Agent App Hoping to be ‘Uber for Modeling Industry’

By Bhupinder Kour
December 2, 2017 2. min read
Last update on: July 16, 2020

Uber was once a shining star in the on-demand industry. Every businessperson was planning to get into the ‘Uber for X’ ride and enjoy the limelight. However, with the recent Uber Data Breach revelation and increasing abuse cases, people have started raising an eyebrow whenever a new startup state to be ‘Uber of _________’. The same reaction was given by people when Agent – a mobile app claimed to be the Uber for modeling industry.

Agent Mobile App

Just like Uber, Agent app allows the models to directly get connected with the potential clients(event planners, designers, photographers, etc.) without involving an agent in between. However, the application proved to be a secure version of Uber because of its emphasis on the safety. The application uses a powerful suite of tech designed specifically to restrain the kind of abuse Uber is now known for, as well as those prevailing in the modeling industry.

According to Mark Willingham, CEO Agent Inc., “The biggest problem in the modeling industry is the lack of transparency. Only a few models come to know that their agents are getting two to three times of what they’re being paid, while the agents are supposed to get only 20% of their salary.

Besides this, various cases of abusing have been uncovered in the past few years. Several models revealed their story of getting assaulted, put into prostitution, paid in the form of marijuana, and so on.

To deal with this, Agent mobile app has set some particular screening features, such as criminal background check, validation of identity, sex offender check, business verification, manual check across social platforms, and much more. Models could come across only those agents who are into this business with a clean background. Moreover, it has been made certain that the models get paid via direct deposit through the mobile application.

On the top of it, this mobile app has been designed with a panic button. If any model feels threatened during a conversation, he/she can click on the panic button, which will eventually ping the emergency contact, send them the model’s current GPS coordinates along with the steps to provide help.

Not only the safety of the models, the app also shows concern for the security of the clients. The app offers protection for the clients who do not have strong connections with the big, well-established agencies in the market.

Want to know more about App?

The Agent app employs a mutual rating mechanism, empowering both the models and clients to rate each other just after the show/concert (much similar to what we find in Uber). The app is being hoped as a unicorn outlier in the deep-seated bias modeling system.

Just like Uber, TodayFix, Airbnb, and other such mobile apps, Agent app is much likely to face push-back from the industry. However, the world of modeling is arranged in a different pattern, when compared to taxi or hotel business vertical.

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