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Ingredients for Developing the App Development Process from Appinventiv

By Shivam Srivastava
June 12, 2015 2. min read
Last update on: June 3, 2020

Appinventiv develops user-centric, premium quality mobile apps with utmost conviction. With strong feedbacks from our clients spread around the globe, we have successfully delivered more than 180+ applications. Our success is based on outstanding quality and 24X7 availability of our support team, through the complete journey of the mobile app development, starting from your app idea, right up to launching the app.

We have a team of efficient and zealous application developers who are known for their proficiency in various app development platforms. Our main objective is to create some of the best-in-class designs, along with smooth functionality. In addition to making leading-edge designs, we focus on providing dynamic and proactive services. We promise an expeditious delivery of applications, within the customer’s budget. Our process involves mind mapping, creating wireframes, prototype designing, coding, quality analysis, app development and maintenance. Let’s take a look at the process that we adopt:

Kickoff Meeting

The Business Analyst team at Appinventiv, meets with the clients to gain a greater understanding the requirements of the stakeholders, which will ensure the success of your mobile app. It is about a high level outline of how the product will work. It also includes the intended results and success metrics.

Content & Materials Gathering

In this phase, the scope of work is created; content, assets, and images are gathered.  This documentation includes everything about your project. It is a simple description of how your app is going to work. The mobile app designers use it as a parameter to provide a visualization, for your app and developers use it as a constraint to do the coding. It serves as foundation for further work.

Wireframe Creation

Black and white depictions of the apps are created, including the placement of text and images and the overall flow of your app is designed as well.

Mind Mapping

Our team improvises with your app ideas, to get it impeccably on the small screen. Our brainstorming sessions will enable you to discover creative solutions,  in order to meet your requirements. We work upon, where to start from and how to reach the desired results. Our inimitable services and in-depth consulting is all about to get your thoughts,  exact and accurate. We aim big, while working for the smaller screens. We grapple against the business challenges and explore new prospects to precisely portray and enhance your mobile app. We’ll take your app from the scratch to achieve the highest possible level of success.

Research and Design

Design is a significant characteristic of app making. We take care of the most minuscule details of user interaction and engagement. The emphasis is on providing the best user experience. We primarily believe in creation of captivating and attractive designs first, and then providing with prodigious engineering. A perfect product design solution from our passionate team makes your product to stand out of our competitors, in terms of aesthetics.  

Time To Build

We work to develop apps for Android, iOS, Windows and cross-platform. We follow the agile based development method making the iterations, as and when required. You can regularly review and assess the work progress we are doing and customize as per your needs. We also ensure that you receive the best quality analysis for your product.

Creating a Beta Version for Testing

This is where the first rough iteration of your design is build. This is rudimentary form that looks like the real thing. This is the way to get the proper feedback on the functionality. Based on the customer feedback on the initial beta run, you will be able to get the finer adjustments to the mobile apps, before even launching them. If the feedback is about making drastic changes, then the we return back to the wireframing and the technical specifications stage and then run another stage of beta testing, before the app launch.

Time To Launch

Once you’re happy with your product, it’s time to organize a release schedule. But, app store submissions and distribution environments can be a headache to navigate and manage. We look deep into the entire process on your behalf, ensuring that everything falls in place, where and when it needs to be. If you prefer, we can create a setup so that you can efficiently submit updates about yourself.

Support and Maintenance

Your needs for expert support doesn’t end when app is released. We provide support and maintenance services until even after app is displayed on the store. This includes a wide range of essential contemplation like database management, business support and timely updates to your app. Most of the cost incurred for an app is when it is in the maintenance phase and our team helps you cut down additional cost.

However, every mobile application has its own set of unique benefits and challenges. Our most of the projects follow the basic mobile app development process that we have outlined in the above mentioned steps. And, our apparent methodologies and processes ensure that your project is developed on time, in budget, and within scope. To know more about our portfolio visit our website at

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