Appinventiv's Business Continuity Plans During COVID -19

Appinventiv Business Continuity Plan at Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

By Prateek Saxena & Sudeep Srivastava
Friday, April 3, 2020 14:35 PM 13 min read
Last update on: April 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt.

While many industries have come to a stop, we have come to realize that for us - Appinventiv to truly stand by our words that we act as the pseudo CTO for our clients, it becomes our moral responsibility prevent your idea from getting impacted.

A number of our clients have grown to rely on us over the past some years. So, it’s important that in uncertain times like now, we maintain their trust and keep our services uninterrupted.

We have also not forgotten our responsibility towards our workforce, who have helped us stand on this moral ground. Their welfare and health has been our top priority. We are strictly following a remote work model which has helped in assuring zero coronavirus cases within our team. For bridging our two priorities, we have been using extensive online collaboration capabilities to enable constant communication and continuous delivery.

Although we are in continuous communication with our clients to help them sail through this difficult situation together, we believe that there can be questions and concerns around our business continuity plans and how we are planning our development and delivery processes.

We have accumulated all the doubts that we would have had if we were in your position and have converted them into below mentioned FAQs.

We will keep updating this page as and when the condition changes.


1. Is there a pandemic preparation plan in place?

Appinventiv has always been supportive of remote work models. We have been encouraging our employees to follow the guidelines shared by the public health authorities and local government. As for our clients, we have the necessary infrastructure in place to keep the milestone plans from shifting.

2. Will there be any impact on my project if Indian lockdown period extends?

Having operated as a remote software solution provider since the five plus years, we have mastered the art of working from home. One of the biggest concerns that you might have could be on the front of network conditions.

We can assure you that we don’t just have a Plan B in place but also Plan C. Everytime we take up a project, we keep in mind the work case scenario - something which is reflected to our clients in the different milestones plans. While, we have not faced a sudden Pandemic situation like this before, but our strategies have prepared us for the worst.

Our team and infrastructure are on-duty at all hours, just like they were when we were working from the office.

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4. What if my point of contact gets caught by the coronavirus?

Although we have strictly guided our employees to understand the severity of the situation and have asked them to stay put, we cannot predict how far and beyond the virus would transfer. What we can assure is that your project doesn’t get impacted. For this, till the time of this pandemic uprising, we have allocated two points of contacts and project managers for every project, so that at least one is available at all times and conditions.

5. What are your plans for the resources who are already deployed with the clients’ team in their respective countries?

Since traveling is prohibited at the current time, our employees who are providing on-site services have been instructed to stay put. To prevent the situation from taking a toll on their mental health, we have asked our clients to provide work from home services for them, while we are constantly in touch with them.

6. Is there any change in our point of contact correspondence in the event of unavailability of your staff in the office premises?

Our services are digitally available across the world - this saves the need for our employees to be at the office.

You can reach out to us on:
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