This Holiday Season, Here’s Why You Should Choose AppInventiv For All Your App Development Needs?

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Why You Should Choose AppInventiv For All Your App Development Needs

The holiday season and festive mood is here again.  And, like every other business, mobile app developers are all set to leverage a large hunk of approx. $2.4 billion revenue, which is engendered through app sales. As always, app downloading always touch newer heights on Christmas and New Year, thus making it mandatory for all app developers and publishers to stand out from the crowd for procuring monetary and branding benefits. Companies and brands are hitting ground and empowering their business through running campaigns, creating sales, bestowing commercials, and proposing Christmas & New Year gifts and red-colour coffee mugs and most importantly mobilizing their business. Are you thinking of mobilizing your business, too? – Good News. You are at the right place. AppInventiv can help you out in getting your app developed. Let’s see how this holiday season, AppInventiv can help you for all your app development requirements:

AppInventiv is a world-class mobile app development and services company with expertise across all the major mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Blackberry etc. We have an enviable client list comprising of some of the biggest brands. Our compelling technical expertise, apparent methodology, an experienced and dedicated team of more than 120+ mobile consultants and a top-notch creative design team has helped us deliver mobile solutions that suits specific business needs, offer critical business benefits, subside transformation, accelerate innovation and bring competitive edge to our clients business. Let’s take a look on our project execution steps:

Strategy – Why are we doing this?

Our first step in the process of application development. Through this step, we discover and refine how your business can benefit from the app and create a stringent roadmap of the process that is required to achieve those goals. The decisions we make while crafting an app strategy have a significant impact on the remaining phases of the project. And, our thorough and accurate decisions provides our clients’ businesses the best opportunity for success.

Design Phase – How are we doing this?

After establishing the strategic foundation of an app, we move towards design phase. Our process kicks off with the direct interaction between the design team and the client where our team understands the requirements and need of the project in details and considers each and every single design element.

In this phase, our next step is plotting the functionality map to provide a better overview of the entire design structure. The plotting is followed by wire-framing and proper documentation that helps clients in understanding the actual design and ways of using the interface.

In the final step, our highly skilled and experienced team works on the visual designs and prototypes that reflects the user interface in a pixel-perfect version.

And, then the design phase finally ends with the convincing interfaces and captivating graphical designs that our clients appreciate and loves a lot.

System Design

The design phase is followed by the system design process, in which development team and project managers’ co-ordinate to figure out certain important questions of development — any specific platform or to a cross-platform framework, which set of tools to use to develop the app etc. Once prototyping is done, the solution architects of our company keenly consider each and every minute detail of the system architecture that includes:

  • Architecture of database enclosing tables, fields and relationships
  • Specification of web services and security layers
  • Local data storage
  • Documentation of business logic for non-obvious logic and business flow
  • Mapping of services and page layout and navigation with DB

Once all the solution architecture is done, the Business Rule and Test Plan are wisely created to cover all the functionalities and features of the application. However, the programming starts only after the approval of all the solutions architecture including Business Rule and System Plan documents.

Development -– Let’s create this

Once we have our requirements clearly detailed and have identified our resources in previous phases, the development effort begins. However, our process varies from project to project, we usually break the development tasks into release efforts to complete the project in parts and get it reviewed by client along with the development. Our app development phase includes the following steps:

  • In this phase, we use certain attributes like the data variables, coding procedures and entities are established that are used during project development.
  • We carry out the back end and frontend development in parallel.

Once the development of all the modules is completed and approved by the clients, they are integrated as final system, which is later followed by debugging and testing process.

A Step towards improving efficiency and quality

Here’re a few steps which AppInventiv has taken to improve quality and efficiency:

Coding Standard & Best Practices

AppInventiv follows standard coding and development practices as per the recommendations of the different platforms like Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Android. Our team stringently follow all the coding standard to enhance the maintenance of the applications by improving the identicalness of the code.

Code Review

We encourage process and methodologies that improve company’s and employees’ efficiency. And, one of the step towards improving efficiency is conducting weekly or biweekly audit of the source code. The frequent audit ensures all the best practices are followed stringently and code is well written and accurately managed.

Unit Testing

Another step towards improving efficiency is doing rigorous unit testing by the developers to test each and every function after development. The testing is monitored and sometimes carried by the technical leads who ensure that the code is working correctly and shows concrete progress. This process not only helps in improving the quality but, also reduces time and efforts of functional testing.

Centralized Code Revision Control

We use centralized code revision control system “SVN” to securely store code on common network. It helps us in:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Synchronization
  • Track Changes & Ownership
  • Branching and merging
  • Versioning

Quality Assurance

In this phase, the application is released to the Quality Assurance (QA) team, which rigorously test all the functionalities and features of the applications according to the protocol. The applications are thoroughly tested on different browsers and systems. In order to have a real-world experience, we even check the performance of the applications with Wi-Fi connections and other carriers’ networks.

UAT Testing

After completion of QA, the next critical testing activity is User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which is performed by the client. UAT testers often find issues that are not obvious to QC testers, who may not fully understand the application or its data. With the help of these dynamic steps and processes, we identify and address all the performance issues that might crop up.

Deployment – Putting it on Live

The full and final phase of the entire web application development methodology is the deployment of the app. In this final stage, we carry out the app installation, integration of the whole system and upload the files to make them live. We set up the configuration settings on the server as per the requirements of the applications and put them on live.

Maintenance – Let’s keep people using this

We do provide maintenance of the project as well, as per the requirement. You may ask for extension of our project support after the project is completed. Nevertheless, the charges depend vary from project to project. You may ask for this once the project size and scope is defined.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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