developers do not seem to have a Digital Assistant as a part of the product ecosystem, other than the sole exception of Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant. Although Google is the only one which achieves this feat, but it is still in the early days of the development.

There are many companies which have started working on apps with this new Actions on Google platform. The platform can be used in the future for purchases and bookings. Google is trying to make this interaction with the Voice Assistant from Google, sound as it is one of the most natural conversation. The technology will simply pick up on the transmitted information and give a reply accordingly. Overall, the Digital Assistant technology seems to have a bright future.

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