A Quick Glance of Android App Development Trends for 2017

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Quick Glance of Android App Development Trends
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The most dominant market share is held by the Android operating system with a 80 % share. One often tends to commit the mistake of taking Android app development as an easy task. The app developers find it a complex task to develop even the most simplest of the apps for the Android OS.

Earlier there were lots of problems with app development on Android platform,  in the form of fragmentation of the OS, Buggy IDEs, slow emulators and the UI of the Android apps. But, last year there was a sea change in Android based app development ecosystem. As a result what was obtained was a new software in the form of Android Studio and Gradle and the smartwatches and the new version of OS as Android 5.0 Lollipop.

We will be eager to see what are the hurdles faced by the Android app developers and what are the changes in 2017:


The Android Nougat is the prevailing OS now. There are changes made in the Android 7.0 Nougat, so as to provide with a new Android experience. What was previously termed as Daydream feature is now known as Screen Saver, as Google has Daydream as the namesake for its VR Platform. Multi-tasking is quicker and just a double tap of the app button will let you toggle between the two recent apps. Nougat ensures that Google provides multi-window support to all the devices which runs on the OS. Another change which needs to be mentioned is dragging and dropping of texts and images shared between apps appearing in two windows. Android Nougat even keeps a track of the source of the app installation. With the updation of the app to the Android Nougat, there is an option for bundled notifications. Moreover, the importance level of the app notification can be set tuning to fit with the way the app is used. Another useful feature is cancellation of downloads, directly from the download notifications. Most of the smartphones have already updated with Android. As soon as Nougat was announced there was a rush from users who were not using compatible devices, and the also the existing users trying to get the updates.


Besides the above utilities of Android app development, the iOS is preferred as a priority. The reasons for choosing iOS is demographics, cost and speedy marketing.  

However, looking at the trend set in the mobile app development, Android is a good choice, depending on the target audience, more so for the developed nations and segments of the urban environments. There are other instances too, when customization of the elements of Android operating system is needed and that is not available in the iOS environment. These are some of the words of Prateek Saxena, the MD of Appinventiv.


Android remains as the most suitable among the mobile app development platforms based on Java Roots, Android Studio, Google Intact Reputation and higher portability, Frequency of Updates, Test Versions and Integrated Development Environment. These are elements that affects the profitability and lends the versatile nature to Android.


Mobile application simply works with making a hit of the app in the market. Pokemon Go is downloaded 100 million times, earning a revenue of $ 10 million dollars per day. Another example is that of Super Mario Run, which adopted the extraordinary pre-release app marketing strategy from Google and witnessed a stupendous success.

Any Other Advantages

Lots of customization is allowed by Google. The app developers are enticed to the way they play with the UI and make apps with powerful user experience. Android completely works on open-source architecture, which allows the developers have access to all the SDKs and are able to interact with the community of developers for upcoming projects on Android app development. Moreover, the SDK is absolutely free for the community of developers and are effective in lowering the licensing and the development costs. Android applications are all based on Java, which happens to have a rich set of libraries. The Java programmers are found to it not only easy to adopt, but also write the code for the Android OS platform.

Appinventiv, is a one of the best mobile app development company. They have achieved much in short span of time, in terms of growth and revenue, working with cutting edge technologies across diverse platforms such as Wearables, Internet of Things, Smartphones and iBeacons and many more.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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