How to Build an On-Demand Flower Delivery App Like Floward?

Dileep Gupta April 12, 2024
flower delivery app like floward

With the ever-changing lifestyle of consumers, the use of flowers has exponentially increased as it is being used in various applications like conferences, activities, personal use, and gifting. With the increase in demand for flowers, it is obvious to observe a proportionate growth in the floriculture market too. As per a report, the global floriculture market is set to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% with estimated market size of $94.17 billion by 2029.

global floriculture market stats

The above statistics clearly indicate the increase in demand for flowers, especially cut flowers that are used for gifting, decoration, and personal use. The advancement in agricultural technology is fuelling product demand. The advancement in storage technology has made the availability of variety in every region of the world providing better ornamental opportunities to florists.

Ecommerce has further increased the demand for every product. Flowers, bouquets, and gifts are no different. Strongly interconnected logistics and advanced supply chain management have added to its demand.

A robust online flower and gifting app like Floward enables customers to send their love and appreciation in the form of flowers through an app instantly. Placing an order online helps in customization as well.

Most flower businesses are keen to provide a smooth experience for receiving and sending flowers and gifts. By developing a flower delivery application with cutting-edge features, you can surely take your business to the next level.

Let us dive into the details of developing an on-demand flower delivery app along with the required features and cost of development.

How can an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward benefit your business?

Floward is a well-known flower and gifting company and has made its mark by ensuring exquisite flower arrangements are delivered on the same day with its wide presence in 34 cities and nine countries. Of course, sourcing fresh flowers every day is one key to ensuring beautiful flower arrangements but the refrigerated fleet ensures the delivery is quick while the flowers are still fresh.

The advantage of creating a mobile application for flower delivery, like Floward, is that it cuts down the amount of time wasted by both buyers and sellers haggling over the cost of flowers. The benefits that you and your customers can enjoy through an on-demand flower delivery app are:

  • Faster delivery
  • Design customization
  • 24/7 service
  • Larger bucket to make choices from
  • Real-time tracking
  • Saving time and energy

how can a Floward-like app benefit your business

Key features of on-demand flower delivery apps like Floward

Ideally, there can be two kinds of flower delivery apps that can be created – an aggregator app and a dedicated app. The names are self-explanatory, the aggregator app will just act as a medium to deliver flowers by displaying the products from different florists.

However, the dedicated app focuses on your brand and operates independently. The orders are placed directly to the business and the delivery service is organized by the business. In this article, we will focus on a dedicated app like Floward.

Listed below are a few fundamental elements to consider while creating an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward. However, it is important to keep a balance between the fundamental and good-to-have features. Always consider pricing when designing an app, based on your company’s needs as doing so will force you to evaluate what functionalities you want to include.

To provide convenient, secure, and high-quality services, your on-demand floward delivery app’s functionality should be divided into panels for customers and admins. The following are the must-have on-demand flower delivery app features:

App features for customers

The following cutting-edge features should be included in order to develop a flower delivery app so that your clients can quickly choose, customize, and deliver flowers and gifts to their dear ones from their smartphones. App development like Floward provides its users with the following features:

main features of florist app

Login/registration: This feature is significantly essential. The enrollment page will assist all users in setting up profiles and will also maintain a record of all the information they have supplied, such as their location.

Users should also have the option to log in so they can access their accounts at any time using their login credentials. Almost all e-commerce platforms include this capability by default.

Scheduling pick-up and delivery: The primary consideration should be on-time delivery when delivering fresh flowers. One feature that can completely transform your floral business is allowing your consumers to schedule the shipment and delivery of their orders.

Location-based suggestions: The application for on-demand flower delivery ought to have options for filtering and locating flower businesses according to the chosen location. This helps your customers develop preferences for local options while also saving them time. Further, go through this guide, ‘Location Based Services: A Flourishing Technology’, to know what location-based services can mean to your business.

Notifications and real-time monitoring: Customers will find this feature useful in providing a precise representation of the order’s delivery location. This will enable your clients to predict the delivery schedule and routing for their orders using real-time GPS. Customers would receive regular updates about your order if you offered alert messages and updates about it.

Multiple payment options: The incorporation of multiple payment methods in the flower delivery app can give your user the option of fast, safe, and trouble-free transactions. There should be options for both online and offline payment methods. Give clients the option to pay online with e-wallets, credit/debit cards, or cash on arrival.

Rewards schemes, promotions, and special offers: Notifying your customers of special deals and discounts, notably for festivities like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, can drive revenue. These special deals and discounts aid online flower delivery firms like yours in attracting new users while retaining the existing clientele.

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Viewing past orders and placing new ones: Customers should have the option to add items to their cart and easily select the orders they want from a broad range of categories. The order history function should offer users the ability to view their previous purchases.

Search filter: The customer should be able to funnel down their preferences by putting in the keywords. Search options like specific flower types or specific colors will help the customer to browse and choose the right arrangements quickly and easily.

Ratings and reviews: Feedbacks are important as they help you overcome your shortcomings and bring you closer to delivering the extraordinary services that can make you a preferred choice of your customers bringing repeated orders from repeated customers. Good reviews will help you build a reputation getting you more business.

Favorites: Providing the option of choosing favorites will help customers to save the items for later ensuring that they will come back to you for another business.

Giving the driver a tip: Customers should have the option to express their appreciation by giving the delivery operator a gratuity. Both the delivery partner and the customer are satisfied as a result.

App features for admins

To operate the business efficiently and most affordably, the admin panel for the on-demand flower delivery app development solution needs to contain the following capabilities.

Registration and login: It is typically used for security reasons so that only users who have login information for the admin dashboard are permitted to access it.

Smooth order management: With the help of this feature, the admin can keep records of delivery requests, monitor flower shipments by knowing the precise exact location of the couriers, and control waiting times to speed up the process.

Route monitoring and live shipment tracking: At any time, the admin can monitor, evaluate, and supervise the delivery staff’s routes.

Route monitoring and live shipment tracking

Manage suppliers responsibly: An admin can effectively control their suppliers, add new distributors, and monitor them to solve any issues encountered by couriers or at the customers’ end.

Settlement of payments: The admin may undertake settlements of payments with their drivers and suppliers. They can track and assess the number of transactions with both their vendors and the couriers.

Analytical data: The admin will receive comprehensive reports and analyses regarding their vendors, clientele, and drivers. For the business’s predictions and planning, reports on purchases that have been fulfilled, solicited, and canceled can be monitored.

Marketing tools: With the use of the right marketing tools online, the application presence can be well capitalized in different ways.

Additional features

To make the app more commonplace and cutting-edge, you can also add a few extra functions while taking into account the pricing and complexity of the application. Some of the additional features you can include are:

Customization in gift-giving and personalized notes: Clients should be able to add personalized notes to their flower orders using this option, and the recipient will cherish and feel good about the thoughtful gift. Personalization is sincere gifting that not only makes your consumers feel special but also strengthens your on-demand delivery business potential.

Social Media integration: People adore using social media in today’s world and sharing their daily lives there. Allowing users to link their accounts to the app is an opportunity you can seize.

Using chatbots: The chatbot feature has become a necessary feature of an e-commerce platform not only to reduce human labor but to show promptness and value. The responsiveness of this function improves the user experience. To communicate with service representatives using these chatbots whenever a consumer encounters a problem or wishes to report one, you only need to save the predefined responses.

The app’s camera: When the order isn’t in the right condition, the in-built camera capabilities can be very helpful. Following that, customers can click the photo and opt to get the order replaced. This feature also enables your consumers to provide feedback and ratings.

Multi-lingual support: To expand your horizons, it is important that you can reach the clients without limiting yourself to geographical locations. To remove this barrier, it is crucial to communicate with customers in their local language.

Multi-currency support: By overcoming linguistic barriers, accepting the currency from different locations becomes the feature that will facilitate and attract customers.

Steps to building an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward

There is a basic strategy that should be followed to create an on-demand application that entails market research, planning, and analysis. Based on the outcomes, one should design the application keeping the customer journey that will include the features you want to include in the application. Then is the time to get into the actual development process. Let us understand these steps with regard to the flower delivery app.

1. Research and planning

The planning phase of the creation of your app is vital since it determines the important aspects of your app. A structured plan enables you to establish the app’s goals, develop a successful competitor analysis, and develop marketing campaigns for your application. Research your proposal to better comprehend and clarify the idea of your app, the market you are addressing, the technical sustainability, and identify the features of apps like Floward.

2. Trends in the market and competitive analysis

The most crucial step in the creation of your app is to know your rivals and their branding strategy. Knowing each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and recognizing them as a comparison point with your business would be beneficial. To boost client interest in your delivery service system and involvement, the analysis should also take into consideration current market conditions.

3. Recognize your primary audience

Filter your targeted demographic using extensive research and analysis to develop more effective marketing strategies and plans. The interests, likes, social traditions, age range, etc. of your intended audience must be accounted for when segmenting them.

4. Design user interfaces and user experiences

The interface design needs to be simpler and more friendly. The UI/UX of your flower delivery application influences its compatibility percentage. Create a flower delivery app with the user’s needs in mind, then evaluate it from start to finish. For your customers, it must always be practical and simple to use.

Design user interfaces and user experiences

5. Outline the must-have features

Make a detailed list of the features your on-demand flower delivery application must have and place them in order of usefulness. Plan to include all the features in your app according to the budget. This will assist you in creating your business’s MVP.

6. Commence the development process

After completing all the aforementioned steps, you are ready to commence the actual construction of your application. To meet your requirements and demands, pick the on-demand flower delivery mobile app development company based on their knowledge and expertise.

Appinventiv can a remarkable app for your flower business

Tech Stack required to develop a flower delivery app

Your product symbolizes emotions and care. The design of the application should also be in sync with the same which should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should be easy to navigate. UI/UX design should be exclusive to your brand. The technologies required to create a beautiful yet functional app are:

Tech Stack required to develop a flower delivery app

What is the cost of developing an app similar to Floward?

The price of developing a flower delivery app will vary depending on the technical stacks, features, and other elements. The following are a few significant variables that could affect how much it costs to design your flower delivery apps:

  • The selected application development approach
  • UI/UX of the app
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Features and integrated element types
  • Third-party integrations
  • Customization and functionalities
  • Total number of development hours

Beyond the above-listed cost factors, the important factor that affects the development cost is the physical location of the development company.

RegionCost per hour
Eastern Europe$50 – $150
US$70 – $250
Asia$25 – $70

Based on the above-mentioned rate card, the application may cost anything between $15,000 to $50,000 for developing a basic flower delivery mobile application.

How can Appinventiv’s on-demand app development services help your business grow?

These days, a flower boutique or florist business would be lacking without online delivery options. With the appropriate features, visuals, and design, sophisticated apps like Floward have established high standards. However, you too may create a market-dominating mobile app with the best on-demand app development services from companies like Appinventiv.

At Appinventiv, we take your business concept and combine it with minimalism and responsiveness to create apps that establish your company as a reputable brand. For instance, Appinventiv created a robust cloud- and IoT-based on-demand application, ActiDrive, for the automobile industry. Our diligent efforts led to the development of the app that transformed the cab experiences for both drivers and consumers.

How can Appinventiv’s on-demand app development services help your business grow


Q. Why should you develop a Floward-clone app?

A. According to a market report, the US cut flower market is expected to grow from $9,206.39 million in 2021 to $12,771.94 million by 2028. Products like flowers and gifts will always be in demand for very obvious reasons.

Integrating such a high-demand product with the on-demand mobile application for delivery is bound to take your floral business to the next level as it did for Floward. Partnering with an expert app development partner like Appinventiv surely can make your application stand out contributing positively to your business growth.

Q. How does an on-demand flower delivery mobile app development company help your business?

A. A robust app development partner is a must to develop an on-demand flower delivery app for various reasons.

  • Knowledge expertise in technology required for app development
  • Timely delivery of application with integration of required in-app modules
  • Cost-effectiveness and better ROI on development investment
  • Application maintenance and real-time support to ensure smooth operations
  • Ensuring the application and payment methods security features incorporation.

Q. How much does it cost to create an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward?

A. The platform, functionalities, and technology chosen will determine how much a floward-like app development costs. The basic version of an on-demand flower delivery app typically costs between $15,000 to $50,000 to develop.

Dileep Gupta
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