What is Next to Developing An App Idea?

By Shivam Srivastav| Friday, December 16, 2016 12:33 PM |6 min read
App Idea

The work on app development really starts with an app idea and then it’s conversion into reality. The idea will be about making the service more effective and efficient. This germination idea is converted into reality by hiring a mobile app development company.

The said app development company is chosen on the basis of factors like app development cost and of course the quality of the apps developed. Here, are some of the initial steps to make your app ready for generating revenue:

Detailed Research of the Market

Once the app is developed starting from the app idea, it needs to be placed in the App Store. The app idea must be put down on papers. Considerable research must be conducted on the target audience intended by the app and along with more information on who all are the competitors and how will your app ride above the competition.

There is one way to research the market for your app and that is based on the keywords, which will actually describe the app. The keywords will be used for picking up the competitors for your business. Analyzing the competitors will lead to a better understanding of your users better, as to what they expect from your app. You must gather more information from your competitor’s app and find out its shortcomings, so that your app will be able to fulfill the loopholes based on similar app ideas. Sometimes, replication of better ideas is also good for attracting the users for your app as well as retaining them.

Outlining the App Idea

You must be clear about the purpose served by the app, the targeted users and whether it is suitable for the image of your company. The app developer will be able to explore further on the app idea. You must emphasize building the app that has the maximum merits.

Choosing the Platform

There is always an advantage for using iOS as a platform as these apps are faster to build and even less expensive than the Android apps. Moreover, the iOS users are better equipped to buy these apps.

The choice of  Android as a platform will only make sense when the target audience has more preference for the Android platform for instance in urban setups or while tapping into an element of the Android operating system, which is not to be found on the iOS platform.  

Naming the App

It is not at all a simple task for naming the app. The first interaction with the user is established through the app icon and the app name, which is about the first impression by your app and we know that the first impression matters. An app name is chosen often by conducting brainstorming sessions. Funding for your app is favoured when you possess an app name, logo, a domain name and a landing page.

Estimation of the App Cost

The simpler apps take 4-6 months for building the app. But, while developing complex apps, not only is the cost higher, but it takes longer time to build the app. You may go ahead on the project, once the estimation of the app development cost is carried out. Similarly apps which have complex interfaces or  apps which have significant backend involvement will cost more.

Marketing Your App

The hired app developer will develop based on the app idea and what comes next is the app marketing for the targeted audience, only after thoroughly testing the app. The idea is to increase the popularity of your app, appreciated by all. The marketing investment starts low at the beginning and maximizes in the App Stores. The potential customers must be caught as early as possible. It is the real app users who are extremely beneficial in providing quality feedbacks and championing the cause for your app idea.

Team Building

After you come to know about the app development cost,  a team building exercise ensures a successful mobile app. Funding for your app development company is always essential. Be on the lookout for such companies which will be investing behind your app ideas.

Appinventiv, is one of the top mobile app developers in USA, which has witnessed a stupendous growth in well above two years time. Their success lies in the fact that they are working with the latest technological advancements, related to mobile application development and has experience in working across diverse platforms.

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