App Marketing Tips To Ponder Upon This Holiday Season

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
App Marketing Tips To Ponder Upon This Holiday Season

The festival of Christmas is fast approaching and so the New Year is. Year 2015 has been great for mobile application development and app based startups have earned a considerable amount of money. The number of mobile applications has grown significantly this year but, not all the app makers are able to churn out money. In fact, only a handful of app makers are able to make money. This festive season, we thought to gift you tips on user acquisition on your new app:

Build a viable product

Always try to make an app that has a utility factor. Like Uber did in the case of taxi, Zomato did in case of restaurant discovery, Patym did in case of e-wallet. Try to catch the nerve of user and then work on your idea.

Choose Freemium model

In the starting phase, make your app available for free with freemium model. When users are not acquainted with your app, it is obvious for them to hesitate to pay for your app in the beginning. Once a user is attracted towards your app, you can pitch them the upgraded version of your app for a small fee. If your app has something valuable to offer, then users would accept the paid version too with the open arms.

Organize events

In the era of digital marketing, there are very few players who organize physical meetings. But the truth is physical meetings are impactful even today. The reason behind this is, when people take out 1-2 hours of time exclusively for an event, they give due importance to the product in question. As a businessman, you have a golden chance to get hold of your early customers and in addition to this, when you get a chance of meeting your prospects face to face, you have an even greater chance of getting more downloads.

Use the power of media

Media has always been the most impactful medium to express yourself or to pitch your idea indirectly. You can reach to the publications like Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. You can approach PR agencies to get your article published on leading portals. Design your write-up in such a way that it attracts your target audience and provides valuable insights about your product.

Stay active on New and important Social platforms like Quora

Believe it or not, Quora is one of the most powerful platforms to promote a product and that too free of cost. Answer questions on Quora related to your app. You never know your answer could be selected by biggies like Forbes Inc. or as they keep an eagle’s eye on Quora answers. In case your answer is selected by biggies, then sky is the limit.

Run a referral campaign

This method really works. In early phase, you can incentivize your users like you can offer them a particular amount or service for referring your app to their friends and acquaintances. Include an option in the app to do the same. Like if you are promoting your money saver app, a user who refers your app to his or her friend could be given a discount coupon in any of the food joint.

Create strategic partnerships

In addition to choosing Appinventiv as a company to go with this holiday season, in order to increase the reach of your app, you can collaborate with various other businesses. For example if you have made a money saver app, you can track the expenditure pattern of the users and based on the statistics, you can contact with various other businesses like cab services, Food chains and many more. Further you can provide your users exclusive offers with the help of collaborations made.

Pondering how to get an app developed for your business?

No worries, we have the solution. Just scroll around our website and discover more about the world of mobile applications. We specialize in iPhone application development, android app development and apple watch app development and we have the best in-house iPhone and Android app developers. Appfutura has marked us as one of the top mobile app development companies worldwide. Opportunities are all around us and you just have to have the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to achieve success.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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