What Technologies Should App Developers Consider in 2017?
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What Technologies Should App Developers Consider in 2017?

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Tuesday, December 6, 2016 06:43 AM |6 min read
App Developers Consider in 2017

The mobile app development companies had a thriving business in 2016. As more customers are realizing the utility of the mobile apps in their daily lives. Businesses are witnessing growth on account of these apps, the app developers will always try to build some formidable apps based on the emerging technologies. Moreover, the businesses are looking forward to such app development services so as to promote their businesses.

The app developers are taking recourse to advanced tools and framework, so that they are able to develop these technology laden apps, over a short period of time. The app developers are continuously searching for newer strategies, technological platforms, in order to get the best possible output from these apps.

Here are a list of technologies that the app developers consider in 2017:

Cloud Technology

The app developers consider the cloud technology option because they are supportive of the cross-platform structure. That means the cloud based apps will be run on devices with the same features and data. Synchronization and Integration are two key areas, sought by the skilled app developers, for building apps that runs on multiple platforms. Advantage of choosing this platform lies in the fact that the app developers have access to many tools during development, integration, testing and deployment phases. The result is that the developers will save considerable time and the apps will be able to make a faster appearance in the market.

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technologies is another of the trending technologies that the app developers consider in 2017. They are able to manage multi-functionality devices and has the ability to perform several tasks. Location based tracking, is one the salient feature of the beacon technology, in pursuit of finding the previous location of the user. It will also be able to track the temperature of a particular place.

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics is one of the most emerging among the trending technologies. The app developers will be able to develop apps with excellent user interfaces, based on this technology thereby providing the best user experience.

Virtual Reality

The market size based on Virtual Reality (VR) will reach $ 15.5 billion, by the end of 2020. The VR  software market is expected to rise by almost 240 % in 2017. VR happens to be one of the exciting technologies for the public. In terms of the app developers, VR will be able to draw attention of users who will be eager to test such apps.

Augmented Reality

In Augmented Reality, the user will be able to view the surroundings and then the generated content is projected in the view or a live camera feed of the surrounding is presented, overlaid with processor objects.

Pokeman Go game is one of the greatest example of application of AR. We will see more applications of AR, in areas of education, m-commerce, military, medical and industrial applications.

Foldable Technology

The good news for the mobile industry is that the foldable displays are also getting implemented in the mobile devices. There are talks of bendable OLED screens as used by Samsung in their tablets and smartphones. The foldable technology will shape the way the smartphone screens will be appearing in the future, quite interesting for the mobile app developers who use this cutting edge technology.

Wireless Charging

Energy is transferred between two objects through electromagnetic induction, with an electromagnetic field through this trending technology. So, the users will not need to charge their batteries or plug any wires with such devices. The advantage of the app developers lies in the fact that plenty of software will be needed to be developed based on this emerging technology.

All the above technologies are going to shape the mobile app development market of the future. The app developers are encouraged to utilize these technologies, encashing the opportunities provided by these groundbreaking technologies, ensuring them to stay on the side of the cutting edge technologies. Mobile apps based on such technologies will be too tempting to be refused by the user.

Appinventiv is one of the top-rated mobile app development company, that have seen an outstanding pace of growth, in a matter of just two years time. They have worked extensively in various industries. They believe in delivering powerful trending apps for their customers, utilizing cutting edge technologies.

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