Uplift Your Retail Business with Beacon Technology!

Sudeep Srivastava May 23, 2022
Uplift Your Retail Business with Beacon Technology

New technologies continue to reshape almost every business, including Retail. Companies are highly investing in different technologies and tools to revolutionize the customer experience. And this way, stay ahead of others in the market. One of such technologies adopted by the retail industry is Beacon technology. It is the technology integrating the digital and physical experience seamlessly.

Retail Business with Beacon Technology

Are you still not aware of Beacons? Wish to know how this technology is transforming the retail sector? Here’s a brief detail shared by our expert app development team:

What Beacon technology exactly is?

It is an effective marketing tool to attract customers and provide them personalized shopping experience. Small, wireless devices called beacons are used in this innovative technology. These devices transmit a weak Bluetooth signal to other Bluetooth enabled devices in that area. As per our knowledge, customers get notifications on their mobile apps when they pass nearby. These notifications are basically related to sales and discount offers given by a store.

Beacons are safer than other technologies since it gives users control of the mobile apps that hold beacons. In other words, they are authenticated and with user permission, which can ultimately lead to tremendous experiences as a result.

How is it changing the Retail world?

The customer, these days, are glued to their phones for getting everything done, including shopping. They look for convenience along with good customer service. In such a scenario, Beacon technology is the need of the hour. It encourages users to embrace technology as well as drifts their approach from online shopping to traditional shopping. According to our app developers, beacons are prompting retail business in the following ways:

  • When a customer enters in the range of beacons, they get a notification on their mobile phones. Through this, they can get to know about discounts and other specialties of the stores even before stepping in. Hence, retail brands can attract more customers in this manner.
  • With this advanced technology, you can give exclusive in-store experience to all who enters your store. It can help in providing them offers related to the department they are in. This means you can give them more enhanced and convenient in-store experience. Not just this, beacons also help customers to get a product quickly and recommend them products based on their location.
  • As per recognized beacon app development company in USA, beacons also enable the customer to know the availability of a product as well as offers associated with it.
  • They allow businesses to study how the users navigate through the stores, how much time they spend at a particular corner and what they’re interested in. Using this data, brands can easily create an effective marketing strategy per person. They can send customized offers to the users and boost them for further shopping.
  • With these customized offers, you can make the customer feel special and valued. And thus, can deepen the relationship and enhance loyalty.
  • Not just this, beacons also simplify the checkout and customers’ waiting time. According to a survey, people can easily find the product they need using beacons. They need not rely on the salesperson for the same. Thus, fewer chances of turmoil in the retail store. Again as it supports mobile payment, a better experience can be given to mobile users.

Wrapping Up!

Beacon technology has revamped the retail business. It has come up as a helping hand to struggling physical stores and has integrated digital and physical shopping experience. It has added more value to the business and offered new ways to give build better customer relationships. To get your own beacon enabled app ready, contact us now!

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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