How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web App like Hukoomi?

Apeksha Mehta October 6, 2023
cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi

According to a report, out of 8.1 billion of the estimated global population (measured on 14th Sept 2023), approximately 5.18 billion are internet users, meaning over 65% of the world’s population uses web apps for various purposes. So, in an era where digital transformation is revolutionizing almost every aspect of the modern business world, the government sector could also not remain untouched by its transformative power.

Accordingly, web apps like Qatar government’s Hukoomi have quickly become the face of efficiency and accessibility, redefining the way government interacts with their netizens. The government e-portal is a one-stop source of information for everyone who lives, works, or visits the nation.

Hukoomi, Qatar’s official gateway, exemplifies how technology can bridge the gap between government services and its citizens. This e-portal is a revolutionary initiative by the Qatar Government, inspiring officials around the word to build a web app with similar capabilities. And when considering to build such apps, the first question that pop in everyone’s mind is how much it costs to develop a web app like Hukoomi.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to uncover what it takes to build a comprehensive and successful platform like Hukoomi.

Partner with us to build an app like Hukoomi

Understanding the Hukoomi Web Application

When we talk about digital transformation, government bodies are typically slow to adapt to the changes. But Hukoomi web application development is a shining example to change this sentiment, covering a vast array of services.

The e-portal is a one-stop-shop for citizens and businesses alike, providing them with all the essential information required to stay, work or travel in the country. From visa applications to business registration and traffic fines, Hukoomi brings segregated government information with the nationals on one UI-rich platform.

Some Interesting Facts About Hukoomi

Hukoomi App Development Cost

The specific cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi can vary widely based on various factors, including the scope and complexity of the project, the location of the development team, the technology stack chosen, the integration of features and functionalities, and so on.

Well, depending on these essential factors, the average Hukoomi app development cost can range somewhere between $50,000- $200,000 or more. There is no upper limit; the more complex and feature-rich your project is, the higher it will cost.

It is essential to know that Hukoomi is a comprehensive e-portal of the Qatar government that provides a wide range of services and information. Therefore, the cost of building such a platform would be substantial due to its extensive feature set, user-centric UI, security requirements, and the need for ongoing maintenance. Listed below are some key factors that can affect the development cost.

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Factors Affecting Hukoomi App Development Cost

Unsurprisingly, developing an official gateway is a great idea, but how much it costs to create a web app like Hukoomi is still a major consideration. While a reputed web app development company in the Middle East (like Appinventiv) charges around $50,000 to $200,000 for developing an app similar to Hukoomi, many factors draw a significant difference in this estimated cost. Let’s discover these cost-determining factors and see how they may increase or decrease the cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi.

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UI/UX Design

Hukoomi’s visually appealing and intuitive UI/UX design is the driving force behind its unparalleled success, contributing to its development cost. Thus, the design cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi can vary based on the complexity of the design, graphics, and animations.

Hukoomi's website UI

Technology Stack

The choice of technologies, frameworks, and programming languages used for custom web app development plays a vital role in determining costs. Some technologies require more development effort and cost, while others require less. We at Appinventiv used a combination of technologies, including frontend frameworks, backend servers, databases, and hosting services, to build Hukoomi, influencing its development cost.

FrontendReact.js, Angular, Vue.js
Backend serversNode.js, Ruby on Rails, Django
DatabasesPostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Hosting ServicesAmazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
SecuritySSL/TLS Encryption
Emerging TechnologiesAI, Blockchain, etc.

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Development Team

The expertise, size, and location of your web app development services provider are also significant factors determining the app like Hukoomi development cost. Of course, a reputed and trusted development firm costs more, but the quality of services they offer is unparalleled. Furthermore, the choice to hire an in-house team or outsource a development firm also affects costs.

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Here is a cost breakdown of the custom web app development based on the location of developers

RegionHourly Rate of Web App Development
Eastern Europe$50-$55
Western Europe$80-$90

Security and Compliance

Government web apps, like Hukoomi, often have stringent security and compliance requirements. Implementing robust security measures and ensuring regulatory compliance can lead to higher development and testing costs. Since the portal will have a lot of data about the citizens, it is extremely important for robust cybersecurity practices to be adopted.

Support and Maintenance

Post-launch app maintenance, updates, bug fixes, and support for evolving technologies are ongoing expenses that must be considered when calculating the app like Hukoomi development cost.

Web App Complexity

The web app complexity and set of features required to bring your product idea to life is a major cost consideration. An app like Hukoomi might include features or service offerings like document verification, payment gateways, real-time updates, etc. Each of these Hukoomi app features contributes to its overall development cost. Remember, a more complex feature set requires more money, time, and resources to develop.

While the cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi can significantly vary based on the above-mentioned factors, to give you a rough estimate, here is a cost breakdown based on the app’s scope of work.

Level of ComplexityAverage Development CostTime Frame
Basic App$50,000 to $70,0003 to 6 Months
Moderate Complexity App$70,000 to $120,0006 to 9 Months
Advanced App$120,000 to $200,0009 Months+

For specific cost estimation, you should conduct a thorough project planning, considering all the factors mentioned above. Alternatively, you can discuss your project idea with our experienced Hukoomi web app developers to get a more accurate cost estimate tailored to your unique needs.

Let our experienced Hukoomi developers build one such gateway for you

How to Build a Web App Like Hukoomi?

Developing a web app like Hukoomi is a complex and long process. It goes through many phases, and each stage is challenging. Therefore, to help you in this venture, here is a step-by-step explanation of the Hukoomi app development process.

Define Your Goal

Before embarking on your Hukoomi app development process, it is imperative to define your objectives and understand what you want to achieve. What services, products, or information do you want to provide? Who will be your target audience? Do you want to build a comprehensive e-portal like Hukoomi, or have a more specific idea in mind? Defining your goals will ease your journey to build an app similar to Hukoomi.

Know the Regulatory Compliances

Government e-portals like Hukoomi must adhere to various legal and regulatory compliances, including accessibility standards and data protection laws like GDPR. So, before you step ahead in your web app development journey, consult a trusted mobile app development company in Qatar with experience building the same or similar web apps to ensure full compliance.

Choose the Tech Stack

The next step is to choose the right set of technologies that efficiently determine the success or failure of your web portal. The choice of programming languages, frameworks, and tools should align with your project’s requirements. To work with technologies, you can either opt for those your in-house team is skilled at or outsource a dedicated development company to work with technologies that best suit your e-portal requirements.

Design Intuitive Interface

UI/UX design is paramount when building an app similar to Hukoomi. You must work closely with your UI/UX designers to create a user-centric interface that is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Build an MVP

Often, businesses develop a full-fledged product without understanding market demand and target audience needs. It can lead to the complete failure of the product, bringing your entire effort and money to make a successful web app in vain. To avoid such a scenario, you should always opt for prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) development. Building an MVP will help you collect user feedback and improve your product accordingly to ensure the success of your full-fledged product in the market.

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Testing, Iteration, and Quality Assurance

Before you launch the final version of your product to the market, you should test it thoroughly against any errors, bugs, glitches, and usability issues. Conduct rigorous functionality, integration, and user acceptance testing to ensure your web portal is error-free and meets expected quality standards.

Release the Final Version

After the thorough testing and iteration of your final product, it’s time to launch it into the market for end users. Remember to keep monitoring and maintaining your web app performance to ensure its uninterrupted performance and timely updates.

In your Hukoomi app development process, leave enough room for scalability and improvements to ensure the ongoing success of your web app.

Our Journey In Developing Qatar’s Official Gateway Hukoomi

Hukoomi web application development in Qatar is an initiative to bring digital transformation in the public sector, as government bodies are the slowest to adapt to new changes. And since it was an initiative for the digital revolution, we had to face several challenges in building something transformative that can drive the right results and bring segregated government information and services on one platform for the nationals and businesses alike.

Some key challenges we faced in Hukoomi development are:

  • Improving user engagement within the e-portal.
  • Meeting the security and compliance standards.
  • Making a high concurrency-rich website.
  • Ensuring the uninterrupted scalability of the web app.

To overcome these challenges, we researched the project from different angles and gained an in-depth understanding of the different elements the Qatar government wanted the users to experience within the e-portal. This in-depth analysis of the project helped our developers build a comprehensive custom solution that is 100% secure, legally safe, and hack-proof.

Case study how we helped Qatar Government to build a one-stop web app solution

We’re Ready to Exceed the Benchmark Set by Hukoomi

In an era of digital transformation where technology continues to revolutionize how the government interacts with netizens, web applications like Hukoomi are a prime example of how a well-designed platform can streamline administrative processes and simplify access to government services.

If the unmeasurable success of Hukoomi inspires you and you want to build a similar app,  partnering with an experienced web app development company like Appinventiv can be a strategic move to success.

With our expertise in leveraging emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT, etc., to build cutting-edge applications and experience in developing web apps like Hukoomi, we empower private and government bodies to streamline operations and redefine their modus operandi.


From conceptualization to deployment and beyond, our skilled team of 1200+ technology experts guides you through every step of the development process. Whether you are a government agency or an entrepreneur with a vision, partnering with us will help you navigate the complexities of government regulations, security requirements, and user-centric design to create a transformative digital platform that fosters the right results.

Contact us today to know the accurate cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi and be ready to embrace digital transformation.


Q. How much does the Hukoomi app cost?

A. The exact cost to develop a web app like Hukoomi varies based on several factors like App complexity, integrated features, and functionalities, development team location, size, etc. On average, it costs around $50,000 to $200,000 or more to build an app like Hukoomi.

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like Hukoomi?

A. The time required to develop an app like Hukoomi varies depending on the specific project requirements, team experience, and resources allocated to it. At Appinventiv, it took us around six months to develop the Hukoomi web app.

Apeksha Mehta
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