Is Your Business Moving Towards Happiness?

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Is Your Business Moving Towards Happiness

Smartphones have changed our lives to larger extent. We look for any information or service, its available to us by just tapping our smartphones. The most integral part of smartphones is mobile applications. Today, we have mobile apps for everything we can think of. Multiple businesses have realized the potential of mobile applications and inculcating it into their business. The smartphone users are continuously growing and the projected number of smartphone users are expected to 3 billion by the end of 2017.

Finding a property is no more a pain

Gone are the days when you have to wander around property dealers in order to own or rent a property. With mobile apps like99acres, MagicBricks and, it has become extremely easy to find or rent a flat or any property. Mobile applications have certainly provided real estate sector an upper edge. You have to just tap your fingers at your smartphone and you have ‘n’ number of properties in front of you.

Apps for wearable tech space

Wearable tech space is growing day by day by leaps and bounds. With devices like Android Watch and Google Glass, mobile app developers are making their level best to design apps specifically for these devices. Recently Apple announced its new product, Apple TV which is totally app enabled. Other than these, several mobile applications are being made for domains like fitness, productivity enhancement and many more.

Success recipe of restaurant industry

Restaurant and food delivery industry is not left behind. Food ordering has become common these days and apps like Foodpandaand JustEat are cashing out good amount. Other than these apps, the startup that bought a revolution in food industry is Zomato. Zomato has become a household name among the food lovers. This startup took off as food delivery app. You can find all the famous eateries at any location of your city. It includes the price list, items available, special cuisines and reviews of visitors. Recently it also jumped into food ordering and we must say it is doing very well in this space, too. A lot of restaurants have collaborated with these companies to boost their business.

E-commerce has taken the route to ‘app’ iness

E-commerce is the most talked about topic these days and since the last decade; mobile apps have been ruling this space. A number of e-commerce companies have shut down their websites and have taken the route of ‘app only’. Recently Myntra shut down its website and is selling the products only through its app. E-commerce giant Flipkart too announced few months back that very soon, it would adopt ‘app only’ strategy. The reason is clear: more than 60% of tablet and smartphone users prefer to shop through mobile app. Even various brick and mortar stores are planning to launch mobile app to expand their business.

Almost all sort of businesses are gradually moving towards mobile apps due to increase revenue and reduced costs. It is completely up to you to decide that – Is your business going towards h’app’iness?

Pondering how to get an app developed for your business?

No worries, we have the solution. Just scroll around our website and discover more about the world of mobile applications. We specialize in ios application development, android mobile app development and apple watch app development and we have the best in-house iPhone and Android app developers. Appfutura has marked us as one of the best app development companies worldwide. Opportunities are all around us and you just have to have the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to achieve success.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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