How Much Does Car Wash App Development Costs?

Sudeep Srivastava August 1, 2022
How Much Does Car Wash App Development Costs

“Can I book an appointment for my car wash?”, “By when will my car be cleaned?” – With users getting engrossed into their daily chores and hunting for a few moments of relaxation, such incoming messages are becoming common for car washing workshops.

The need for comfort has grown so much so that the users are embracing the idea of hiring car washers to give a cleaning service to their cars in real-time. Especially when it comes to heavy vehicles.

Number of Car Washes per Vehicle Type

An outcome of services which are devised to address this need for comfort is that the revenue generated by Car wash service market solely in USA has grown from $6,237M to $9,051M between 2008 and 2019. And it is expected to cross $9,186 by next year.

US Car Wash App Revenue Market - from 2008 to 2020These numbers are encouraging various startups and entrepreneurs to enter the On-demand car wash app market and get a bigger slice of the revenue share. 

They have ignited a fire among them to build a car wash mobile app that meets all the expectations of the users and car washers. This has further directed them towards On-demand app development companies to get insights into the scope of their app idea and also the cost of car wash app development: The elements that we will cover in this article.

But before we look into the cost of developing a Car wash app, it will be better if we know the market, which would mean becoming familiar with the top leaders in this domain.

So, let’s take a glimpse of  brands that are leading the On-demand car wash service market.

Top Players in On-demand Car Wash App Market

Top Players in On-Demand Car Wash Market

All these Car wash apps are serving different parts of the world with their unique user acquisition and marketing strategies. However, one thing that is common among them is the set of basic features and functionalities they offer.

So, let’s dive further into the On-demand car wash service market and see what are the must-have features that are playing a crucial role in the success of these brands.

Note: An On-demand car wash application act as a platform to connect users and car washers. So, you will have to consider three app versions while investing in On-demand Car wash app development – user, car washer, and admin. 

Each app version will cater to a different need and thus will have slightly different features set. However, to simplify the app architecture, we will be focusing on the features to be considered in building an MVP during Washos like car wash app development.

Core Features to Introduce in Your Car Wash Mobile App {Version-Wise}

Features in the Customer Panel

Besides the sign up or login process, here are the features of a car wash mobile app’s users panel:

user panel

1. Select the Car Location

Through this option users would add/select the car whose servicing they wanted to be done.

2. Choose a Service

User can select the type and number of services they want in terms of getting their car cleaned by experts.

3. Place a Service Request

This option enables users to see all the car washers offering the selected services and pick one. 

4. Make a Payment

Users can make payment on the Car wash app platform with this option.

5. Give Reviews and Ratings

With this feature, they can give ratings and reviews regarding the services they received from the selected car washer.

Features in Car Washer Panel

Here are the Car washer-specific features to consider when you build a Car Wash app:-

car washer panel

1. Add a Service Location

Car washers can define their targeted area so that they get requests for services from those locations only.

2. Accept/Reject Service Request

They can accept or reject a service request made by users.

3. Share the Service Status

This option will inform users about the status of the service they asked from the car washer. The information will most often be shared through a real-time clicked photo of the car.

4. Request Payment from Admin

Since the payment made by users goes into the admin account, this feature will empower service providers to request the earned money.

5. Push Notifications

It will keep them notified about all the user requests, transaction details, and other happenings on the platform.

Features in Admin Panel

admin panel

1. Manage User Registration

This section focuses on managing the number of car washers and users active on the platform. This includes details of the active users and car washers, and the communication held between them, or with support team.

2. Manage Service Time Zones

Admin, under this section of the app, would make it certain that users connect to car washing service providers who have been operating in their locations.

3. Manage Payments

As user pays to admin on the behalf of car washer, this section manages all the payment associated details. This consists of keeping a real-time record of users who made a payment, service providers who have requested for their fee, and those who have already been paid.

4. Manage Ratings and Reviews

This section of the Admin panel of mobile app focuses on managing ratings and reviews of the car washers, which eventually brings a difference in the hierarchy in which they are shown in the search list.

The aforementioned are the features that makes a Car wash app engaging. However, these features do not stand alone; they are backed by some frameworks and tools (termed as tech stack) that make them functional. 

So, let’s take a glance of technology stack of car wash app, before we proceed towards getting an estimate of the cost to develop one.

Tech Stack to Consider for Developing On-demand Car Wash App

Tech Stack of an On-demand Car Wash AppWhile these are the frameworks and tools that these popular apps have adopted for their processing, the tech stack for your app can vary depending on your target user base, market, and other factors.

So, it is better to bring your team on-board and choose the best technology stack for your mobile app.

Now, when you know the app features and tech stack to consider during Car wash app design and development process, it is likely that you are curious to know the costing amount required.

But, wait!

Before we reveal the actual Car wash app development cost, let’s take a turn towards how to earn that amount back.

Revenue Model Followed by Car Wash Apps

Most of the car wash mobile applications and websites do their business and earn money from two varied sources:-

1. Primary Revenue Source

The prime source of earning for car wash platforms is the fee they charge to car washers per service they offer. 

2. Secondary Revenue Source

The car wash apps also make money by offering services like:-

  • Advertising – Car Wash apps advertise ads of third parties on their platform and help them get more traffic in return of some amount.
  • Merchandise – Many car wash brands also sell car washing cleaning products and tools like Car Exterior Shampoo, Cleaning Gloves, Car wax, etc. to users. This also adds to their profits. 

With this covered, let’s not wait further and see  how much does on demand car wash mobile app development cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Car Wash App?

At Appinventiv, we build an MVP version of a car wash mobile app in around 1380 hours. That implies, the cost to make a car wash application at an hourly price rate of $40-$50 is somewhere between $55,200 and $69,000.

But then again, this is just an estimate. 

The cost to make an app depends entirely on the efforts and time required for its development. Something that varies with the features and tech stack you consider while developing an app.

So, it is better to consult an On-demand app development company to know the exact Car Wash app development cost as per your needs.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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