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INTRAM- A Healthcare App for Improving Post-Stroke Care

July 18, 2017   byAppInventiv Technologies2 COMMENTS   285 views

Strokes are nothing less than a nightmare! It can turn the lives of people upside down both physically and emotionally, temporarily or permanently. Some people do not get treatment on time and die; while the other fails to undergo successful recovery process. This is because both the stroke survivor and caregiver encounter with a new challenge each day during the recovery process. Thus, they get panic and confused. To lend a helping hand to them, various mobile app developers and startups have turned towards healthcare industry. They are uncovering new ways of making the rehabilitation period effective, including developing healthcare app.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Every year, nearly 800,000 American suffer from strokes with 130,000 giving up their lives because of the same.

There are an enormous number of healthcare apps available in the app market. But the one that is gaining momentum as one of the best apps for stroke patients is INTRAM. Developed by the students of USC Viterbi School of Engineering- Manjima Sarkar, Rhea Choudhury, David Sealand and Adam Walker, this app is really useful in post-stroke care.


Various significant features of this healthcare app are:

  • The app contains a detailed information about strokes and their symptoms. Using this, a person can remain aware how to deal with stroke and when to dial 911.
  • Patients can scan their insurance card into the app and find all the hospitals & treatment centers available under their insurance plan.
  • If an app user experiences stroke symptoms like a severe headache, numbness or trouble while walking- he can quickly call into an INTRAM-run telestroke network. The physician analyzes the severity of the situation and prompts them to call for an ambulance or go for an in-network treatment facility.
  • INTRAM’s search algorithm will enable patients to reach the nearest medical office with the shortest wait times. According to the top healthcare app development company, reaching faster allows patients to receive medication faster. This way, it increases their chances of survival as well as cut down the recovery time.
  • This medical app allows the app users receive medication at a cheaper rate.

Due to the app’s potential, the National Academy of Engineering has selected the USC team as one of the United States’ representatives to this year’s International Student Day Business Model Competition. This event is going to take place today in Washington, D.C where they’ll be competing with 14 other teams for a fund of more than $50,000.


The INTRAM healthcare app can assist in saving thousands of lives and prevent scores of disabilities annually. It is a big step taken by USC students signifying the need for mobile apps in the healthcare industry. Undoubtedly, our world needs such apps and, so more & more app experts should look forward to develop health-related apps.

If you are also planning to develop a healthcare app, go to the best app development company. This is because they will be having an in-depth knowledge of HIPAA, AHRQ, FDA and other such health-related regulations. By keeping such health regulations and policies in concern, they will develop an exquisite app for you! And so, help you to enjoy limelight in the healthcare industry.

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  • Its really awesome healthcare application.

    • Yeah! In fact, our world needs more such apps that keep the people aware of the symptoms and precautions of different diseases. And this way, make the world a healthier one. We are happy to share that we are contributing in the mission of building a healthier world by developing utmost health apps.

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