How Much Does Dubizzle app development cost?

Sudeep Srivastava November 28, 2023
dubizzle app development cost

Classified ads have come a long way from their humble beginnings in newspapers. The rise of internet platforms has revolutionized the way we buy and sell goods, and Dubizzle is at the forefront of this movement. With its user-friendly interface and multitude of listings, Dubizzle has become the go-to app for savvy shoppers and businesses alike.

If you intend to create a similar app, then the Dubizzle app development cost would be one of your topmost priorities. In this blog, we will cover the success story of Dubizzle, the factors influencing the cost to build an app like Dubizzle, along with the complete cost breakdown, how to build one, the top feature stack, and its popular revenue models. So let’s learn how much it costs to create an app like Dubizzle, beginning with its success story.

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The Success Story of Dubizzle and How It Works


In the MENA region, Dubizzle has grown to be one of the most highly utilized platforms for buying and selling goods and services. This UAE-based platform was the brainchild of JC Butler and Sim Whatley, who analyzed the gap in the expatriate real-estate market and created a platform that enables easy selling and buying.

The success of Dubizzle is a testament to the MENA region’s expanding eCommerce and online marketplace trend. The platform has become a secure source of online sales and purchases which is evident from the growing number of mobile users utilizing the Dubizzle app. Dubizzle is presently the top-rated lifestyle app in the UAE on Google Play and the second-ranked shopping app in the App Store. The app currently has 3.6 million active users

Active Users of Dubizzle Based on Device Type and Region

Currently, the platform is active in a number of nations, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, the UAE, and Egypt. The success of Dubizzle may be ascribed to its user-friendly interface, a wide selection of categories, and capacity to safely and easily link buyers and sellers.

Users can create a profile on Dubizzle and publish free adverts for goods they want to sell or purchase. The app offers different categories of products and services that include real estate, automobiles, technology, home goods, jobs, and services. Users can browse the listings or use the search bar to look for particular things. A user can use the platform’s messaging feature to connect with the seller instantly if they see an item they’re interested in.

Factors Affecting The Dubizzle App Development Cost

There are several factors that you need to consider before you initiate your Dubizzle app development process. The Dubizzle buy-and-sell app development cost is influenced by various factors, including the number of features in the app and how they are developed, third-party integrations, the tech stack chosen, and the development team’s rates.

Check out the following table for an estimate of the cost of Dubizzle app development:

Development StagesDevelopment hoursDevelopment cost (in AED)
Analysis and Planning2- 4 weeksAED 18,350 – AED 36,700
UI/UX Design4- 6 weeksAED 36,700 – AED 73,400
Front-end and back-end Development8- 10 weeksAED 110,100 – AED 220,200
API Development and Integration6- 8 weeksAED 55,050 – AED 110,100
QA and Testing4- 5 weeksAED 36,700 – AED 73,400
Deployment and Launch3- 4 weeksAED 18,350 – AED 36,700
Maintenance and SupportOngoingAED 3,670 – AED 18,350 per month
TOTAL COSTAED 278,920 – AED 568,850

Thus, the overall Dubizzle app development cost stands at an average of AED 278,920 – AED 568,850. Again, these numbers are simply estimates and subject to change depending on the particular needs and complexity of the app. Consult with a skilled mobile app development company in Dubai like Appinventiv to get a more exact estimate of the costs and timeline. Let’s have a detailed look at the factors influencing the final Dubizzle app development cost estimation.

Planning and Research

Time: 2- 4 weeks

Cost: AED 18,350 – AED 36,700

The objective, target market, and desired features of the app are all defined during the planning and research phase of development. The stage concludes with the development of a robust app concept, wireframes, and a full project plan which incurs an expense.


Time: 4- 6 weeks

Cost: AED 36,700 – AED 73,400

The buy-and-sell app development cost can be significantly impacted by the user interface and user experience design. The cost of developing well-designed software with a unique user interface and improved usability will be more expensive than a basic app with standard features.


Time: 8- 10 weeks

Cost: AED 110,100 – AED 220,200

Depending on the experience of the mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia and the complexity of the project, the cost of the app development team can be affected. An agency that has built a solid portfolio and has experience creating apps similar to yours will charge more but offer an exclusive and premium application.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Time: 6- 8 weeks

Cost: AED 55,050 – AED 110,100

The price will be greater if the app needs to be integrated with third-party services, such as social media networks, payment processors, or maps, as this takes more technical work.


Time: 4- 5 weeks

Cost: AED 36,700 – AED 73,400

Finally, to ensure the success of the app, comprehensive testing is required before launch. The cost of testing will vary depending on how many different platforms and devices the app needs to be tested on, as well as how complicated its features are.

Maintenance and Support

Time: Ongoing

Cost: AED 3,670 – AED 18,350 per month

After the app is released, ongoing maintenance and support will be necessary. The price of these services should also be taken into consideration. For the app to function better, the introduction of new features, correction of bugs, and frequent upgrades will be necessary.

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From Idea to Launch: How to Create an App Like Dubizzle

How to Build an App Like Dubizzle

In order to create a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle, it is essential to have a great strategic approach and a complete understanding of the classifieds market. Here are a few key steps to embark on your journey of a successful Dubizzle app development process.

Conduct a Thorough Market Analysis

Validate your idea first by analyzing the issue through an in-depth market study and research. Before you decide to create an online classified app similar to Dubizzle, you need to understand who your target audience is, their pain points, and how your app can help them.

Choose the Type of Classified App

Various category types can be used in the context of classified apps like Dubizzle. Let’s examine these categories in detail:

Vertical applications: These apps focus primarily on a particular kind of good or service that solely targets a specific market. For instance, classified applications for cars, electrical appliance classified apps, and more.

Horizontal applications: These categorized apps deal with all kinds of ads, services, goods, and commodities. An illustration of a horizontal classified app is Dubizzle. Such app proprietors value a sizable clientele as well as significant sales volume.

The design of your Dubizzle app is a critical component of its success. Choose from the best eye-catching templates for creating an app similar to Dubizzle. Users are picky about the apps they use, so if one isn’t interesting enough to them, they’ll simply leave it. You must improve user experience and develop & design the app if you want users to continue using your app.

Move to Develop an App Like Dubizzle

Soon after the UI/UX of the app is finalized, the next step involves moving to the development phase. The experts create an MVP version of the Dubizzle-like app that demonstrates the core value proposition of the app, allowing future enhancements and iterations based on market validation and user feedback.

Initiate App Testing

The stages of testing and quality control ensure that the application runs properly and meets user expectations. To achieve this, the QA testers employ various forms of testing and automate the testing procedure. Additionally, they also involve users in the testing process to ensure that their feedback is incorporated into the final product.

Release Your App on Stores

After putting in countless hours of development and testing, it’s finally time to introduce your application to the world. Launch your buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle and monitor user engagement and satisfaction through in-app analytics tools. As your user base grows, be sure to respond promptly to any questions or requests they may have.

Check for Regular Updates

For the app to run seamlessly, it is crucial to get it upgraded with the newest technology. It is vital to keep the app secured with frequent upgrades and maintenance. To avoid compatibility difficulties with new operating system versions or devices, your development team should also make sure that the app’s technology stack is kept up to date. In general, the maintenance and updates process is essential to guaranteeing the longevity and ongoing profitability of the software.

Must-Have Features for a Top-Performing Classifieds App like Dubizzle

Top Features of a Classified App like Dubizzle

When creating an app similar to Dubizzle, there are various key features that you should consider including. These Dubizzle app features will help to make your app stand out and provide users with a great experience.

User Registration

Allow users to register for an account through their email, phone number, or social network accounts through the user registration feature. Users should be able to change their personal information, manage their profiles, and add profile pictures.

Search and Filters

The option to search for goods and services using keywords, categories, locations, price ranges, and other filters is made available to users with this feature. Provide the users the option to remember their search queries and get notified when new items are posted.

Posting and Listing

This feature allows users to post and list goods for sale, along with photographs, descriptions, and prices. Users can update, delete, and mark things as sold on their listings.

In-App Messaging

Using an in-app messaging system, buyers and sellers can contact one another directly within the app. This might make transactions easier and foster user trust.

Secure Payments

This intuitive feature offers protected payment methods to users, such as PayPal, credit cards, and other payment gateways. Allow users to pay within the app while also giving them access to receipts and transaction histories.

Reviews and Ratings

With the reviews and ratings feature, users can post reviews and rate both buyers and vendors. In the community, this may contribute to the development of reputation and trust.

Alerts and Notifications

Send users alerts and push notifications for significant occurrences like new listings, messages, or transactions. Users may remain interested and informed as a result of this.

Social Sharing

Permit users to post links to their listings and collections on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This enhances user engagement and traffic to the app.

By implementing these buy-and-sell app features, you can build an app similar to Dubizzle that stands out in the crowd. Let’s now move on to discuss the revenue models for a buy-and-sell app like Dubizzle.

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Revenue Models for an App Similar to Dubizzle

A sustainable revenue plan is necessary when developing an app like Dubizzle in order to make money. You can think about the following income sources for your app:


Displaying advertising within the app is a great way to monetize it. You can offer a variety of adverts, including native ads, sponsored listings, and banner ads. You can charge depending on impressions, clicks, or conversions, and advertisers can pay for ad placements.

Featured Listings

These listings provide premium positioning, enabling users to market their goods or services by being prominently shown in search results or particular categories. You can charge a fee for more visibility and a better possibility of luring customers.

Subscription Model

Introduce a subscription-based business strategy that provides users with extra services or advantages. You may provide a premium subscription that grants users access to exclusive listings, accelerated customer service, or enhanced search filters. For access to these premium features, users must pay a monthly charge.

Value-added Services

Offer users value-added services that they may choose from, such as professional photography for listing photos, highlighted advertisements on outside platforms, or help with writing catchy product descriptions. These value-added services are charged to users on a per-request basis.

Sponsored Content

Collaboration with companies or brands to advertise their goods or services within the app is known as “sponsored content.” This can apply to branded collections, suggested listings, or sponsored content. This visibility and promotion are purchased by businesses.

In order to choose the most appropriate revenue model(s) for your app, keep in mind to properly examine your target audience, competitors, and market dynamics. To maintain long-term sustainability, it is also critical to test and refines your revenue model based on customer input and market response.

Develop an App Like Dubizzle With Appinventiv

In conclusion, there are a number of aspects that affect the overall development costs when estimating the price to create an app like Dubizzle. We have just looked at the important factors that affect the price and have given a broad estimate of the cost to build an app like Dubizzle.

Without thorough project specs, it can be difficult to produce a precise figure, but it is crucial to begin the cost estimation process with a clear grasp of the needs and goals of your app. You can get a more precise Dubizzle app development cost estimate that is suited to your particular needs by consulting with expert app developers of a globally recognized mobile app development company like Appinventiv.

Appinventiv has worked with startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 brands like Hukoomi, Empire App, KFC, IKEA, Dominos, Adidas, and others. You can check out the portfolio section to know the type of projects the company has dealt with.

An all-encompassing strategy that balances user experience and quality with financial considerations is necessary to build an app like Dubizzle. Hire a mobile app development company in Dubai like Appinventiv to get the most out of your investment and build an app that has the potential to succeed in the cutthroat market. Connect with our experts now.


Q. How to create an app like Dubizzle?

A. In order to make an app like Dubizzle that stands out in the competitive curve, it is crucial to hire the right mobile app development team that follows a lean and agile development methodology for building robust applications. Here are a few crucial steps to create an app like Dubizzle:

  • Market research and analysis
  • App designing
  • App development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • App launching
  • Post-launch support and maintenance

Q. How much does an app like Dubizzle cost?

A. The Dubizzle buy-and-sell app development cost might vary depending on a number of factors, including the choice of platform, the app’s complexity level, the hourly rates of the development team, and location. Dubizzle-like app development typically costs AED 278,920 – AED 568,850. The exact cost to build an app like Dubizzle, however, will depend on the project’s unique requirements and the delivery schedule of the development team.

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like Dubizzle?

A. The time taken to create an app like Dubizzle can vary based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the app, the size, and expertise of the team, the platform, and the development technique. An app like Dubizzle might typically take six months to a year to develop. The actual schedule, however, will be determined by the project’s unique requirements and the development team chosen.

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