Unraveling the Mystery: The Cost of Developing an Online Platform like Absher

Dileep Gupta November 27, 2023
cost to develop government services app like absher

Absher, an app created by the Saudi Interior Ministry, provides online access to government services, benefiting Saudi citizens and tourists alike. Since its launch in 2010, Absher has grown to become one of the top governmental websites and app worldwide by providing its services to more than 23 million people.

Initially offering services for civil affairs, traffic, and passports, it now provides more than 330 services, benefiting both private companies and governmental organizations. The success of Absher has attracted many entrepreneurs who want to emulate its success and develop an app like Absher.

In this blog, we delve into the cost to develop government services app like absher, that can be anywhere between $30,000- $250,000. We will also discuss the various nuances and facets of developing such an app.

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Must-have Features in an app like Absher

Creating a groundbreaking app like Absher requires incorporating key features. Discover the must-have features that redefine government service experiences.

Features for app like Absher

Personal Profile Management

This feature allows users to update and access their personal information easily. For instance, users can modify contact details, add family members, and manage official documents securely. This feature significantly enhances the overall user experience in government services app development like Absher.

Government Services Integration

An indispensable element of an app like Absher is Government services integration, enabling seamless access to various government services in one platform. For instance, citizens can apply for passports, pay fines, and schedule appointments with different government agencies through the app. This integration streamlines administrative processes, benefiting millions of users.

Digital ID and Documents

One of the pivotal Absher app features is Digital ID and documents storage feature, empowering users to store and manage official credentials digitally. For instance, individuals can access their driver’s licenses, residency permits, and other essential documents directly within the app. The users should also be able to report lost documents in the app and apply for new ones. This functionality ensures convenience and secure data storage for users.

User Authentication and Security

In a custom government services app like Absher, user authentication and security are paramount. Robust authentication protocols, like two-factor authentication, protect users’ sensitive data and transactions. For instance, Absher employs biometric authentication to ensure secure access to personal profiles. The commitment to user authentication and security fosters trust and confidence among app users.

Language and Accessibility Options

To build an app like Absher, incorporating Language and Accessibility Options is crucial for catering to diverse user needs. Users can select their preferred language, making the app more inclusive and user-friendly. For example, Absher offers language options such as Arabic and English, ensuring seamless communication and access for all users.

Visa Services

When you go for the development of a government services app like Absher, you must prioritize incorporating essential features that redefine user experiences. Among the must-have features are Visa Services, facilitating seamless visa application and processing. Users can apply for entry visas and work permits or extend their stays, all within the app’s user-friendly interface. This crucial feature enhances the overall experience and caters to the needs of international travelers and expatriates.

Electronic Crime Reporting

In a custom government services app like Absher, electronic crime reporting empowers users to report criminal activities conveniently. For example, users can report incidents like theft, cyberbullying, or fraud, ensuring a safer community. This crucial feature enhances the app’s role in promoting public safety and security within the digital landscape.

Service Status Tracking

Incorporating service status tracking is essential when you create a platform like Absher. This feature enables users to monitor the progress of their service requests in real time. For instance, users can track their passport application status or visa renewal, providing transparency and convenience. Service status tracking enhances user satisfaction and efficiency in the app’s functionality.

Resident Permit Services

Mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia plays a major role to make a platform like Absher successful, resident permit services are a vital inclusion. This feature allows residents to apply for, renew, or check the status of their permits seamlessly. For instance, expatriates can easily manage their residency status, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring compliance with regulations. Incorporating resident permit services enhances the app’s value and user satisfaction.

Job Services

In an app like Absher, job services are crucial in connecting job seekers with employment opportunities. Users can search for job listings, submit applications, and track their progress directly within the app. For example, individuals seeking employment with the government can explore diverse job offerings and apply seamlessly, streamlining the job-hunting process and contributing to economic growth.

Offline Access

When you create a platform like Absher, you must include a crucial offline access feature. This ensures uninterrupted service availability even without an internet connection. For example, users can access previously viewed information, such as digital documents or appointment details, when offline. This feature enhances user convenience, especially in regions with limited connectivity, making the app more reliable and user-friendly.

Analytics and Reporting

To create a platform like Absher, one essential feature is Analytics and Reporting. This powerful tool provides valuable insights into user behavior and app performance, enabling administrators to identify trends and optimize services. For instance, detailed reports on service usage patterns empower informed decision-making, enhancing the app’s overall user experience and efficiency.

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Factors Influencing Development Costs

Before delving into the intricacies of app development, understanding the key factors that impact the cost is essential. Hence we will explore the critical aspects that contribute to the cost of developing an online platform like Absher in the following section.

Technology Stack

The cost to develop a government services app like Absher is significantly influenced by the chosen technology stack. The selection of programming languages, frameworks, and tools impacts the app’s performance, scalability, and development time. For instance, using modern and robust technologies may increase initial development expenses, but it ensures long-term stability and reduced maintenance costs.

Conversely, opting for outdated technologies may lead to higher maintenance expenses in the future. A well-thought-out technology stack is crucial for delivering a seamless and efficient platform like Absher while optimizing overall development costs.

Design and User Experience

A well-designed and user-friendly interface enhances user satisfaction, engagement, and adoption. Investing in thorough user research, wireframing, and prototyping may initially increase expenses but can lead to long-term savings by reducing the need for major redesigns and improving user retention.

A seamless and visually appealing user interface establishes a positive brand image and contributes to the overall success and cost-effectiveness of the platform. Hence the aspect of design and user experience plays a vital role in influencing government services app development cost.

Integration With Government Systems

The cost to develop a government services app like Absher is significantly impacted by the complexity of integration with government systems. Ensuring seamless communication between the app and various government databases and APIs requires meticulous planning and development efforts.

For instance, integration with databases for passport verification, traffic fines, or visa processing involves technical intricacies that may increase development expenses. The level of integration required and the compatibility with existing government infrastructures influence the overall development costs, making it an essential factor to consider when estimating the cost of developing an online platform like Absher.

Security and Data Privacy

An integral factor influencing the Absher app development cost is the emphasis on security and data privacy. Implementing robust security measures, such as encryption protocols and secure authentication methods, is crucial in safeguarding sensitive user information. For example, in a government services app like Absher, user data, such as passport details or residency information, must be protected from unauthorized access.

The investment in state-of-the-art security technologies and compliance with data protection regulations ensures user trust and prevents potential data breaches, making security and data privacy a significant consideration in the overall cost of developing an online platform like Absher.

Platform Compatibility

Ensuring that the government services app features are compatible across various platforms influences the cost of developing an online platform like Absher. The app must function seamlessly on different devices, operating systems, and web browsers. For example, optimizing the user interface for both mobile and desktop users requires additional development efforts.

The investment in comprehensive testing and adaptation to different platforms ensures broader user reach and a consistent user experience, making platform compatibility an essential factor to consider when estimating the development costs of an online platform like Absher.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thorough testing is essential to identify and fix bugs, ensuring the platform’s reliability and user satisfaction. Testing and quality assurance significantly impact the total cost of building an app like Absher.

A real-life example is a banking app that underwent rigorous testing before release. Despite higher initial costs, the app’s smooth functionality resulted in increased user trust, higher adoption rates, and reduced customer support costs. Prioritizing testing and quality assurance is a wise investment in the success of the online platform.

Maintenance and Updates

Once the platform is launched, ongoing maintenance and updates are necessary to keep it secure, functional, and up-to-date with changing technologies and user needs. Neglecting this aspect can lead to increased costs in the future due to security breaches, performance issues, and compatibility problems.

For example, a social media platform that regularly updates its features and security measures maintains user engagement and trust, reducing the risk of losing users to competitors. Budgeting for continuous maintenance ensures the online platform remains efficient and competitive in the long run. Maintenance and updates are crucial considerations when planning to make a platform like Absher, and proper planning will help you curtail the costs.

Based on the above factors, the Absher app development cost can range from anywhere between $30,000- $250,000.

App Development Process

As you embark on the journey of creating an online platform like Absher, understanding the app development process for a government services app is crucial. From ideation to deployment, each step involves intricate planning and execution. Let’s delve deeper into this process.

Project Initiation

Proper planning and research during this phase can significantly impact the overall government services app development cost. Identifying the project scope, defining objectives, and conducting market analysis are essential steps. For instance, a healthcare app development project may involve features like telemedicine, which requires extensive integration and security measures, impacting costs.

By defining clear goals and scope, you avoid scope creep and unnecessary expenses. Careful consideration of user needs and market demands at the outset ensures a well-defined development roadmap, ultimately leading to a cost-effective and successful online platform like Absher.

Design the Frontend

The initial design phase involves creating wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app’s user interface and user experience. A well-thought-out design can streamline development and prevent costly redesigns later. For example, a government services app with an intuitive and user-friendly design will likely require fewer customer support resources, reducing overall operational costs.

Additionally, the prototyping phase allows for user testing and feedback, identifying potential issues before full-scale development, saving both time and money. Prioritizing design and prototyping ensures a polished and efficient app, enhancing user satisfaction and ultimately optimizing the development costs. Design and prototyping are crucial factors influencing the cost of developing an app similar to Absher.

Backend Development

The backend is responsible for managing user data, processing requests, and supporting various functionalities. The government services app features that one selects determines the overall cost of the app. For example, Appinventiv successfully developed Hukoomi, a Qatari government website, providing a user-friendly interface and ensuring compliance with security standards.

The scalable backend solution handled the needs of over 2.6 million actively engaging users, accessing 1,900+ government services easily. This accomplishment improved government efficiency, offering citizens and residents convenient access to essential e-government services.

As the app evolves and more features are added, the backend must scale accordingly, which may entail additional expenses. Prioritizing a well-structured and scalable backend ensures a feature-rich and efficient platform, optimizing the overall development costs in the long run.

Deployment and Launch

Deployment and launch costs significantly impact the government services app development cost. Proper planning and execution during this phase are crucial. Launching a platform like Absher requires server setup, data migration, and integration with various systems, which may incur expenses.

For instance, a government services app deployed on cloud servers may offer scalability but comes with monthly subscription costs. Additionally, marketing and promotional activities to reach the target audience contribute to the overall cost. However, a successful launch is vital to gain early user adoption and feedback, which can lead to future improvements and cost optimizations. A well-executed deployment ensures a smooth app launch and sets the stage for long-term success.

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Through our extensive experience, we also know how to optimize app performance. Appinventiv creates a user-friendly and secure platform that meets all project requirements by leveraging the latest technologies and adhering to industry standards. With our expertise in backend development, testing, and maintenance, you can be confident in the success of your app and the optimal allocation of your development budget.


Q. How to build a government services app like Absher?

A. Building a government services app like Absher involves thorough planning, design, and development. Start by defining the project scope, identifying essential features, and ensuring compliance with security standards. Engage a skilled development team and prioritize testing and user feedback to create a user-friendly and secure platform.

Q. How much does the Absher government services app cost?

A. The cost to develop a government services app like Absher varies based on factors like features, complexity, platform, and development team rates. On average, it can range from $30,000- $250,000. Precise cost estimation requires detailed project analysis and consultation with development experts.

Q. How long does it take to develop a government services app like Absher?

A. The development timeline for a government services app like Absher depends on the scope and complexity of the project. It can typically take several months, ranging from 4 to 12 months or more. Effective project management, teamwork, and adherence to development best practices can expedite the process.

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